Reflections of the Night

PoetryToday my dear friends, I have decided not write long story or get philosophical but to write a poem for you on insomnia.

I hope you will all enjoy it.

 © “Reflection of the night”
By Paulina Wyczawska

“The glaze of the lantern shines through the deep white snow
Reflection of night you can see in the mirror of fluff
Stars sending down its light and glow
And me sitting at the window admiring, not having enough.

 With a shaky tired hand I’m lifting the glass of hot milk
Trying to drink it now so I can go to sleep.
Unfortunately the thoughts, so fast and deep in my head
Are keeping me up no matter if I try and count some sheep.

 Soft blues on the radio makes my soul calm
But no more than this, it works like a balm.
My friends always told you do think too much
But how can I sleep without a warm touch.

 My life so complicated flies in front of my eyes
Some of my thoughts so dated, still make me cry.
With passion and sorrow I try and keep my face
But more than I think about it, it puts me in the bad place.

 I’m hoping that one day I wake up with smile
That jam and few pancakes will bring me back to life.
That warm soft white pillow will feel like a cloud
At which I feel like in heaven and I don’t want to come down.

 When flowers and nature scents are tingling my nose
When moon during night time feels huge and so close.
When dog barking sounds like a song of a day
When day feels like adventure on which I want to stay”.


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