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Lengthen your Lashes in 30 days!

Lush Cosmetics Eyes Right Masacara Product Review

A few months back, Lush Cosmetics gave me some of their ‘Eye’s Right’ Mascara and the difference in my lashes in even a month of using it has been phenomenal. It’s not like those wrinkle cream results that you have to squint your eyes to believe, no! My lashes are noticeably longer. I would say they have increased their length by about 1/3!

Here is my video review all about their wonder product!

Easy How-to Contour and Highlight Make-Up Tutorial with Lush Cosmetic’s

C436 Mini Duo Fibre BlenderI have been listening to your requests for what you would like to see in my published articles. I have created a number of videos as per your requests. So you go, an easy tutorial video on how to highlight and contour your face. I have been trying out some Lush Cosmetic’s Make-up products this week so I used those to demonstrate. However, these techniques can be used with any products.

I hope you enjoy the video. You will find links below for the tools and products used in the tutorial.

Feel free to leave me a comment a let me know what you think, or if there are other areas you would like me to v-blog on.

Skin Drink Moisturiser –  £11.95


Feeling Younger Highlighter –  £12.00


Light Pink Colour Supplement – £8.50


Jackie Oates Colour Supplement – £8.50


Charisma Skin Tint – £12.00


Emotional Brilliance Face Powder – £12.00


It Started with a Kiss – Lip Tint – £5.50


Mini Duo Fibre Blending Brush  – £7.39


Product Review: Lush Cosmetics – Imperialis Moisturiser


Following a recent visit to Lush Cosmetics in Belfast. I was given some of their ‘Imperialis’ Moisturiser to try out. I was advised that this would be good for my skin type (Combination).Imperialis Moisturiser by Lush CosmeticsI love using products which I know are ‘feeding’ my skin with Natural goodness. Some of the natural ingredients in this moisturiser are Lavender Flower Infusion, Mullein Leaf Infusion,Orange Blossom Water, Organic Extra Virgin 

Orange Blossom waterOlive Oil,  Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Glycerine,  Orange Flower Absolute, Brunello Lily Petals, St Johns Wort Extract,  Elderflower Extract,  Sweet Violet Extract, Sunflower Petal Extract and Alkanet Extract. (Click on any of the ingredients above to read more about their wonderful properties and why they are in this product). In other words, a little tub of this moisturiser is packed full of earthly goodness!

Lavender Flower InfusionI have heard a lot of people say that they aren’t too keen on the smell of ‘Imperialis’. However, in my opinion, I would rather use something which is good for my skin than using a product loaded with perfume.  I find this product has quite an antiseptic smell to it, which may be the Sweet Violet Extract or Lavender Flower, saying that, it could be many of the beautiful products and essential oils.

It may be a good time to tell you that Lush Cosmetics are strictly against animal testing. All of their products are vegetarian and where all their products are not Vegan-Logo-from-The-Vegan-Societyclassed as ‘Vegan’, the ‘Imperialis’ Moisturiser is.  Lush invent all of their own products and make them fresh BY HAND! They use little or no preservatives. They use minimal packaging and encourage recycling of their tubs, offering their customers free face-masks when they return 5 empty tubs.

I found this product absorbed into the skin well and where I found I have a few breakouts in the first couple of days of using it, they cleared up and my skin has been clear and bright since. This may be due to the fact that I stopped using this product at night and used it only during the day time after cleansing. This product doesn’t leave a heavy residue behind and is quickly absorbed into the skin, so it is great for using before make-up without having to wait before being able to apply.lush1

In summary, I feel this is a great moisturiser. When you consider all of the natural plant extracts and oils put into this product, I think the price is very reasonable in comparison to other products of this nature.

The ‘Imperialis’ Moisturiser comes in a 45g tub and is priced at £12.50. It is available online at for worldwide delivery or at your local Lush Cosmetics Store.

Have you tried ‘Imperialis’? If so, why not leave me a comment and let me know what you think of it.