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Bridal Dilemma (Part Two) – How To Find ‘The Dress’!

Too much choice can be confusing, so try to narrow down. The way we work at Cathedral Gowns is that each bride is forced to compare each dress to the last one she tried on. They can’t all be in the running, my job is to help you eliminate and go from the choice of a store full of 100+ dresses to that one ideal dream dress. It really is a process of elimination! My aim for each bride leaving the boutique is to find your perfect dress! And if we haven’t found the exact one, we need to at least have established which silhouette, fabric, detail and neckline you like the most.

How to find your perfect wedding dress

Try on as many as you feel you need to, but don’t fall into the trap of trying on too many. I’ve met many girls who have tried on more than 100 dresses and dozens of boutiques. If you get to that point you should be asking yourself some serious questions. Are you selecting dresses to try on that you don’t suit/ like etc. Or does what you like keep changing? Don’t worry if you can’t find one that ticks all the boxes – alterations and design changes can be done to most dresses to make them perfect. Aline skirts can be made more fitted, straps can be added, necklines can be changed. When you are in the hands of a good bridal boutique with great designers anything is possible!

The only pressure you should ever feel when trying to decide should either be time scale related or if the dress is likely to sell from stock or be discontinued anytime soon. It shouldn’t be a stressful situation.

How to pick your wedding dress

The trick is to know when to stop shopping, which can be hard for a lot of girls since shopping for wedding dresses is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning, and choosing for it to be over is hard to do.

I am asked all the time how do I really know it’s the ‘one’ – these are the questions you should be asking yourself!

  1. Can you picture yourself wearing it on the day?
  2. Do you like how your body looks in the dress?
  3. Do you like how the dress itself looks?
  4. Do you smile when you see your reflection?
  5. Do you feel excited?
  6. Do you feel confident?
  7. Do you feel happy?
  8. Do you feel beautiful?
  9. Do you keep comparing every dress to it?
  10. Do you feel like you’ve tried on enough dresses?
  11. Would you be gutted if you weren’t allowed to buy it?
  12. Do you like it?
  13. Do you love it?

If you’ve answered yes to four or more of these questions, I’d be pretty certain that you’ve found your wedding dress! But I can usually tell before you’ve even looked in the mirror yourself! The dress can totally change your demeanour and some girls faces just light up when they are in the right dress! At the end it’s all about how it makes you feel! If you feel good in it, buy it and don’t look back!

Bridal Dilemma (Part One) – Is It The One??

Having been a bridal stylist for eight and a half years, I have helped thousands of girls find their wedding dress. Some lucky ladies find it super easy and choose the very first gown they ever try on, some have to try on thirty before they find one that ticks all the boxes, but some poor girls never really find one that they really really like, and end up choosing a dress just because they have to.

Finding the perfect wedding dress, the one

I have noticed and sometimes worry that the pressure to find ‘the one’ is a bit ridiculous. There is never another instance in a girls life where she is forced to stand on a podium in front of her nearest and dearest (and a random stranger in the form of a bridal stylist) and really have to analyse her body and decide what looks good or bad. How surreal must that be? And to then have to try on dress after dress, comparing each to the last in the hope that one will be magic and transform you into a ‘bride’! It’s a very strange process when you think about it!

I witness girls torment themselves in their wedding dress search! Some girls I’ve met have visited every bridal shop in the country and tried on easily 200 dresses, and yet still haven’t found a dress that they want to wear on their wedding day. And really that makes me feel very sad for them, that the pressure to find that elusive perfect dress has occupied their spare time (and their mum’s) for months on end and she is still no nearer to finding perfection. I worry that a lot of girls feel like this extended process is normal and that it’s just part of wedding planning, but the reality is that whilst a wedding dress is a very important dress that deserves more care and attention than your Sunday best, it is still JUST A DRESS!

Finding the perfect wedding dress, the one

There definitely seems to be a lot of pressure on finding the one and having that magical moment when you look in the mirror and love what you see. But be realistic, don’t expect the heavens to open and the angels to sing!

If you are one of the girls who tries on a dress and instantly falls in love, jumps up and down in glee and maybe even sheds a tear, count yourself lucky! A physical or emotional reaction to a wedding dress is a brilliant thing! Don’t panic if you love the very first dress, you haven’t been short-changed in your shopping experience, but do try on one or two more just to be certain.


I have noticed that some girls don’t have much of a reaction at all to a wedding dress and that is okay too. Some of my customers are definitely more rational than emotional when it comes to choosing the dress they’ll wear on their big day. If the dress ticks all the boxes and you would be happy to wear it and feel ready to commit to it then go for it!

I often say that it’s the ‘Head decision versus heart decision’, and neither is better than the other, some of us are just less emotional when it comes to wedding dress shopping, whereas some of us are nearly in tears before we even get near the dresses!

Come back tomorrow for ‘Bridal Dilemma (Part Two) – How To Find The Dress!

Are you staying on track this Christmas?

As we’re coming up to Christmas and right in the midst of the festive season, I know as well as anybody that this time of the year is a health and fitness nightmare. With all the mince pies, mulled wine, party drinks and buffets – not to mention Christmas dinner itself – our waistlines don’t stand a chance!


A few days ago someone told me that apparently we eat an average of 8000 calories on Christmas day! However accurate this number is, I don’t know, but I can imagine it isn’t too far off the truth. While this is a crazy amount of food, for one day a year it won’t do too much harm. The important thing is just to keep it to that single day! The festivities last a whole season, and I’m the first in line at Starbucks when they bring out their seasonal drinks and mince pies, but my message to you this Christmas is this – enjoy yourself….but all in moderation!

It’s a fine balance, don’t gorge yourself on every calorie in sight and I promise that you’ll enjoy what you have more. Life is far too short to deny yourself those little treats all the time, but just think now about how you’ll feel in January. Too many of us use it as the perfect excuse ‘oh well it’s Christmas after all, I’ll start the diet in the New Year’. A healthy lifestyle isn’t about bingeing and dieting, it’s about making the right choices all year. You want to wake up on New Years Day already feeling fresh and healthy (well…maybe by January 2nd after the hangovers worn off…) and ready to kick start 2014. I can guarantee you don’t want to wake up and immediately have to think about all that salad you have to eat to work off that extra December dress size!


I for one will be taking it easy over the next few weeks, and I suggest if that’s what makes you happy then you do the same. Equally – if you’re one of these hard-core fitties out for a run on Christmas morning, I salute you! However, that certainly won’t be me. But don’t let it go completely. Wrap up warm and go for a winter walk, make that latte skinny where it normally would have been full fat, add a few extra veg to your dinner plate instead of those extra potatoes that you don’t really even want! My aim is to squeeze in a couple of online yoga classes back home (my favourite site is for videos of all levels!). 

It’s the little things that make the difference and your body will thank you afterwards.

Merry Christmas

Tanning Friday! Fake Tanning Tip – Problems ‘at hand’

I always recommend using a tanning mitt to apply fake tan, but we don’t always have one to hand! Therefore, if you must use your own mitts, then always wash your hands very well, immediately after application. Sometimes though, maybe we didn’t scrub hard enough, maybe the product was just too strong, for whatever reason,sometimes we get orange palms.

St Tropez Self Tan RemoverEven the most experienced tanners have this problem from time to time.

St Tropez, experts in everything tanning, have come up with a solution! As great as they are at making us sun kissed gods and goddesses, it would now seem that they are just as good at reversing the effects!

St Tropez Self Tan remover

Simply rub this product into your hands like a hand wash and as if by magic, 

Thank you St Tropez!those embarrassing stains are removed!

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