Turn back time or embrace it?

Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you. ~Carl Sandburg

The wish of turning back the time is painted on our lips very often; we regret our mistakes or lost opportunities. But with regret and sorrow come lessons.  Do we really want to turn the time back?

Turning back time

My life has not been boring.  I have witnessed a lot.  I have made mistakes. Sometimes, late at night, when I’m analysing everything I wish I could turn back time in order to do things differently. However, when daytime comes and I look at the situation with brighter eyes I think to myself: well, I dealt with things the way I did because this is who I am. We sometimes forget that difficult or heart-breaking situations help to shape us into who we are.  There are always situations which we react to emotionally, for good or bad. If we are sensitive to pain and hurt from others we will deal with things emotionally – only those who have cold hearts fail to show any emotions and they stand still in life and don’t evolve.

Every situation and event that we are a part of changes us.  Sometimes challenging events can cause us to become upset or depressed but with time things get better.  Time is a healer, it allows us to digest the lessons we learn from our mistakes. Time is our friend not an enemy.

Tic Tock Tic Tock, can you hear that? That’s your life passing by. Grasp it now and make the most of it.  Don’t let the passing of time get you down. Time passes too quickly to give large amounts of it over to sorrow and tears. Look at time as a machine that takes you forward not back.  In your heart you know that things happen for a reason and if you turn back the time you would experience the same emotion. Memories of the past need to stay there but their impact is taken forward through our emotional evolution. We become stronger, wiser and more focused as we learn from the mistakes we make.

Life is short so live it

So let’s wipe away our tears, wash ours faces and put on a smile because time is on our side. We need to just remember that and embrace life. Our mistakes shape us into who we are, and if we learn from them we can proudly say: I survived it, I learnt from it and no one can take it away from me as it’s allowed me to become the person I am now.

Article by Paulina Wyczawska 

Paulina started writing her articles on inner beauty and well-being for The Beauty Cloud in July 2013.

Any questions, email paulina@thebeautycloud.co.uk

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