Bridal Dilemma (Part One) – Is It The One??

Having been a bridal stylist for eight and a half years, I have helped thousands of girls find their wedding dress. Some lucky ladies find it super easy and choose the very first gown they ever try on, some have to try on thirty before they find one that ticks all the boxes, but some poor girls never really find one that they really really like, and end up choosing a dress just because they have to.

Finding the perfect wedding dress, the one

I have noticed and sometimes worry that the pressure to find ‘the one’ is a bit ridiculous. There is never another instance in a girls life where she is forced to stand on a podium in front of her nearest and dearest (and a random stranger in the form of a bridal stylist) and really have to analyse her body and decide what looks good or bad. How surreal must that be? And to then have to try on dress after dress, comparing each to the last in the hope that one will be magic and transform you into a ‘bride’! It’s a very strange process when you think about it!

I witness girls torment themselves in their wedding dress search! Some girls I’ve met have visited every bridal shop in the country and tried on easily 200 dresses, and yet still haven’t found a dress that they want to wear on their wedding day. And really that makes me feel very sad for them, that the pressure to find that elusive perfect dress has occupied their spare time (and their mum’s) for months on end and she is still no nearer to finding perfection. I worry that a lot of girls feel like this extended process is normal and that it’s just part of wedding planning, but the reality is that whilst a wedding dress is a very important dress that deserves more care and attention than your Sunday best, it is still JUST A DRESS!

Finding the perfect wedding dress, the one

There definitely seems to be a lot of pressure on finding the one and having that magical moment when you look in the mirror and love what you see. But be realistic, don’t expect the heavens to open and the angels to sing!

If you are one of the girls who tries on a dress and instantly falls in love, jumps up and down in glee and maybe even sheds a tear, count yourself lucky! A physical or emotional reaction to a wedding dress is a brilliant thing! Don’t panic if you love the very first dress, you haven’t been short-changed in your shopping experience, but do try on one or two more just to be certain.


I have noticed that some girls don’t have much of a reaction at all to a wedding dress and that is okay too. Some of my customers are definitely more rational than emotional when it comes to choosing the dress they’ll wear on their big day. If the dress ticks all the boxes and you would be happy to wear it and feel ready to commit to it then go for it!

I often say that it’s the ‘Head decision versus heart decision’, and neither is better than the other, some of us are just less emotional when it comes to wedding dress shopping, whereas some of us are nearly in tears before we even get near the dresses!

Come back tomorrow for ‘Bridal Dilemma (Part Two) – How To Find The Dress!

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