Celebrity Nail Watch: Vanessa Hudgens

Instagram #NAILARTI don’t know about you guys but I am totally addicted to Instagram.  Every chance I get I am on there! It doesn’t matter where I am; whether it is in the dentist’s waiting room or lying in bed at night (my boyfriend always shouts at me for my late night insta-creeping… oops!) – I just can’t help myself from refreshing my Instagram feed.

I especially love the pictures that ‘Instagramer’s’ share of their fave new fashion trends, beauty buys and their fresh new mani’s and pedi’s.

When I am stuck for artistic inspiration I can get some great ideas for nail art simply at the swipe of a finger.

Mani’s & pedi’s are staying white hot this summer

Both mani’s & pedi’s are staying white hot this summer in the fashion industry.

Nail art has become a big part of how celebrities and style icons express themselves, with new ideas and trends constantly emerging.  No outfit is complete these days without a striking manicure.

Some fashionista’s in particular are paving the way in the manicure-style-stakes. I love to see what they’re wearing on their nails just as much as what they are wearing on their gloriously groomed & toned celebrity bodies.

So, I thought I would start documenting my findings for you guys to have a nosy at… just like a nail tech version of David Attenborough I suppose…

Vanessa Hudgens, Spingbreaker’s actress, manicure trend setterMy ultimate bohemian nail art crush is Spingbreaker’s actress Vanessa Hudgens. I adore her hippy-chic fashion sense and the way she is always pushing boundaries and trying new things.  I love checking her Instagram to get a look at her latest manicure – always guaranteed to be super snazzy.

4Vanessa is a big fan of the lengthy almond shaped nail extensions, adorned with various multimedia bits & bobs.

Britney Tokyo nail designs using glitter and small pictures

Britney Tokyo Nails

Gel and acrylic are like clear cement – you can encase anything small enough within them from tiny little pictures, lace, glitter, feathers, etc.  The possibilities are endless for anyone brave enough.

I know for sure that I couldn’t cope with such long extensions on my own hands on a day-to-day basis – due to my job and the fact that I struggle to get my face cream out of its jar when my nails are even a tiny bit long – but I would certainly love to recreate a few of Vanessa’s recent nail art escapades.

Naomi Yasuda Nails

Naomi Yasuda Nails

Each of the more extravagant sets of nails can take anywhere up to 3hours (or more) to complete by a super talented nail artist with an incredibly steady hand.  Vanessa is a big fan of two nail techs in particular, Britney Tokyo and Naomi Yasuda.

Both of these amazingly talented artists were born in Japan and now work between New York and California.  Between the pair of them they have styled more sets of nails for various different major celebs than I have had hot dinners… They are living the Nail Tech dream!

You can find me on my own personal Instagram at www.instagram.com/lawesh. Feel free to let me know of any hot new nail trends you have spotted on Instagram or just drop by to say hello.

Keep your eyes peeled for my future Celebrity Nail Watch posts!

Article by Louise Henry

Louise joined The Beauty Cloud team in May 2014 as our Nail expert.  She is a fully trained & qualified Nail Technician running her own little nail bar in Bangor, The Nail Room at Salon75. 

Any questions, email louise@thebeautycloud.co.uk or find her on Facebook

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