This is the place to find out a little more about our current Authors and what they promise to deliver to you and what they do when they are not writing to bring you the latest Beauty and Fashion news.

Nuala Campbell / Make-up Artist

The Beauty Cloud was originally founded on 1st January 2012 by Professional Makeup Artist Nuala Campbell.  She has been bringing you her latest trends, tips, reviews and how-to’s frequently every week since.

She writes many articles throughout each month showcasing her favourite products and trends. She has even created her own YouTube channel to make her ‘How-to Tutorials’ even more accessible and easy to understand and all those videos are brought straight to you here on The Beauty Cloud.

She is very passionate about her career and works hard to create original and effective looks for all her clients; whether it is in Theatre or TV / Film, Editorials or Weddings, Fashion or Special FX.

With an eye for detail and extensive experience under her belt, she is highly sought after and in demand throughout all areas of her work.

She works alongside various cosmetic brands to help improve and develop the products and services the offer to enrich their customer satisfaction.

Not letting distance stand in the way of creating the perfect look, Nuala is available Worldwide.

To find out more, visit Alternatively keep up to date with Nuala on Facebook and Twitter.

Any questions, email

Gillian Douglas-Rea / Hairdresser

Gillian has been writing for The Beauty Cloud since way back at 25th April 2012! We are so pleased, not to mention extremely lucky to have Gillian’s expertise on the site. I have never met someone who lives and breathes hair as much as her!

Each month Gillian tackles the latest styles and trends to make them easy for you to achieve at home. She will also bring you news on her favourite products and how to use them.

Gillian Douglas-Rea has been Hairdressing for over 20 years. In this time she has worked for some of the giants in the industry, such as Wella and Clynol.  Her international career has taken her to places such as London, Australia and Italy. Gillian has worked along side some of the Hairdressing greats, Lisa Shepperd, Mahogany and Sassoons to name a few. Gillian’s major passion is Session Styling, where she devotes her skills to dressing and creating beautiful hair for Photographic work , Catwalk & Videos. Much of Gillians work has been published in the large glossy mags and even National Press. In her blog she is going to share her knowledge and know how to help you all tame your tresses!!

You can follow more of Gillian’s work on Facebook.

Any questions, email

Catherine Massey / Cathedral Gowns

Catherine has been writing Bi-Weekly Article for us since the 8th May 2012 and is our very talented Bridal Specialist.

Each month she brings you her favourite Dress of the Month, which never fail to be jaw-droppingly beautiful. Not only that in another post she tackles some of the challenges that Brides today face in their journey for their perfect dress.

Catherine is a Bridal Stylist for their family Bridal Boutique, Cathedral Gowns. She is obsessed with glamorous dresses and all things weddings. Catherine say’s the best part of her job is “Witnessing the transformation of a pretty girl into a Gorgeous Bride”.

Cathedral Gowns is located in the centre of Downpatrick, Northern Ireland. They are a fresh and funky bridal boutique with a reputation for fabulous service and gorgeous gowns. Their name is synonymous with a modern and fun approach to bridal gown shopping. The gorgeous bridal boutique is the perfect little haven for you and your entourage to begin and end the search for your dream wedding dress! Cathedral Gowns are known for stocking gowns with modern flair and exceptional quality, that won’t be found anywhere else in the province.

Find them online at or on Facebook.

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Jennie Longdon / Tanning Enthusiast

Jennie started writing for The Beauty Cloud in July 2013.

As a devout bronzer, Jennie knows everything about fake tanning! Whether you prefer instant, gradual or spray on tans…put your trust in her to keep you all bronzed and beautiful!

Jennie is a qualified Broadcast Journalist with her ear fully to the ground.

She has been working in radio for the last 5 years, starting out as a news reader, and now works as a co presenter for 4 fm radio stations across the Midlands.

Jennie also just landed a job presenting an extreme sports television show, which will be on your ‘tele boxes’ in the near future.

You can follow Jennie on Twitter

Any questions, email

Courtenay Pipkin – Health and Fitness

Courtenay Pipkin is a Stylist for Stella & Dot, a gorgeous jewellery and accessory brand originally from the US.

She was never really into sports as a kid, until she discovered Pole Fitness in 2009 as something to fill her evenings whilst on a summer placement away from home. She immediately fell in love with it and after returning to university, She set up and ran the Newcastle University Pole Dancing Society. With moving around so much she has been lucky to train and teach all over the country (and even in the US when she lived there for a few months last year!). She recently competed in the Miss Pole Dance UK Semi-Pro Doubles category coming third, and has entered more upcoming competitions later this year which she will be training hard for.

Courtenay currently lives in London, where she has also begun learning aerial hoop as well. She is an avid hater of gym equipment so is always keen to try and new and different ways of getting a good workout.

You can also follow Courtenay on Facebook and Twitter.

You will see bi-weekly posts from Courtenay about different ways to stay fit and have fun at the same time.

Any questions, email

Paulina Wyczawska  – Inner Beauty & Well-Being

Paulina started writing her speciality articles for The Beauty Cloud in July 2013.

Paulina Katarzyna Wyczawska (BA, BSc hons Business and Digital Media Management Consultant) is always hungry for knowledge. She is a passionate blogger, food enthusiast, hobby photographer and active cyclist. Her dream is to explore as much of the world we live in as possible and share those moments with others. Her mottos are: “Treat others the way you want to be treated” and “Nothing is impossible, it all depends on the approach and willingness”.

In her series of blogs on The Beauty Cloud, Paulina will share with you her views and opinions on spiritual beauty, food, health, general well-being and she will be making sure that it all will be worth talking about. Through her passion towards feeling and looking healthy, Paulina will show the readers what natural beauty truly means. Sit down, relax and embrace your inner self.

Any questions, email

Louise Henry  – Nails

Louise joined The Beauty Cloud team in May 2014 as our Nail expert.  She is a fully trained & qualified Nail Technician running her own little nail bar in Bangor, The Nail Room at Salon75.  Specialising in Bio Sculpture nail treatments, Louise offers her clients not only the latest products and nail art trends but also, most importantly, the healthiest treatments available for your nails.  She ensures that all her client’s nails not only look fabulous but are also amazingly strong and healthy.

There are no boundaries in the world of nail art and trends are always shifting and changing focus.  Many celebrity’s nails have now come to represent their unique style and personalities and that can be the same for everyone.  Using a huge variety of multimedia products and marrying them together with your basic polishes and gel manicures anything is possible.

With a passion for all things nails Louise has got her finger on the pulse of upcoming trends and fresh products.  Louise will let you know about all the latest nail treatments and products that are available, give easy at home nail art ‘how-to’ tutorials, let slip the hottest seasonal styles and celebrities trends.

To find out the latest from The Nail Room at Salon75 see their Facebook.

Any questions, email

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