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It’s Christmas time, there’s no need to be afraid …..

Festive Time means office parties, nights out and a time for us girlies to don the Little Black Dress or even glam it up with some sparkle.

Styling your hair to go along with your chic outfit doesn’t have to be scary – I’m going to give you some easy to follow instructions so you have that wow factor this Christmas!

Kylie Minogue gracing the Red Carpet in Vintage Elegance

Kylie Minogue gracing the Red Carpet in Vintage Elegance

Our first look has a vintage feel to it. This look has been dominating the fashion world all year. Kylie wears it perfectly. It’s got a vintage feel but is still modern and flattering.

Here is how to pull it off with ease:

  1. Apply GHD Style Curl Hold Spray over clean dry hair.
  2. In section’s of approx 1 inch square curl hair with GHD’s, applying Curl hold to each section giving the curl hold and heat protection.
  3. When all curled leave hair for 5-10 minutes to cool down, fixing in the curl so it will hold the curl longer.
  4. Thoroughly brush the hair thorough with a natural bristle brush like Denman Grooming Brush, the natural boar bristle will separate the hair and soften the curl to a vintage wave.
  5. When brushing waves twist ends with a flick of your fingers to turn in and fall beautifully.
  6. A small mist of hairspray at this point will seal in your style.
  7. To continue with the vintage feel either tuck on side behind the ear or pin back with a glittery slide and your ready to rock n roll and party night !
Girls Aloud in their new 2012 Music Video

Girls Aloud in their new 2012 Music Video

Look two is being sported by Girls Aloud in their latest video. It’s the Top Knot, simple but extremely effective and spot on trend!

Give this popular and easy look a try, here’s how:

  1. On clean dry hair mist GHD Heat protect and straighten, this will make it so much easier to get it up with a sleek finish.
  2. Pull hair into a high ponytail placing the ponytail on the top of your head in front of the crown area.
  3. To achieve perfectly sleek side areas again I would recommend a natural boar  bristle brush like the Denman Grooming Brush as mentioned before.
  4. Once ponytail is in place, lightly backcomb it with the brush to give a little bulk  to hair, then brush lightly smoothing the hair but not removing all the backcombing.
  5. Wrap the hair around the ponytail till only a little left with these ends tuck them under wrapped hair and secure with a kirby clip or two.
  6. Mist with hairspray, then follow with GHD Style Final Shine Spray for instant all over shine.
Olivia Palermo keeping it casual on the Red Carpet

Olivia Palermo keeping it casual on the Red Carpet

The final look is ideal for afternoon office parties or Christmas day. Its a stylish soft ponytail. Olivia Palermo graced the red carpet with it making casual chic.

Stroll through this hair do with the following instructions:

  1. Shampoo and towel dry your hair.
  2. Apply GHD Style Root Lift Spray, giving volume and heat protection.
  3. Turn your head upside down and dry hair until its at about 90% dry then flip head up and finish drying smoothing the ends through.
  4. Place into a parting, any parting will work with this style.
  5. Keeping all the volume grab the hair loosely at one side , secure with an elastic. Make sure not to put the band up near the head keep it loose so the hair drapes over the selected shoulder.
  6. Push fingers in hair at root loosing hair up even more around the head area.
  7. Mist with hairspray and GHD Final Shine and your ready to go out and shine !!

So now your ready to go out a show off some Christmas Chic !!