Tabula rasa

A small grain of sand, if it said: “I’m not needed”, there would have been no desert.
One-drop of water, if it said: “I’m worthless”, there would be no ocean.
A short thank you, if it didn’t exist, we would not know what is gratitude.

From our first cry at our birth to our last breath, we spend our lives trying to learn and being taught values to live by, derived from observing the world around us.


When we look at the world we see that it is held together in fine balance.  Balance is of central importance to our lives too but it isn’t always easy to achieve, especially in today’s rapidly changing world.  Changes in our environment, cultures and value systems can make finding balance difficult.  But there is no better time than now to seek both inner balance and outer balance.

Chinese 1

The importance of balance is emphasised within Buddhism. Within the Buddhist wheel of life there are six realms—a heavenly realm; a realm of jealousy; an animal realm; a hell realm; a realm of hungry ghosts; and a human realm. To be in any one of these realms does not give satisfaction.  It is only when you are not taken over by any extreme that you find harmony.

To help find balance you need to give everyone a fair share of your love, trust, time and caring, everyone including you.

The 31st January marked Chinese New Year, with celebrations across the globe welcoming in 2014 – Year of the Horse.  I spent the day in my favorite restaurant with a number of my Chinese friends.  Whilst eating together I asked what meaning was connected to the Year of the Horse, hoping to learn more about what this year may bring as each animal in the Chinese Zodiac table has its associated virtues and vices.  However, the response I got from my friends was that the year could not dictate our fate or fortune as this was of our own making.

What a great attitude to start the new year with; the belief that we make our own destinies.

Art 1

We enter this world tabula rasa.  We are a clean slate, a blank canvas.  Through our experiences we learn to process the world around us.   This freedom allows us to ‘author our own soul’.  We are artists observing the world, seeking inspiration and understanding that will guide us in filling our empty canvases.  It is up to us who we want to be.  Whether you are a Da Vinci, a Dali,  a Picasso or a Van Gogh or simply you, the power to determine the shape, colour, texture and BALANCE of the picture painted on our life’s canvas is yours.

Happy New Year everyone!

N.B. Apologies to my readers for being quiet for a while, life is what happens between making plans… I’ll write more on this in my next post.

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