Getting Sizzling Summer Hair: Top Tips

Woo hoo! It’s holi-bob time again.  If you’re looking the perfect barnet to keep you looking glam in the sun and heat, look know further.  Here are my top summer styles that will keep you looking fabulous rain or shine.
Long Hair
My top tip for long hair is to put it up.  This way you can maintain effortless style even when the heat is up. There are 3 up-styles trending this summer that will give you the perfect look while you lounge around the pool.
1. The Low PonytailLow ponytail with volumeThe low ponytail has featured on several big name runways this season.  To achieve this look, slick your hair back when it is slightly damp to get a great smooth finish then pull it into the nape of your neck and secure.  If you want a more professional finish, take some hair out of the ponytail and wrap it around the hair band to hide it, securing under the ponytail with a clip.  This looks can be achieved in a couple of minutes meaning more time in the sun!
2. Plaits
Plaits are the next hot look this season. They are very versatile and can be worn anywhere.
For a casual daytime, look pull hair to the side and softy plait.
Victoria Beckham side braid
For a more elegant evening style, plait around the top or around the front of the head.
Plait around the top or around the front of the head
For an extra snazzy look, try a two strand fishtail plait!
Two strand fishtail plait
3. The Bun
Michelle-Keegan Bun Donut
The celeb bun, as sported by the likes of Michelle Keegan, can be achieved with a foolproof bun donut (available to buy everywhere).  Just pop your hair in a ponytail, positioned on the head where you want the bun, then slip the donut over the ponytail.  Next, wrap the hair around the donut, tucking in the ends underneath and securing as needed.  Hey presto, instant glamour!
Short and Mid Length Hair
Rita Ora_Slicked Back Hair
For short and mid length hair the tip is keep it simple,  slick it down either in a parting, giving a 1920’s feel, or slick it all back as Rita Ora did on the red carpet not so long ago. To keep it slicked down, use a protection gel or cream that will give you style and protection in one chic swoop!
Whatever you venture with you hair this summer have some voguish fun in the sun!
Article by Gillian Douglas-Rea
Gillian has been writing for The Beauty Cloud since way back at 25th April 2012! You can follow more of Gillian’s work on Facebook. Any questions, email

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