25% off at Beauty-Boxes.com exclusively for our followers!

Admit it – This is the discount you have been waiting for all year! As you know, in the run up to Christmas, we secure exclusive discount from our favourite brands who we’ve been working with all year, just for you at Christmas time!

You will remember I reviewed an amazing set of brushes by Beauty-Boxes.com back in July. If you need to refresh your memory, you can read my review by clicking the following link:

‘Finally a professional brush set to meet all your needs!’

10 piece professional makeup brush set by beauty boxes

This brush set sells all year round for a very reasonable £71.45 which I believe is well worth the money for a quality set of 10 brushes.

But now the beautiful people over at beauty-boxes.com have given our followers and exclusive discount of 25% this set of brushes, meaning that you pay only £53.59! 

To get a set of 10 high quality brushes for that price is amazing!!

Now, because this discount is available only for you gorgeous little followers, you must simply give them a call to order, making sure you mention that you are a follower of The Beauty Cloud. The number to call is 01892 538862.

This discount is available until 20th December 2014, meaning you have only two weeks to avail of this offer. Make sure to order by the 20th to get your discount and ensure they arrive in time for Christmas.

Happy Shopping my lovelies!

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