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Makeup of the Day (02/6/14)

Well today is my ‘Day-Off’ and I don’t have anything very exciting planned except heading out for lunch with my lovely hubbie and doing a bit of shopping for our Summer Holidays (Yippeeeee!)

So in terms of makeup I didn’t want to wear anything to heavy so I opted for a warm subtle smoky eye with some white pencil in the lower waterline to keep it light looking. I didn’t use any illuminators today as when I use the FOM Cosmetics Moisturiser and Hello Flawless Foundation together you get a lovely dewy finish to the skin.

So here you go, here is my makeup look for today. Larger Images and full product listing with links and prices are below.

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Makeup Artist Nuala Campbell’s Makeup of the Day (MOTD)


Freshness of the Morning – Age Defying Moisturiser – £25.00

MAC – Prime & Prep Skin – £20.50

Benefit Cosmetics – Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation –  Ivory (Believe in me). – £26.50

Benefit Cosmetics – the POREfessional – Agent Zero Shine – £23.50

Benefit Cosmetics – Lollitint – £24.50

B. Sculpted Contour Kit – £10.49


B. Defined Brow Kit (to be released)


Makeup Atelier – T05 Eyeshadow Palette – £25.00

MUA Eyeliner Pencil – White – £1.00

MAC Zoom Lash – Zoom Black – £14.00


MAC Lipstick – Mix between ‘Half n Half” and ‘Paramount’ – £15.00

If you’ve any questions, just leave a comment below.

Nuala x


Make-up of the Day (01/6/14)

I’m off out to see comedienne and top model Diona Doherty in a preview of a new comedy sketch so I opted for a bit of colour on the eye tonight.

This is proof that you don’t necessarily have to spend £50.00 on an eyeshadow palette to create a great look. This eyeshadow palette is available to buy for only £3.99!!! That’s not to say that all drugstore eyeshadow palettes will be great.

(Bigger photos at the bottom of the post)


Nuala Campbell – Make-up of the Day (MOTD) –

Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing Concealer – 01 Light – £17.50
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation NC20 – £25.00
B. Sculpted Contour Kit – £10.49
Benefit Cosmetics Rockateur Blush – £23.50

B. Defined Brow Kit – To be released

Vivo Cosmetics Colour Block Palette – Show Me The Money – £3.99
MAC Eyeshadow – Vanilla – £12.50
MAC Zoom Lash in Zoom Black – £14.00

MAC Lipstick – Please Me – £15.00

Nuala Campbell - Makeup Artist - Make-up of the Day (MOTD), MAC, Benefit, Vivo, Cosmetics, B, Superdrug

Nuala Campbell - Makeup Artist - Make-up of the Day (MOTD), MAC, Benefit, Vivo, Cosmetics, B, Superdrug


Nuala Campbell - Makeup Artist - Make-up of the Day (MOTD), MAC, Benefit, Vivo, Cosmetics, B, Superdrug

Become a Festival Fittie with our hand-picked favourite products!

Festival Season is without a doubt one of the most exciting times of the year! But lets face it – It’s not always the most attractive. Fear not my lovely little darlings! I have round up our authors to give you their favourite product to get you through your festival mischief!

So here you go, our Prize Picks :

My Prize Pick:

Benefit Cosmetics, Big Easy, BB Cream, Concealer, Foundation, Cream, Powder, festival, party, product, pickBenefit Cosmetic’s ‘Big Easy’ – £27.50

When it comes to Festival time, unfortunately we won’t have our little vanity dressing table set up in our tents waiting for us to beautify ourselves. So my prize pick has to be Benefit Cosmetics Big Easy – ‘Bigger than BB’. You can apply this super BB Cream with your fingers completely in the absence of a mirror, it blends on like a cream and sets as a powder. It is the perfect product to even out skin tone and conceal blemishes. So you can look naturally hot and flawless at all times!


Jennie’s Prize Pick:

St Tropez – Self Tan, Dark Bronzing Lotion  – £33.00ST_0023_Self_tan_dark_bronzing_lotion_200ml Benefit Cosmetics, Big Easy, BB Cream, Concealer, Foundation, Cream, Powder, festival, party, product, pick

Old faithful! I have always been a massive fan of St Tropez! This is perfect for any festival goer as it will keep you looking bronzed, but without any give away that the tan is fake. Let’s face it, at a festival you’re not spending hours lazing around in the sun, so your tan needs to be extra good to ensure people won’t know that it is fake! In my opinion, this product gives off the most natural colour of all products that I have tried. Their  advanced formulation contains innovative melanin technology that ensures your tan is tailored to suit your individual skin-tone. Winner!


Louise’s Prize Pick:

Nails Inc. Bling It On Neon kit – £12.00 bling-it-on-neon2, nails inc, neon, nails, festival, party, manicure, fun

White nails will be in full swing this festival season, perfect for complimenting our beautifully bronzed skin tones whilst rocking out to our favourite bands.  However we know that festivals always require a bit of adornment & embellishment, whether it be your hair, outfit or nails.  This Bling It On Neon kit is perfect for jazzing up this seasons go to nail colour.  I’ll be putting it in my bag so I can keep my white & neon glitter mani topped up at all times!


Gillian’s Prize Pick:lush-no-drought-dry-shampoo, fesitval, fun, party, summer, pick, hair

Lush – No Drought Dry Shampoo –  £3.75 – £6.75

Well it’s got to be dry shampoo, without a shadow of doubt!! A few days ago, I got handed  Lush’s ‘No Drought Dry Shampoo’.  I don’t want to give too much away (because I have an awesome review coming very soon) but I am really impressed. Not only does it clean up but it also deodorises the hair as well. It is most definitely the first thing in my festival bag after my wellie’s!


So there you have it – Our top product pick’s to get your through those festivals all while looking amazing! All that is left to do is dance your heart out and enjoy! ♥

Conceal and Hydrate with Benefit Cosmetic’s new ‘Fake up’ Concealer!

As many of you will know Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing Industrial Strength concealer is definitely one of my favourite concealers, I swear by it for all skin types. So when Benefit brought out their new concealer ‘Fake up’, I was surely intrigued.

fake up

If you don’t know anything about the product, you are in for a treat. This product promises to not only cover up things such as dark circles and blemishes, but it also effectively hydrates the area too.

The product comes in a stick form. It has a concealing core which hides dark circles, smoothes skin and diffuses light. While the hydrating outer ring injects immediate hydration with added Vitamin E and Apple Seed Extract.


I think this product was definitely designed with the under-eyes in mind. While I don’t recomment this product for covering spots (as you will want to dry out those areas), it certainly works a treat on dark ageing spots.

What I love about this product is that it won’t crease, cake or settle in those fine lines around the eyes.

The product itself blends well, with use of your fingers or brushes. I find it blends well with both oil and water-based foundations alike so you are guaranteed a flawless complexion.

If you suffer from sensitve eyes or are plagued with puffy under eyes, try keeping your product in the fridge. It is SO soothing under your eyes when it has been cooled, and don’t worry, it still blends effortlessly when cold!

Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up Concealer, Hydrate, dark circles

This is the first concealer of its kind and it is well worth a buy! It is priced at £18.50 and comes in 3 shades (light, medium and dark). I think like the boi-ing concealer that we may see Benefit release more shades in due time.

Pop into any Benefit Counter and give it a try before you buy!

Available to purchase online at