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PRODUCT REVIEW: Headline Colour Nail Polish in Gunmetal

I received this nail varnish a couple weeks back and today is the first time I used it. I guess I thought it wasn’t a very summery colour, but thats ok as Im not feeling very summery today anyway so it suits my mood 🙂

Headline Colours Nail Polish in 'Gunmetal'

Headline Colours Nail Polish in ‘Gunmetal’

This is ‘Gunmetal’ Nail Polish by Headline Colours. It is prices at £9 for a 10ml bottle. I’m pleased to say that the quality of the polish matches the price.

The consistency of the varnish is nice, its not too runny and delivers the right amount of pigment.Headline Colours Nail Polish in 'Gunmetal'

You need two coats max. of this varnish. I applied a Rimmel Basecoat just to prevent any staining of the nails which you so often get with dark coloured varnishes.

The Gunmetal Polish is part of Headline Colours A/W 2012 -13 Collection, which I don’t really understand, surely it should be 2012 or 2013. Anyway, its a lovely colour and catches the light beautifully. It can appear lighter or darker depending on your position to the light. Headline Colours Nail Polish in 'Gunmetal'

You can check out some of Headline Colours other Nail Polishes on their website at