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Maximise and Volumise with todays feature product!

I must tell you, I have a Love / Hate relationship with my hair. It is perfectly straight and I can leave it to dry naturally and it will simply fall into place. However, it does so without any volume. I have such a problem finding volumising products for my hair type. They are usually too sticky and too heavy.

Then I was shown Osis Dust-it by Schwarzkopf. This has transformed my hair and it does so in seconds! When sprinkled onto dry hair at the roots and manipulated, it creates instant lightweight, but very long lasting lift with a matt texture.

It is also perfect for adding texture for grip. I have a problem with clips sliding straight out of my hair minutes after they go in because my hair is so soft, but with a drop of Dust-it I have immediate texture and grip for clips to hold.

This is definitely a magical product for me. There are a lot of imitation products from different brands trying to create the same formula, none of the Brand I have tried have came anywhere close to perfecting it like Schwarzkopf have.

A word of warning, I have heard lots of stories of people buying this cheap on eBay etc and it is not the original product inside, it has been replaced with the likes of flour and sugar; so please make sure that you are buying this product from a reputable source.

The official directions for use are this:

Rub the powder in your hands and it turns into a cream. Apply to dry hair. Style and texture like you want.

Can also turn the head up-side-down, apply like salt & pepper, distribute into the roots for a strong and wild finish.

For a stronger matt look apply product into damp hair. Rake into shape and leave to dry.

Osis Dust-It is widely available online and is priced at

£10.45 (with free p&p) for a 10g bottle on

Happy Dusting!