Rushing out for Rush-Hour

I was wearing one of my long-time hero Benefit Cosmetics products today which I hadnt worn it a while. I dont know why I keep forgetting about it because everytime I wear it, I fall in love with it all over again. So I was going to use it in a MOTD post until I went onto the Benefit website to get the link and price for you when I realised that it has been discontinued! I’m finding out recently that lots of my favourite products are on their way out! I’m totally gutted. I’m extremely sad to see Rush Hour be discontinued. So I checked online and there are a few places have left over stock, which you know I will have to panic buy now!
It’s so disappointing when this happens to products you love! Has it happened to you with certain products? I’d love to hear the products you miss the most.

In the meantime, here is a little tribute shot of me wearing Rush Hour, you can totally see the sadness and disappointment on my face haha.


One response to “Rushing out for Rush-Hour

  1. Did you find any places that sell?

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