Dare to go Bold?

The key word for hair this Spring is BOLD!
Dress 1
Fresh from the runways of Prada, the focus isn’t on the cut or styling but all about colour – bold monochromatic blacks, oyster white blondes and a paint
pallet of multi-tonal glossy reds.  Styling was minimal, with just simple side partings tucked behind the ears, letting colour be the hero of the look!
Fendi and Chanel also followed suit with the Bold theme – both opting for wigs to create drama, with their shaggy heavy look and blunt fringes verging on ‘lego’ style hair (the ultimate in BOLD)!
These are extreme couture looks but if you’re considering a new look why not choose elements of these styles to inspire you.  Perhaps select a bold panel of colour or make your cut a little blunter, renewing your look and keeping up with the latest high fashion trends.  So, do you dare to be bold this spring?

One response to “Dare to go Bold?

  1. It began by doing some lippy and now the hair. It’s gone back to basics and exploring colour and hair.
    Another way to stand out this summer!

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