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Crunch-Time – Does Lipo-Sculpting really work?

Can you believe how quickly the last four weeks have gone? It seems like yesterday I was writing to tell you about being offered a revolutionary inch-loss treatment at Bellaze in Belfast, and suddenly my four weeks of treatments are up and I am being measured up for that all important inch count.

When the treatment first began, I was having the Lipo-Sculpting Laser work and lay thinking to myself, wow! This is easy! I don’t feel anything and I can expect to lose lots of inches. Well obviously that was only part of the treatment. Not that the other parts weren’t easy. Basically all you have to do is lie on a treatment bed and pick which channel you want to watch, the rest is done for you.

bellaze inch weightloss clinic

After the Lipo Laser comes the Electrolite and Thermoshape. These are done simultaneously. You have the electrodes placed on your muscles (in my case I was having them on my abdomen region), followed by the Thermoshape wrap. The only way I can think of to describe this is that it’s like having a really strong electric blanket wrapped around the area you are having the treatment on. This in itself was so relaxing. I am a little bit of a heat-junkie, I find it so comforting.

In my first session, I must say I felt like a bit of a wuss. The Electrolite system goes up to level 8 and I managed to get to about 1.5 – See! Told you I was a wuss!  I am happy to say that you definitely build up muscle strength and the ability to go to higher levels each time you go. I think I managed to get to number 6 or 7 by the end. I may have only got to number 7 for 5 seconds, but hey! I still did it.

In all seriousness though, the treatment has had an even more positive effect for me than just the inch-loss. Due to numerous open surgeries on my abdomen, I had lost all muscle tone in my tummy area. I have been attending physio for a couple of months trying to build up core strength in my abdomen to lessen the sciatic pain I have been experiencing caused by over compensation of my back muscles. Even after two treatments (one week), I attended my physiotherapist and she was able to feel a very noticeable improvement in the muscle tone in my abdomen. In fact, my sciatic pain has reduced from being an ‘every-minute-of-every-day’ type of pain to an ‘occasional-pain-when-I’m-bold-and-do-too-much’ type of pain. It has had a remarkably positive effect on my sciatica, which for me is a wonderful result in itself.

laser lip sculpting inch weight lossOkay! Okay! I can feel you urging me to get to the actual nitty-gritty of the situation. Does it actually work? and I can safely say YES! It most definitely works. I was noticing changes the whole way through my 4-week treatment. I have received a lot of comments about how flat my stomach and waist is looking. I would like to add for the record that I have been healthy eating for months now, so although this may work if you continue with a so-so diet, you are best looking at your eating plan to get the best possible outcome.

Over the 4-week treatment plan, I am VERY pleased to say that I have lost a huge 11-Inches in total!

My specific loss was in the following areas:

  • Hips – 5 Inch Loss
  • Waist – 4 Inch Loss
  • Diaphragm – 2 Inch Loss

This is not to be confused with mud wraps etc which draw out the water from your body to make you appear thinner, I have genuinely moved in 4 notches in my belt in 4 weeks.

The staff at Bellaze are really professional and friendly – They make the treatments so personal and I really did look forward to going. I was so sad when I realised that today was my last session.  The clinic itself is extremely clean, hygienic and has a very welcoming feel. There is always ample on-street parking every time I was there.

So whether you have a wedding coming up, have trouble shifting inches off stubborn problem areas or need to fit into that little black dress for an occasion, Bellaze’s Inch-Loss system is guaranteed to help you drop down the sizes. They even have special Bridal and Beach Body packages available.

It was a total pleasure having my treatments at Bellaze and I would definitely consider using them again should my belt notches ever start expanding again. I will write again in another 4 weeks to let you know if the inches have stayed away for good.

To find out more, visit

Leave a comment if you have any questions.

Dress of the Month ~ April 2014

My favourite dress of the moment is the adorable ‘Sweetpea’ by Charlotte Balbier. There are many different reasons why this dress has caught my attention: the gorgeous lace fabric, the scalloped hem, the beautiful broad cap sleeves and the fabulous closed in back.  All these features combine to make a stunning dress.  However, but it’s the length that really makes it fabulous!

Sweatpea Bridal Dress

Slightly shorter than tea length, this dress is super cute and perfect for a 1950s themed wedding. It looks even cuter when worn with a petticoat to emphasise the shape, and I love to see it worn with round toed shoes and a super short full veil. I just love her and I think a lot of our brides do too – shes our window display at the minute and I keep having to wreck the display to get it out!

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Game, Set and Fitness

Now that spring is here and summer is right around the corner, it’s time to put down those dumbbells, step away from the treadmill, and get your butt out of the gym and into the fresh air!

Health and fitness isn’t always about lifting weights or pounding the pavements, sometimes the best way to do your body some good is with some good old-fashioned sport!

Tennis Racket and Balls

We moved into our flat at the end of 2012, and after a quick scoot round the area and a browse of Google earth, we found that there were some tennis courts down the road. Even better…they’re free to use!  So last year when the weather finally brightened up, we dusted off our old tennis rackets, nipped down to Sports Direct for a pack of 3 tennis balls (£1.99…bargain!) and attempted to recreate Wimbledon. Sadly it didn’t quite look like that, however it WAS pretty fun and a great thing to do on a nice sunny evening after being sat at a desk all day.

Jump forward to this year, and I’ve just got back from our first tennis session of 2014. I was never a great sportswoman at school, and barely got through tennis sessions but whatever level you’re at, it can be a great all over workout. I love that it’s one of the sports my boyfriend and I can play together, and if you’re feeling sociable, you can always play doubles with friends.

Tennis Courts

If you’ve never played before, see if any friends have a racket you can borrow – failing that, you can normally pick up fairly cheap ones from big sports stores. Next, find yourself a partner. If you know someone who can play, ask him or her to give you a few pointers.  Even if you can barely hit it, constantly bending down to pick up the ball is a great leg toner in itself!

As you get better, you’ll find yourself getting more competitive, and it’s a great feeling when you manage a decent shot. Try doing some drills – have someone lightly tap it over the net and practice aiming in a particular direction. It can take a while to get into it (I’m often being shouted at – ‘MOVE YOUR FEET!!’) but an hours session will fly by. By the end, you’ll have got a good cardio workout from running around, arm workout from swinging the racket, and leg workout from lunging to hit the ball. What more could you ask for?

Now where are the strawberries and cream….

Strawberries and cream

Find somewhere locally to play for free at and check out some basic online lessons at



Bangs: Don’t Stand on the Fringe.

The sun is out and spirits are high.  Many of us are spring cleaning our houses and wardrobes in some cases. With all this change we sometimes feel our image could do with a spruce up too.  Well, I have a suggestion which doesn’t require anything too drastic – in one word it’s ‘fringe’!

Holly Willoughby
The first fringe in my spotlight is the long fringe.  This is great for mid length and longer hair styles and those with heart shaped faces. Its an easy casual fringe to wear either pushed to the side or worn in a centre parting, pushed back and then allowed to fall naturally and secured in place with a light spritz of hairspray. This is a low commitment, low maintenance fringe – perfect for hair dresser shy people!

Celebrity Soft Full FringeNext up – the soft full fringe.  This fringe is ideal for long, medium length hair and select shorter length styles. This fringe is perfect for oval, heart and square shaped faces.  Top tip for this fringe is to use a large round brush when blow drying it to give it fullness. When dry, give it a light shake to tousle it and make it ‘bitty’ looking – softening the look.  This is a medium commitment fringe needing maintenance every 8-10 weeks.

56TH Grammy Awards

If you are looking to make a strong statement then the blunt fringe is for you. When done well this fringe is nothing short of stunning.  It can frame any oval face but some round faces can carry it effortlessly too! It is the focal point of a haircut and can vary widely in length depending on how brave you are.  Blunt fringes are, however, high maintenance and need cutting every 4-6 weeks to retain its bluntness.


Cameron Diaz

To add definition to your face shape & cheek bones try the side fringe.  It gives the impression of a longer face, making it most compatible with a round face type. This is a great way to soften long and medium length hairstyles but works effectively with short styles too.  This fringe requires a medium commitment and is an easy going little twist to a hair cut.

Don’t stand on the fringe, jump in and give it a go!!

‘The Charlotte’: Charlotte Balbier’s Wedding Dress

I’m just back from viewing the new bridal collection from Charlotte Balbier.  Not only was this a fantastic buying trip but it was also a fantastic opportunity to catch up with her about her recent wedding!

Charlotte was married in December 2013 but last time we chatted in July 2013 she told me about the difficulties of selecting her wedding dress.  Charlotte is one of the best UK bridal designers and we love her.  Not only does she create lovely and super girlie dresses, but she is also an absolute honey.

Her wedding was a super mega top secret.  We had to wait months to see even a glimpse of her big day on Instagram.  However, all was finally revealed a few weeks ago in the current issue of You and Your Wedding magazine.  I scoured the shops to track down a copy and oh my how it was worth the wait! The images of Charlotte’s perfect day were breathtaking and needless to say her dress was perfection.

The Charlotte, Charlotte Balbier

Combining good taste with a list of the best industry contacts made sure that every last detail of her wedding day wowed. Her wedding day supplier list is pretty much a who’s who of the wedding world, but I’m sure she would have had a hard time selecting who to use.  I dread the day I have to decide which professionals to use for different elements at my wedding as I have great relationships with so many in the industry – I am bound to offend someone! I imagine that for someone like Charlotte Balbier this problem is magnified.

However, narrowing down and selecting suppliers couldn’t have been as difficult as selecting ‘The Dress’. Can you imagine the pressure as one of the most important bridal designers in the UK?  She was reluctant to wear a dress that lots of other brides had chosen – she felt she had to create something new and unique just for her.  With the whole bridal industry eagerly awaiting her dress choice the pressure was on.

Charlotte Balbier 2


In the end, she chose to wear two very different dresses.  Her ceremony gown was everything I had hoped it would be.  It was a proper princess dress, with an amazing full skirt, lace detailing, demure neckline and beautiful sleeves. As soon as I saw the picture in the magazine I knew Cathedral Gowns had to have it, and luckily for us ‘The Charlotte’ is part of her 2015 collection.

Charlotte Balbier 1

Charlotte also chose a lighter gown for the wedding party and it was not what I was expecting at all. She opted for a soft slinky golden lace gown with beautiful fluttery sleeves. It wouldn’t have looked out of place on a 1930s movie set and gave off old Hollywood glamour! This dress is named after her wedding venue ‘Iscoyd Park’.  It goes without saying that we have this dress on order too.

I am delighted that she went for two gowns to showcase two different sides of her personality and style.  She told me that she had a third dress on stand-by in case she changed her mind but I think just made the perfect choices.

For more images see:

Charlotte’s Blog
You and Your Wedding
Charlotte’s Instagram



Let’s Talk Brows!

Let’s talk brows! I am all for them – In fact, it would be safe to say I am PRO-BROW! So when I was asked to actually be involved in the naming of a Pro-Brow Kit for Superdrug’s B. Range, naturally I jumped at the chance.

Introducing….. ‘B.Defined‘ – I know, I know, I’m a literary genius! You don’t have to tell me, I already know it’s the best named product EVER!

B. Defined Dark B. Defined Light, superdrug, b. range, brow kit, brow gel, highlighter B. Defined Light, superdrug, b. range, brow kit, brow gel, highlighter

But in all seriousness, I totally love this product and that is not me being biased. As a Makeup Artist, I won’t say a product is great if it actually isn’t.

B. Defined is part of Superdrug’s ‘B.’ Range. I have reviewed a number of their products in the past and have been very impressed with them. Read some of them here:

Product Review: B. Naked Foundation

B. Quick and Be Clean!

Your Summer would not B. Complete without these Eye Palettes!

Available in two shades (light and dark) and containing a wax to set, two brow shades and a creamy highlighter as well as double-ended applicator, the kit has everything required for beautifully defined eyebrows.

coleen-rooneyIf there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s 1-Dimensional Eyebrows. You should be shaping your eyebrows with multiple colours to create depth and definition. So unlike many other brow kits which only give you one colour to work with, B. Defined actually gives you 2! Allowing you to create the perfect 3D brows in your own home.

Just look how crazy Angelina Jolie would look if she opted for the one dimensional scouse brow!


Praise the heavens for Makeup Artists who actually give their clients the 3D megan-fox-giorgio-armani-beauty-01treatment. I have to say, I have a little bit of brow envy for Megan Foxes perfectly pruned brows, they are perfect!

I really love the wax in this product, it is soft enough to let you mould and shape your brows without them appearing stuck to the skin.

The highlighter is super creamy and very subtle. It really is an all-round great kit.

At the moment the kit is available in 2 shades, but I would love to see kits for ash/blonde or red heads aswell.

I do have some Good News and some Bad News for you though! I’ll give you the good news first – The B. Defined Brow Kit will be priced at a tiny £9.99. If you compare what you get in this kit against what you get in other leading brands kits, you are getting massive value for money. It will be available both on on in your local Superdrug store.

…. and the Bad News – The B. Defined kit I was sent is a pre-launch product – B. Defined isn’t actually released until May meaning you will have to wait a bit longer for it.

Here is a little #Selfie of my brows today using the B. Defined ‘Dark’ Kit

Nuala Campbell, Makeup Artist, B. Defined, superdrug, brow kit, eyebrows

For a Brand which is only 1 year old – They are making massive headway with their products.

Like everything in the B. makeup and skincare collection, the B. Defined eyebrow kit is certified cruelty free, and vegan.

You are going to love this kit! It is well worth it for under a tenner!


Nuala x