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Vamp up your life in High-Definition!

One of the latest products and services to take the market by storm recently are the HD Brows. So when I was invited to try them out at Vamp Beauty Salon, a new and luxurious Salon situated on the Stylish Lisburn Road in Belfast, I was over the moon.

Just to clear up some facts in case you haven’t heard or know little about HD Brows. A shape or style doesn’t not determine whether you have had the HD Brow treatment. In fact every persons eyebrows will be styled and sculpted to fit their own face shape and preference. You have a total say so in your style of brows, whether they are light or dark, thick or thin, sharp or soft. Your stylist will consider many factors in helping you decide which include things like your hair growth,  look, colouring and face shape.

Some of the products used from the HD Brows Product range at Vamp Beauty

I must add, I have noticed a lot of salons advertising HD Brows and then not using the correct methods or products. Please note that HD Brows is a Trademarked System and Product line. If your Beauty Therapist isn’t using the HD Brow products, then they are simply not HD Brows. To make sure you are receiving the genuine treatment and products you can view all the approved HD Salons on the official HD Brow website

HD Brows Products

Vamp Beauty Salon is situated on the first floor of the very popular Toni and Guy Salon. When I arrived, the first thing I noticed was how beautiful and exquisite the Salon was. No expense has been spared in making sure you get the highest standard of luxury possible as you can expect in such a prestigious premise. The Salon itself is doused in some weird and wonderful art work and ornate mismatched pieces. From the ϋber comfortable ox-blood Chesterfield sofas to the Gold and Silver Animal Skulls Displayed on the walls. Also I am a big fan of Sara O’Neill’s artwork so when I saw such a beautiful collection of her work displayed, I knew that I would fit right in.

Vamp Beauty Salon in Belfast

It wasn’t long before I was whisked over to the treatment chair to begin my treatment. The owners here have really gone all out to make sure you are as comfortable as possible during your treatment and since your typical HD Brow treatment takes around 40 minutes, it would be very easy to drift off.

The treatment itself is pain free and very relaxing. It involves a seven-step routine to ensure that you have the ultimate well-groomed, high-definition brows. During those seven-steps you will receive Brow-Mapping,  Waxing, Threading , Plucking, Tinting and much more. Your beauty therapist will talk you through if there are any areas which need to grow back and where exactly they are. In the HD Brow range of products they have pencils specifically designed to make them appear like they are little hairs when drawn on, so you will usually have these created if you a missing any areas of your brows due to previous over plucking or waxing.

What I love about this treatment is also that you don’t have to have really thick or great eyebrows to start with. If you have been over-plucked before the stylist can put you on a special re-growth program to help your brows recover between  visits. They have a special range of HD Brow products to stimulate the re-growth of hair to help you get the full and more defined look.

I was extremely pleased with the end result of my treatment. My brows not only look well groomed and shaped perfectly but also tinted to perfection. The colour was perfectly matched. Often after tinting, I find that my brows can look overly dramatic in colour for the first few days but it wasn’t the case here. They really were perfect. Here is a little pic of how they turned out ♥

Now i’m sure if you have had your eyebrows shaped in any way before, whether that is by Waxing, Threading or Plucking, there is no escaping from the evil redness that surrounds your brow area afterwards. Well, HD Brows have designed a product which not only neutralises the redness in the skin but also soothes and help repair the area. So you really do leave the salon feeling like a million dollars.

Vamp Beauty Salon, Belfast

If you are in the Greater Belfast area, I cannot recommend this salon highly enough. The staff are so friendly and helpful. The whole salon is kept so clean and hygienic and the decor alone will keep your eyes and mind entertained.

Their HD Brow treatment is priced at £25. Vamp Beauty also offer a range of other treatments. for full details go to their website

Vamp Beauty Salon is located on the first floor Toni & Guy, 338 Lisburn Road, Belfast, BT9 6GH

Phone: 07772 485725 or 07515 105254