Idea Shopping VS. Securing Your Dream Wedding Dress

Cathedral Gowns Bridal

I hear the same question from brides-to-be several times a week – “how soon should I go shopping for my wedding dress?” And my answer is always the same, “only when you’re ready!”

My main reason for this answer is because I hate to see a girl fall in love with a dress, not buy it, and then come back to me months later only to be met with the news that the dress is no longer available.  I’ve encountered far too many sobbing girls in my years to encourage shopping before you’re ready to buy. I don’t know where it came from but there seems to be a misconception that you should go shopping for ‘ideas’ in advance of going shopping for a dress.  I have to fight the urge to say that I don’t sell ideas!

When you make an appointment in a bridal shop, you should be prepared to find the dress that you will wear when you get married – why else are you there? That doesn’t mean to say that you have to buy it there and then, in fact I often encourage our girls to sleep on it, but don’t walk away from your dream dress!

I’ve sometimes heard Mums and Aunties reassure brides that ‘what’s for you won’t go past you’ and similar clichés but I genuinely think this is dangerous territory. Having to be the big bad b*tch who has to break the bad news that “your” dress was sold yesterday has definitely taught me this much. Every time it happens I am wracked with guilt, but I’m also sometimes tempted to say ‘I told you so’!

The stock in a bridal boutique can change frequently, new gowns arrive, some dresses are discontinued and dresses can be sold from stock at any time. So definitely don’t think that the dress you try on in February will still be there in September. If you’re lucky it might still be available to order so you won’t miss out on your dream dress, but if it’s discontinued then sadly you’ll have to say goodbye to the dream and start your search again.

So before you leave the bridal boutique I urge you to ask yourself one question –”How would I feel if I came back tomorrow and the dress was gone? Could I happily choose another one or would I be gutted?

Written by Catherine Massey, our Bridal Expert from Cathedral Gowns.  You can find our more about Cathedral Gowns online or on Facebook.

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