Product Review: Natural Hero Hot Ginger Muscle Rub

Rarely a week goes by where I’m not hanging upside down off one leg in a pole class, or bending myself in knots in yoga. Whilst the effects of these classes on my body are generally good, the downside that I end up in a constant state of aches and pains.

The people I went to college with were all very active and injuries were rife – this resulted in a constant and rather potent aroma of Deep Heat at every turn. Not the most pleasant of smells, I’ve always generally tried to avoid using it whenever possible – which is why I was excited to discover the new, far fresher Hot Ginger Muscle Rub by Natural Hero.

Natural Hero hot ginger muscle rub fitness advice

This was recommended to me from a fellow poler, based on the wonders of warmth for stiff muscle recovery.  I ordered directly from their website online. Delivery was free and quick, and they threw in a couple of extra sample sachets, which were handy to take to the gym!

Natural Hero describe the product as a”sports massage in at tube” which ‘helps ease fatigued muscles with its blend of premium grade ginger root, rosemary, starflower and sweet fennel essential oils’.

After a few uses – I’m a convert. Generally I’ll apply it to my constantly aching hamstrings when I’ve showered after a class.  A little goes a long way, and it spreads and absorbs easily so you don’t end up with a mess all over your clothes. The smell of the lotion itself is quite strong, however it doesn’t have the same ‘disinfectant’ smell of Deep Heat and seems much more natural – this is probably explained by the bonus fact that it’s made from 98% natural ingredients!  And much cheaper than a sports massage.

Natural Hero hot ginger muscle rub fitness advice

Once applied, the scent doesn’t linger. After a few minutes, you can definitely feel it working and warming your muscles – as I’m such an impatient person I love that you can physically feel it kicking in! It can be quite tingly and I’d recommend washing your hands straight after using it else they will be getting toasty too.

At £9.99 for 100ml it’s not the cheapest of muscle rubs available, but it definitely relieves the post-exercise agony the day after a workout. As you only need to apply a small amount at a time, my current bottle has lasted a long time and I won’t hesitate to replace it once it’s empty!

Available to order online at or you can use their website to find your nearest stockist.

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