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Hints and Tips: Achieving the Perfect 1940’s Dapper Gentleman’s Do.

Last week I had the privilege of advising on and styling hair for a local professional theatre company who are putting on the play Nivellis War, based around WWII. Whilst working with the male cast members we discussed how the ‘1940’s look’ is currently very on trend for men’s hair.

With this as inspiration, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog post to gents looking to achieve the perfect 1940’s dapper do.

One of the key elements to this cut is the graduation of the sides and back, tapering in at the hairline.  A twist given in more modern interpretation of this hair style it is to amplify it by giving an extremely short cut at the side and back to create a more disconnected look.

1940's Hair

The second aspect of this haircut is to keep length in the top area of the hair. Keeping this section of the cut longer is essential, not only because this is the hair that you will concentrate on styling for your finished look.

Which leads me onto…styling.

The secret behind good styling is the right product.  There are two different products ideal for this particular style.

Slick 1940's

For a slicker look my Hero Product is Tigi Bed Head Wax Stick.  You can either apply straight from the stick on to the hair by simply running it through your hair and then using your hands to mold the hair into shape. The other way to use the stick is to rub it onto the palm of your hands, rub both hands together to get a good even distribution of product, apply to hair and fix hair into its style as you go.

Matt 1940's

For a more matte finish my Hero Product is Tigi Hard to Get.  Scoop out a small amount of this product onto your palm and rub between hands to heat before pulling it through hair whilst shaping and positioning it into your finished look.

So, why don’t you do a dapper 40’s do?!