Are you staying on track this Christmas?

As we’re coming up to Christmas and right in the midst of the festive season, I know as well as anybody that this time of the year is a health and fitness nightmare. With all the mince pies, mulled wine, party drinks and buffets – not to mention Christmas dinner itself – our waistlines don’t stand a chance!


A few days ago someone told me that apparently we eat an average of 8000 calories on Christmas day! However accurate this number is, I don’t know, but I can imagine it isn’t too far off the truth. While this is a crazy amount of food, for one day a year it won’t do too much harm. The important thing is just to keep it to that single day! The festivities last a whole season, and I’m the first in line at Starbucks when they bring out their seasonal drinks and mince pies, but my message to you this Christmas is this – enjoy yourself….but all in moderation!

It’s a fine balance, don’t gorge yourself on every calorie in sight and I promise that you’ll enjoy what you have more. Life is far too short to deny yourself those little treats all the time, but just think now about how you’ll feel in January. Too many of us use it as the perfect excuse ‘oh well it’s Christmas after all, I’ll start the diet in the New Year’. A healthy lifestyle isn’t about bingeing and dieting, it’s about making the right choices all year. You want to wake up on New Years Day already feeling fresh and healthy (well…maybe by January 2nd after the hangovers worn off…) and ready to kick start 2014. I can guarantee you don’t want to wake up and immediately have to think about all that salad you have to eat to work off that extra December dress size!


I for one will be taking it easy over the next few weeks, and I suggest if that’s what makes you happy then you do the same. Equally – if you’re one of these hard-core fitties out for a run on Christmas morning, I salute you! However, that certainly won’t be me. But don’t let it go completely. Wrap up warm and go for a winter walk, make that latte skinny where it normally would have been full fat, add a few extra veg to your dinner plate instead of those extra potatoes that you don’t really even want! My aim is to squeeze in a couple of online yoga classes back home (my favourite site is for videos of all levels!). 

It’s the little things that make the difference and your body will thank you afterwards.

Merry Christmas

One response to “Are you staying on track this Christmas?

  1. Ha ha ha! Thank you for sharing that yoga website! I am trying to sort of improve too ha!

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