Indulge yourself with FoM’s Revitalising Hair Serum!

I had the pleasure if receiving  FoM (Freshness of Morning) Revitalising Hair Serum just before I had my baby boy, so I never got to experience it until after I had him.

Freshness of the Morning FoM Revitalising Hair SerumWow! Just what a new mum needed !!! Luxury with Capital ‘L’.  All you do is revel in its heavenly scent mmmm, with light citrus and flora notes it takes you away to a sunny summer day in a meadow !

The serum itself is so versatile. It’s lightweight enough for fine hair but nourishing enough for more unruly dehydrated hair that comes with curling, colouring or heating. Dispensed out with a pipette, which is ideal for getting a perfect amount for your own hair type with no wastage at all.

Applied to pre-shampooed towel dried hair, you instantly feel and see the revitalising effects; taming smoothing and helping to detangle the hair but with absolutely no heavy residue, which is one of my definite ‘no-no’s’ with a serum. It makes blow drying so much easier and we all love an easier life! The bonus with it being lightweight is you don’t need to compromise your style and lose volume you can still have a voluminous look that is glossy and luscious.

Finishing with this product on dry hair is one of my favourite ways off using serum and FoM tick all the boxes! It doesn’t overburden the hair, but seals and tames any wild Maine into Front-Cover Shiny Head-Turning tresses.

I have to say this serum hasn’t just got a thumbs up from me, it has become one of my hero products which will always be tucked in my session bag !!!!

Pick up your bottle, with Free Delivery Here!

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