No, You’re NOT The One….. I’m The One! #GirlPower

I love Valentines Day’s! There, I’ve admitted it. I love the whole Romancing Fairytale feel to it. However, as a Makeup Artist, I also love it for a different reason. Cosmetic Brands always bring out the most gorgeous Valentines Edition sets. One brand who never fails us is Illamasqua.

I'm the One by Illamasqua Valentines CollectionAptly named ‘I’m the One’ – The name drew me in as well as I am very much on the understanding that you are the most important person in your life and it should always be that way. If you don’t love yourself, you cannot fully love anyone else. So when this collection was named ‘I’m the One’ as opposed your ‘You’re the One’ – I was sold!


I want to show you the Illamasqua image for this collection. I love it, its so edgy, pretty and dramatic. It’s very typical in the amazing and unique images Illamasqua continue to produce for each of their collections.

I'm the One by Illamasqua Valentines Collection

I love that they have not only used the red pencil on the lips, but also the brows. I think they look amazing!

I'm the One by Illamasqua Valentines Collection

There are four items included in this collection:

I'm the One by Illamasqua Valentines Collection1. Intense Lipgloss in ‘Touch‘ – (RRP £14.50)

2. Lip Colouring Pencil in ‘Feisty’– (RRP £14.00)

 3. Nail Varnish – ‘Throb’ – (RRP £14.50)

 4. Lipstick – ‘Maneater’ – (RRP £16.50)

If you were to buy these items separately it would cost you £59.50. However for a limited period, Illamasqua are offering these together as the ‘I’m the One’ collection for only £50.00 so you get a very please £9.50 off and you get to look sexy, sultry and generally AMAZING!

Have you got the collection? or maybe even some of the individual items? What are your thoughts, leave us a comment below.

Stay Gorgeous!

Red Lips Animated Gif

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