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Crunch-Time – Does Lipo-Sculpting really work?

Can you believe how quickly the last four weeks have gone? It seems like yesterday I was writing to tell you about being offered a revolutionary inch-loss treatment at Bellaze in Belfast, and suddenly my four weeks of treatments are up and I am being measured up for that all important inch count.

When the treatment first began, I was having the Lipo-Sculpting Laser work and lay thinking to myself, wow! This is easy! I don’t feel anything and I can expect to lose lots of inches. Well obviously that was only part of the treatment. Not that the other parts weren’t easy. Basically all you have to do is lie on a treatment bed and pick which channel you want to watch, the rest is done for you.

bellaze inch weightloss clinic

After the Lipo Laser comes the Electrolite and Thermoshape. These are done simultaneously. You have the electrodes placed on your muscles (in my case I was having them on my abdomen region), followed by the Thermoshape wrap. The only way I can think of to describe this is that it’s like having a really strong electric blanket wrapped around the area you are having the treatment on. This in itself was so relaxing. I am a little bit of a heat-junkie, I find it so comforting.

In my first session, I must say I felt like a bit of a wuss. The Electrolite system goes up to level 8 and I managed to get to about 1.5 – See! Told you I was a wuss!  I am happy to say that you definitely build up muscle strength and the ability to go to higher levels each time you go. I think I managed to get to number 6 or 7 by the end. I may have only got to number 7 for 5 seconds, but hey! I still did it.

In all seriousness though, the treatment has had an even more positive effect for me than just the inch-loss. Due to numerous open surgeries on my abdomen, I had lost all muscle tone in my tummy area. I have been attending physio for a couple of months trying to build up core strength in my abdomen to lessen the sciatic pain I have been experiencing caused by over compensation of my back muscles. Even after two treatments (one week), I attended my physiotherapist and she was able to feel a very noticeable improvement in the muscle tone in my abdomen. In fact, my sciatic pain has reduced from being an ‘every-minute-of-every-day’ type of pain to an ‘occasional-pain-when-I’m-bold-and-do-too-much’ type of pain. It has had a remarkably positive effect on my sciatica, which for me is a wonderful result in itself.

laser lip sculpting inch weight lossOkay! Okay! I can feel you urging me to get to the actual nitty-gritty of the situation. Does it actually work? and I can safely say YES! It most definitely works. I was noticing changes the whole way through my 4-week treatment. I have received a lot of comments about how flat my stomach and waist is looking. I would like to add for the record that I have been healthy eating for months now, so although this may work if you continue with a so-so diet, you are best looking at your eating plan to get the best possible outcome.

Over the 4-week treatment plan, I am VERY pleased to say that I have lost a huge 11-Inches in total!

My specific loss was in the following areas:

  • Hips – 5 Inch Loss
  • Waist – 4 Inch Loss
  • Diaphragm – 2 Inch Loss

This is not to be confused with mud wraps etc which draw out the water from your body to make you appear thinner, I have genuinely moved in 4 notches in my belt in 4 weeks.

The staff at Bellaze are really professional and friendly – They make the treatments so personal and I really did look forward to going. I was so sad when I realised that today was my last session.  The clinic itself is extremely clean, hygienic and has a very welcoming feel. There is always ample on-street parking every time I was there.

So whether you have a wedding coming up, have trouble shifting inches off stubborn problem areas or need to fit into that little black dress for an occasion, Bellaze’s Inch-Loss system is guaranteed to help you drop down the sizes. They even have special Bridal and Beach Body packages available.

It was a total pleasure having my treatments at Bellaze and I would definitely consider using them again should my belt notches ever start expanding again. I will write again in another 4 weeks to let you know if the inches have stayed away for good.

To find out more, visit

Leave a comment if you have any questions.

Laser Lipo – Does it really work? Join me on my 4-Week Journey with Bellaze Inch-Loss Clinic and we can find out together.

I recently received an invite to a brand new, non-invasive inch loss clinic – the first of its kind in Northern Ireland – which has arrived in Belfast with ambitions to give the city a leaner, more svelte silhouette. Bellaze, situated on Donegall Street in the city centre, uses the renowned Body Sculpting system from inch loss expert Tina O’Doherty’s clinics in Scotland. Since opening her first clinic in Scotland ten years ago, a total of over 500,000 treatments have been completed on over 40,000 clients, with each losing an average number of 8-12 inches.

bellaze inch weightloss clinic

So needless to say, I was offered the chance to try out their Body Sculpting System, I jumped at the chance. I had a trial today and really loved it, but when I was told that they are treating me to the 4-week Gold Plan, I was absolutely delighted!

The Bellaze Body Sculpting System uses 3 main methods:

Lipo Sculpting – A laser beam is targeted on the area of the body identified to be treated.  The cold laser beams penetrate the skin just deep enough to reach the layers of fat. When the light hits the fat cells, a rapid chain of events take place. Firstly pores form on the cells and this causes the water, Glycerol and Fatty Acids contained within the cells to spill out.

This is then removed from your body through the lymphatic system and processed in the same way as fatty foods are digested. The remaining fat cells are significantly reduced in size. This process does not affect any other part of your body such as skin, blood vessels or nerves.

Electrolite – Used originally for healing of muscles and surrounding tissues, it became apparent that the visual effect of this treatment was the improvement of the body contours. It was also noted that this was happening quickly and comfortably to the patient.
The equipment has since been modified enabling therapists to use it in the Beauty industry. It has replaced the original muscle stimulation treatments (commonly known as Faradic) that although were effective, took longer to achieve goals and were limited in use. However, there is Microcurrent equipment that incorporates Faradic type current. This is the choice of each individual manufacturer.

Microcurrent offers quick results in lifting and contouring. Cellulite conditions will improve as the cells become healthier and waste products are eliminated. After a course of treatments, (normally recommended are courses of 10 or 12 treatments), a maintenance programme will be followed to carry on the effects achieved.

Thermoshape – This treatment is carried out at the same time as the Electrolite treatment and uses relaxing therapeutic heat. Heating the muscles produces an increased blood flow similar to that seen during exercise.

My 4-week treatment plan starts on Tuesday 1st April, I am going to share my journey over the month with you to let you know the answer to the all important question you are asking, does it actually work? Follow me over the next 4 weeks to find out.

In the meantime, why not check Bellaze out on Facebook or Twitter ‘@Bellaze’

Product Review: Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm

I have been using this cleanser for a number of weeks now. The first thing you notice is the gorgeous  aroma from all of the natural ingredients in this product. It is a fabulous cleanser and removes so much dirt and makeup from your skin without effort. I love that this product comes with its own muslin cloth.

This product is 100% natural, and it shows. It has oatmeal in the formula which really does help gently cleanse and clear away dead skin cells. After using the product, you are left with a beautiful moisturised feel to your skin.  This product was given to me as a gift by Paddy McGurgan in the Makeup Pro Store, Belfast. They stock a selection of the Balance Me range. If you are looking for some new skin care, this range is definitely worth a try.

Balance Me Skincare range is available at The Makeup Pro Store, Belfast

Balance Me Skincare range is available at The Makeup Pro Store, Belfast

Here is what Balance Me have to say about this product:

Cleanse and smooth face balm is a daily must-have for its dual cleansing and smoothing action to enhance your skin’s natural radiance. Anti-oxidant rich Arctic cloudberry, gentle Roman chamomile and skin-brightening red mandarin smooth away daily grime and make-up leaving skin soft, radiant and calmly clean. Gently polishing oatmeal sloughs away dead skin cells and encourages cell renewal. Shea and cocoa butter, softening rosehip, camellia, kukui nut and virgin coconut oils, rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and lipids provide a layer of skin-boosting goodness which benefits both young and more mature skins.

Instructions for use:

Warm a small amount of balm in clean hands. Smooth over face and neck, gently massaging the balm with your finger tips in circular movements, allowing the oats to polish the skin for at least 30 seconds. Apply warm water and continue massaging for a further 30 seconds. Close eyes and wipe carefully over lids and eye lashes, avoiding direct contact with eyes. Wet the muslin cloth provided with warm water and remove balm residue from your skin. Pat skin dry then apply our moisture-rich face cream or radiance face oil. We recommend this balm for normal to dry/sensitive skins but it also works very effectively on all skin types.

This product retails at £20.00 for a 125ml tube. If you are not sure about it, Balance Me also sell at 15ml Tube for only £4.00

For more information on the Balance Me range visit

For more information about Paddy McGurgan and the Makeup Pro Store visit 

Belfast’s first Makeup Pro Store…

Recently, Belfast seen the opening of a very exciting store for both the public and Professional Makeup Artists. Award winning Make-up Artist, Paddy McGurgan, opened Belfast’s very own Makeup Pro Store.


Paddy has hand-picked his favourite brands to be featured in-store from countries all around the world. It’s not only about make-up though, I was so glad to see some excellent skin care products in there too.

Makeup Pro Store Belfast Paddy McGurgan

Makeup Pro Store Belfast

The Makeup Pro Store is currently the stage for 9 different brands. Those brands are Embryolisse, Balance Me, Lucy Annabelle, The Makeup Studio, T.LeClerc, Make-up Atelier, Senna Cosmetics, DecoDerm and Paddy’s own range of Makeup Pro Store Brushes.

Makeup Pro Store Belfast Paddy McGurgan

A range of Products available in the Makeup Pro Store

Paddy gave me a lovely tour of the store and talked me through the brands and product’s he stocks and why.

I got to ask Paddy a few questions very serious and burning questions….

If your shop was on fire and you could only pick one product from each brand , which products would you save?

Balance Me – Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm (Paddy also gave me a tube of this to take home, so I will do a separate review shortly.)

Balance Me - Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm

Balance Me – Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm

A daily cleanser for cleansing balm addicts! Cleverly packaged in a handy, hygienic tube, our sophisticated 100% natural oil-based balm contains anti-oxidant Arctic cloudberry and gently polishing oatmeal. Sold with muslin cloth. Ideally suited for normal to dry/sensitive skins.£20 for 125ml tube

Embroylisse –  BB Cream

Embroylisse BB Cream

Embroylisse BB Cream

An Alcohol-Free, Beauty Balm that softens fine lines and wrinkles, covers imperfections and blemishes and acts as a primer. Hyaluronic Acid moisturizes and plumps the skin. A universal shade that provides bright, even skin tone with a stunning nude effect. A protective treatment against free radicals that effectively combats aging. $39 for 30ml tube

Makeup Studio – Matt Eyeshadows (When I asked him to specify which one would be his number 1, he broke out in a little sweat and he told me he couldn’t possibly choose, as it is like asking someone which of their children they would save! Lol! You gotta love his enthusiasm!)

Make up Studio Eyeshadows

Make up Studio Eyeshadows

Compact Matt Eyeshadow in Natural and Extreme Colours. Simple to apply because of the high intensity of the pigment. As well as dry, it can also be applied wet for a more powerful and long-lasting effect.

T.LeClerc – Banane Powder

T.LeClerc Banane Loose Powder

T.LeClerc Banane Loose Powder

Amazingly fine and light loose powder based on pure rice starch provides matte finish and visibly smoothes the skin. Poudre T. LeClerc incomparably masters light and hides flaws while magnifying the complexion. This powder is well-tolerated by the most sensitive skin, and also serves as protection against pollution and solar radiation. £36 for 25g tub.

Senna Cosmetics – Flare Eyeshadow – Paddy said he LOVES this product as an eyeshadow, but it also makes the most amazing highlighter!

Makeup Studio Flare Eyeshadow

Makeup Studio Flare Eyeshadow

Beautiful light reflective finish gives buildable coverage that can be soft on the eyes or richly intense. The glossy surface and depth of color and dimension make these colors wearable. $18.00

Make up Pro Store Brush Range – Duo-fibre Foundation Brush

Makeup Pro Store - Duo Fibre Brush

Makeup Pro Store – Duo Fibre Brush

Large Duo Fibre Face brush made of both natural and synthetic fibres. Perfect for lightweight application and blending of fluid, cream or powder.  £12.99

DecoDerm – Black Eyeliner Pencil

DecoDerm Eyeliner Pencil

DecoDerm Eyeliner Pencil

Eye pencil with a soft and delicate texture to accurately outline the eye contour, giving intensity to the look. Exclusive formula that is easy to apply thanks to a high concentration of pigments that design an intense, elegant and long-lasting line.

Do you have products to suit all budgets?

Yes! The DecoDerm range would be our lowest priced products in store and is great for anyone to start building their makeup collection.


If money isn’t really and object, I would recommend the Senna Cosmetics range.

If you are somewhere in between, I would recommend mixing and matching between the brands. There are certain items you can get away with spending less money on. But for the likes of foundation, I recommend investing more of your money in that area. You can pop into the store any time and our trained staff can help pick products to suit your skin and your budget.

Can you recommend certain Brands for different skin types?

Yes. For Dry skin I would recommend the T.LeClerc Hydrating Foundation. It gives a medium coverage and can be mixed and blended with concealer to give a full coverage.501480627

For Combination skin, I recommend the No Transfer Foundation by Makeup Studio. It comes in 31 shades so you can be sure to get a true skin match.

For oily skin, I recommend the Mineralised Foundation by Senna Cosmetics.

Senna Cosmetics

What makes the Makeup Pro Store different from the likes of Boots or Debenhams?

All the staff and artists here are trained in all the products and brands which we stock. So where you will go into any of the other stores, those staff will be trained to sell products from their brand only. At the Makeup Pro store we wont be in Sales mode. We will use the products which we believe are best for your skin. The staff here are all Professional Makeup Artists, not Sales Consultants.

Watch our video below to take a quick tour of the Makeup Pro Store and get a sneak peek at all the cosmetics there is in store.

Paddy also has his very own Makeup Academy Space at the Pro Store. Contact Paddy directly for information on his great Makeup Courses or visit

If you would like to try out some of these Cosmetic Brands for yourself pop into the store or make an appointment for a tailored evaulation of your skin and the best products to use. The Makeup Pro store is situated on Belfast’s Royal Avenue (a few doors up from The Belfast Telegraph and facing Biento Madame Bridalwear).