Essential Hair Guide for Brides

Spring has officially sprung and to me that acknowledges the start of wedding season.  Ooooohhhh I love it – what woman doesn’t!

So for my latest blog I thought I would share some of my bridal hair knowledge in my essential hair guide for every bride to be.

1. A bride should look effortlessly beautiful. Yes we all want to look stunning on our wedding day but you also want it to be naturally breathtaking so my advice is less is more, you still want to look like yourself in your album but just at your very best!

Effortlessly beautiful hair
2 . When selecting a style for your hair make sure it compliments the style of your dress & make up. When consulting with a bride I always request a picture of the dress so we can design the hair to be an extension of the dress for that total look.

Hair to reflect the dress and makeup
3 . Remember the limitations of your hair, during my bridal consultations I explain to my bride that the hair has to hold its style all day as every bride wants to look as fabulous for her evening guests arriving as she did when she glided down the aisle.

Bridal Hair: Up do
4 . Be comfortable. The bride is the centre of all the attention on her wedding day (and all the photos) so she needs to be comfortable, to feel confident with all eyes on her as she basks in all the attention. With this in mind, select a style that you feel good with. Don’t just jump for style that looks amazing in a bridal magazine – remember you’ve to wear it all day in the spotlight.

Bridal hair that's comfortable
With these tips you’re sure to have a good wedding hair day!

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