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My Valentines Lip Pick!

Since today is Valentines Day, I picked a special Lipstick to wear!

Inglot Lipstick Shade 243

Inglot Lipstick Shade 243

Inglot Cosmetics Lipstick #243 is PERFECT for the occasion!

The photo doesn’t really do the colour justice, it is a gorgeous deep Pink with a hit of purple. Here is a photo of it actually applied.

inglot 243

Enriched with Vitamin E and Apricot Kernel Oil, it leaves your lips fully moisturised and ready for action!

What is your favourite colour for Valentines?

Get the Perfect Pout…

Create the Perfect Pout with these amazing products listed by top Lipstick Blogger Yishan on Beauty Swatch which are sure to leave your lips noticeably and irresistibly kissable this Valentines Day!

Keeping lips in top condition requires dedication, and I turn to my trusted list of products below to get my lips in swatch-worthy shape.   Healthy lips are just as important as a healthy complexion, and is much easier to achieve than flawless skin.   If you have a habit of forgetting to look after your lips, keep lip balms within reach in several places (eg. bedside table, makeup table, purse, work drawer etc) so you’ll never be caught without one.




Lips lose plumpness and increase lines with age, so it’s important to supplement your lip care with anti-aging products.   Who said eye products couldn’t be used?  Here are some eye products that I use on my lips as a night treatment underneath lip balm.
  • Regenerist Anti Aging Eye Roller

    Regenerist Anti Aging Eye Roller

    OLAY Regenerist Anti-Aging Eye Roller – absorbs instantly & my lips looks like they just had a “lip facial”.

  • JURLIQUE Purely Age Defying Eye Cream – after prepping your eyes, prep your lips also with this silicone based cream which smoothes lip lines and creates an even canvas for even the trickiest lip textures.
  • Facial Oils – when pressing face oil onto your face with your palms, pat some also over the entire mouth area.
  • KIEHL’S Double Strength Deep Wrinkle Filler – this miracle product is marketed for lines on the face, but is actually a great lip base to prevent lipsticks from sinking into deep lip lines.

Night time

Just like the skin on your face, lips also need a night routine to recover and recharge for the next day.  Here are my favourite lip balms for night time that give speedy recovery of chapped lips, and you won’t need a lip scrub because the lip flakes will melt off by the morning.
  • Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips

    Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips

    DR LIPP Original Nipple Cream for Lips – my Holy Grail of all lip balms, it’s Lanolin based and not only recovers even the flakiest of lips, but also strengthens the lip surface making it more resilient,  smoothes lines and has a plumping effect by the morning.   The texture and taste is not for everyone – really thick & sticky, and the lanolin taste is not masked by any additives.

  • ELIZABETH ARDEN 8 Hour Cream – this petroleum-based multi-purpose balm achieves very similar results to Dr Lipp in terms of skin cell turnover, but slightly less effective at strengthening the lip surface.  Texture is more emollient with a more bearable taste.

Day time

Two words. SPF and hydration. As lip balms can only do so much, be sure to drink plenty of water also throughout the day.

In the shower

If you have been diligent with your lip routine overnight and throughout the day, your lip flakes should rub off easily by gently wiping the lip area with your fingers or with a wash cloth.  Remember – if your flakes don’t rub off easily, they are not completely healed and not ready to come off.  I don’t believe lip scrubs are a must-have for this reason.


Prepping for an occasion

  • Soap & Glory Extreme Plump XL

    Soap & Glory Extreme Plump XL

    In the morning, slather on a thick (almost excessive) layer of lip balm in the morning while you apply your skincare / makeup

  • Maintain lips during the day by applying lip balm hourly or whenever you feel it has completely absorbed into lips.
  • Soap & Glory Extreme Plump XL is the best at reviving tired lips at the end of the day & can also be worn over lipstick.
  • If lipstick just isn’t working for you that day, use a pigmented smoothing lipgloss instead.


Do you have a favourite lip balm?
What’s your routine for keeping lips in top condition? 


Romancing the Tresses

Valentines Day is a upon us and we all want to look stunning for our other halves, so I have jotted down a few quick tips on how to romance up your hair !!!

1. Keep it soft – Movie Romantic hair is soft and touchable. So my top tip to achieve this is use light weight products but go gently on the amount you use.


2. Wispy – Our Hollywood Heroine always has hair tumbling and blowing around her face, so if your pinning your hair up or back drop some tendrils down around your face for that leading lady feel.


3. Waves & Curls – These are almost always a must for a soft romantic feel. The movement softens the texture of the hair, giving it that effortless natural feminine look.


So with these hints and tips you Valentines Day should be red hot with passion.

A Valentine’s Day Wedding, Romantic? or not?

I know I’m surrounded by romance all year long, but there is something just so special about Valentines Day! I love all the excitement and extra energy of our girls whose weddings are this week and I look forward to hearing all about the romantic proposals on Valentines Day.

cake Matthias Rhomberg

Matthias Rhomberg Cake

Maybe it’s because my mum and dad were married on February 14th? I see how special their anniversary is and I also love to see them reminisce about their wedding day 32 years ago. My mums wedding dress was, to me, the epitome of a romantic wedding dress, all soft pretty lace and covered up! Even though my mums says she hates its very typical 1981 style, I know she loves it! red-and-white-valentines-centerpiece-wedding

I love that in her weddings pic’s the snow is at her feet, yet she has the most stunning bright blue sky behind her! That’s one of the best things about the weather at this time of year – it really could go either way. It’s usually very wet and windy so proper shoes and a little jacket are definitely required, but you could  wake up to an amazing spring day.

valentines bridesmaid dresses

The choice of what to wear for your Valentines wedding of course must take into account the cold, but also colour! I prefer the lighter ivory tones at this time of year, I just feel that the brightness of the dress will compensate for how grey and dull the light can be. The colour theme or the bridesmaids dresses also require a bit more consideration. Will you embrace the Valentines theme and chose an alternative to the traditional claret red? I almost think it would be a shame not to have your girls in beautiful red dresses!

valentines bridesmaid dresses

But a Valentines wedding doesn’t have to be tacky or gimmicky. Just avoid the pound shop plastic hearts and you’ll be half way there!  You shouldn’t be afraid to invest a bit more time, effort and maybe money into the look of your wedding beyond the outfits. Keep the stationery classy and elegant, and if you want to incorporate the heart motif just make sure it looks sophisticated and not cartoony. As for room decor it’s hard to beat the classic red rose and lots of candles or fairy lights!

valentines, wedding, invites

I asked around for opinions on a Valentines wedding and the consensus from the girls was that it is ultimately the most romantic time to get married, but the guys typically mentioned that it would make remembering their anniversary easy!

If you have been to or are planning your very own Valentines wedding I’d love to hear about it!