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Product Review: ‘Fake Don’t Bake’ by Bronze Ambition

Well I thought I would start with this fake tan as the name of it is exactly the reason why more people should get on board the fake tan yacht! ‘Fake don’t bake’ is the best advice for anyone wanting a year round healthy glow. And this little beauty is perfect for tan seekers everywhere.

Fake Don't Bake - Bronze Ambition

The first thing that you will notice about this tan is the smell…for all the right reasons. I understand there is a stigma attached to the smell of fake tan, but this cream will prove all the sceptics wrong!

When you squeeze the lotion into your hand you are hit by the lovely, sweet smell of a juicy, fresh pineapple. Please refrain from eating the lotion, no matter how tasty it smells!


This tan is a gradual tan, which means once applied it will get darker over a few hours, and will last for several days. I advise applying this tan before you go to bed. It is pretty impossible to sleep in fake tan without leaving some of the fragrance on your bed sheets – However, as mentioned, this tan is one of the nicer smelling ones so this really isn’t too much of a problem.

Usually I would advise applying fake tan with a tanning mitt to ensure a more even application, and to ensure you do not stain the palms of your hand orange. However, although this would still be the ideal method, this tan can be applied with your hands if needs be. I have found that the slightly thicker consistency of this lotion makes it easier to control and apply, without leaving streaks or patches. And as long as you wash your hands immediately afterwards, you will be fine! (Please also see the application tips at the bottom of the article).


I am very impressed with how quickly this tan dries. Rather than being left with a sticky, damp texture all over your body – ‘Fake Don’t Bake’ absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft.

The tan begins to develop after a few hours, but I would leave it on for about 8 hours before showering, which is why I advise letting it develop while you sleep.

The overall result is very impressive. It is a slightly darker tan than some, but it manages to avoid the ‘orange glow’ that a lot of darker tans produce. So if you are after a more intense tan, rather than just a ‘hint of colour’ then this is the tan for you.


I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who is after a natural looking, noticeable tan. And for anyone in a relationship – This is tried and tested by myself and is the only fake tan that my partner actually likes the smell of it!

And want to know the really good news!??….this fake tan will not break the bank! This is available online at Bronze Ambition for just £2.99! It is also stocked in the 99p Store and Poundland, as well as several other retailers.

If you like this product – Bronze Ambition also do a whole range of different tans. Please let me know if you would like me to review any in particular.

Bronze Ambition Tanning Range

Application Tips – as always, your basic skin prep is essential – no matter what fake tan you use, it is important to have the best canvas possible. This means, hit the shower and have a good thorough scrub with an exfoliant all over the areas you intend to fake tan. This removes all of the dead skin cells that would get in the way of an even application.

Once dry, make sure you moisturise the ankles, feet, knees, elbows, hands and wrists. And if you’re going to be shaving, always do so around 24 hours before tan application. Always apply with a tanning mitt if possible, this creates a smoother application and makes it easier to cover all areas. If you have to use your hand, ensure all areas are covered, you have enough lotion on your hands at all times, and always wash your hands thoroughly straight after. If you have any visible streaks or patches, use a thin moisturiser to even them out.