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Daily Inspiration

Gratitude is key!


Daily Inspiration ~ 19th March ’13

Wherever you are right now, trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be ❤


Daily Inspiration ~ 13th March ’13

Develop an Attitude of Gratitude.


Daily Inspiration ~ 11th March ’13

What choices have you made lately?


Daily Inspiration ~ 10th March ’13

Keep up the fight, you’re doing it right!


Daily Inspiration ~ 9th March ’13

Attack your life with enthusiasm!


New Feature: Daily Inspirations!

I believe that ‘Beauty‘ is not always something that you find on the outside. ‘Beauty‘ is not simply skin-deep.
Beauty‘ can be found so much deeper within.
It comes from your soul, your spirit, it comes from the subconcious place deep within yourself. The same place that awakens when you see someone in need and you simply MUST help. It comes from the same place as your empathy for other souls. Beauty is Love. Thats why I have decided to add a Daily Inspiration post to The Beauty Cloud.
These posts may come in the form of a lovely quote, they may come in a sharp phrase needed to inspire you to get into action in your life, or perhaps a photo to remind you what life is about.
Hopefully it will inspire at least one person per day.
Share the Love.