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Have some Festival Fun with your hair this summer!

Summer is on its way and we are all planning special events and holidays to pick us up after the winter. One of the best ways to do this is a Festival!

But if you’re a ‘girlie’ girl like me one of the dreads is how my hair is going to look the whole time.

Here are a few festival hair tips that will help you look hot when you’re rocking it out! Oh and this will work for camping or Backpacking too!

SESSION STYLIST TIP: The night before, give your hair a good shampoo!

HERO PRODUCT: A must have for in your bag is Batiste dry shampoo. No festival chick would dare to go without it!

One of the most tried and tested styles which has stood the test off time, is the good old Pony Tail.

Here are a few pointers to help you get that stylish look.

Straight Hair Ponytail – Pop your hair into a centre parting, which is becoming very chic again, brush hair smooth down over one shoulde, gather just below ear level and secure with a band.

SESSION STYLIST TIP: A good natural bristle brush is the best for this.

HERO PRODUCT: Seal in fly away hairs with 5p size of Eva Jazz Power Style

Rub between both hands run down your hair to slick down fluffy areas to keep you groomed from day to night.

Curly/Wavy Ponytail – Groom, brush hair through with fingers softly pulling hair back, if finer shorter hair’s fall, let them this will give a softer more gentle look. Secure with a band and your ready to roll!

Festival Waves these are always a good low maintenance look when done right!

For Naturally Wavy/Curly hair

HERO PRODUCT Eva Jazz Actiwave, a lightweight curl activator with will seal in your curls and waves.

Rub the Actiwave between your hands and rub through your hair even distributing in the hair.

SESSION STYLIST TIP Twist hair in large sections round your finger, this will pull the root hair down giving move defined movement and curls.

If you are creating Curls or Waves using your own preferred method, straighteners,wand or tongs.

 Whatever is your chosen look curly or wavy all over, when achieved mist over hair with some Spray then throw your head upside down and shake out!

‘Whip’ your head back up…. tweak hair and seal in style with some Spray.

Braids & Plaits are having a fantastic run on the catwalk at the moment but they are the ultimate Festival look, from the loose fishtail to French to headband plaits.

Fishtail – (as above on Ferne Cotton) This is a fantastic plait that looks great roughed up!

Pull hair to one side and instead of plaiting with the traditional three strands, you plait with two!

HERO PRODUCT: to ‘dirty’ up the clean hair to give that rough look mix together Eva Jazz Rock Paste & Eva Jazz Hair gum.

Rub it through the hair before plaiting to give a tousled rock chick look!

Headband plait – take a section at one side of the head just about an inch back from the front hairline, make to nice and chunky & plait section normally then pull across forehead and secure end of plait with a Kirby clip under some hair to cover your clip and band.

There you go you have Boho Chic Festival look.

My last and final tip is  ……  accessorising!!!

From Floral Headbands for that Hippie feel to Headscarves, Floppy Hats and Headbands , they all over a multitude of sins!

My only tip with accessories is to have fun with them, Festivals are a great time to play with them!

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