Dress of the Month ~ December 2013 (A little late, we know, but gorgeous none-the-less!)

This month my favourite dress is the beautiful ‘Betty’, who we’ve had in store at Cathedral Gowns for quite a while! It’s funny how a dress can hang on our rails with little attention for a year and then all of a sudden everyone loves her! I guess some bridal looks just hit the boutiques before brides are ready for them.

DOTM, Cathedral Gowns, allure bridal, wedding dress, gown

This dress features a gorgeous fifties inspired silhouette with a dramatic nipped in waist and full skirt. The shape of this dress will flatter a lot of body types but tends to work best on broader shouldered girls since the width of the skirt will really flatter their proportions.

The neckline is a deep curved sweetheart which can be super flattering on more petite girls since the dip helps create extra length between the chin and chest which can definitely make you look taller. The pleated bodice also works well as a figure flattering tool since the way the pleats are formed draws the eye towards your waist. There are all kinds of optical illusions in this dress!

DOTM, Cathedral Gowns, allure bridal, wedding dress, gown

The fabric is a gorgeous lustrous satin which holds a really nice full shape in the skirt, but the addition of a two hooped petticoat works fantastically to really exaggerate the soft fullness of the skirt. Another benefit of a petticoat is that it can help distribute the weight of the dress and make it a lot easier to walk in.

This dress features a beautiful button detail which goes right down the train, after every third button there is a gorgeous little beaded design.

DOTM, Cathedral Gowns, allure bridal, wedding dress, gown

But what makes the biggest statement about this dress is the elaborate Swarovski beaded waistband! It is stunning both from a distance and up close.

I love ‘Betty’ so much I’ve made her our feature dress in our Christmas window display! Pairing her with a faux fur cape and muff definitely transforms this dress into the perfect snow queen wedding gown!

For more information about this dress or to try it for yourself, please contact Catherine at Cathedral Gowns (Tel: 028 4461 2532)

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