Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of Your Day

My last post was about how important your sleep is – hope you’ve all slept a little better after reading it.  This articles is going to focus on one of the first things we do after we wake up in the morning – breakfast.

Breakfast 1All my life I’ve been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and studies show that there is growing evidence that this is true. Unfortunately, when I was little my mother never had time to make breakfast for me so often my breakfast consisted of 4 home made donuts filled with huge amounts of jam and washed down with a glass of milk  – I must admit it was bliss.

Now I know what you’re thinking – gosh, that sounds very unhealthy.  Well… it might have been but I loved it. These food memories come from one of the best times of my life – donuts, 2 school dinners in the canteen and sports all afternoon – both during school and after.  This was my thing.

Throughout my life, I’ve never had a regular time set aside to eat breakfast or had something in particular that I’ve always eaten for breakfast.  My eating habits have generally varied depending on the type of job I’ve been doing, the weather and my appetite. Sometimes I found that that if I ate a heavy breakfast I would feel sluggish all day.

Increasingly, I’ve found that it’s crucial that I make time for a breakfast that consists of high energy, slow release foods and that it’s tailored to the day I will be having.  There are also some high protein, big staying power breakfasts out there that have been designed for those of you, like me, who are leading crazy, fast paced lives, always on the go.

Many of us grab breakfast on the run – a pot of porridge for the chain coffee shop near work, or get a pancake as we pass our favorite bakery or have got used to team breakfasts at work.  There’s nothing wrong with getting breakfast on the move but it’s important to make smart choices so that we are set up for the rest of the day.

These are my top five breakfasts for every occasion:

  •   1.   The Lazy Bliss: a home made Ulster fry: 2 steak sausages, 1 potato bread, 1 pancake, 2 fried eggs, fried scallions with vine small tomatoes and chili and jalapeno relish – the perfect weekend brekkie
  •   2.   The Early Riser: a pot of muesli filled with fresh fruit, drowned in hot milk and honey – something to put a spring back in your step during the early hours
  •   3. Sweet Memories: toasted pancakes with cheese and jam accompanied by glass of cold milk – a comforting breakfast
  •   4. The Energy Booster: a fruit smoothie made with special polish yoghurt (kefir or maslanka) or natural Greek yoghurt, fresh fruits (bananas, blue berries, black berries, straw berries, etc.) – this is a breakfast to help those little grey cells kick into action – to make it sweeter you can add small spoon of sugar or honey
  •   5. A Scrambled Adventure: as the name suggests, the main part of this breakfast is scrambled eggs but with a twist – I make them either with some of the following: fresh cream and onions; fresh tomatoes; polish ham, sausage, peppers, scallions and parsley; parmesan cheese, peppers, pumpkin seeds and onion.

Hungry?  I know I am! Remember, the most important thing is to be happy and to see a healthy breakfast as an essential part of your daily eating schedule.


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