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Tanning your face need not be terrifying with Clarins Liquid Bronze.

Now we all know that lovely post holiday feeling, when our faces have a gorgeous golden glow! When the need for makeup is minimal and even leaving the house ‘au natural’ isn’t so terrifying!

Sadly, these tans fade, and as we all know, it is not wise to cling onto it by constant visits to the sun bed shop! So, this is when a good facial fake tan becomes your best friend.

10aA lot of people worry about applying tan to their faces at the risk of clogging pores, breaking out in spots, the product clinging to any facial hair and generally making the skin oilier.

 Now, let’s be honest…there is a risk of all of the above happening. But there are tricks and tips to avoid as much as possible. You do not need to moisturise the entire face before applying fake tan. The tan will act as a moisturiser,  this will lessen the risk of an oily complexion and blocked pores.  However, you will want to put a small bit of thin moisturizer on your eyebrows to avoid the tan clinging to them and making them orange (same goes for beards, moustaches, side burns…etc). The best idea is to avoid any hair on your face and your hair line altogether.

10bNext, only use a 10p size amount, you do not need much, and any excess will begin to clog your pores. Use a tanning mitt or cotton pad, blend evenly across your face. This is the same concept as using a foundation brush or pad to apply your foundation, and use the same method to blend the product in.

So, you’re ready to go. Now you just need a helpful suggestion of which product to go for.

Might I suggest Clarins Liquid Bronze Tanning – For Face.  

10cThis is a fantastic product which will even out your skin tone and create a gorgeous, natural looking glow. If you apply as directed above each night before bed, to let develop over night, you can have the enviable post holiday hue all year round. In fact, although I am a religious fake tanner and will always follow the ‘rules of fakery’ – with this product, you do not need to worry too much about avoiding your hairline or facial hair as the product develops so beautifully, with such a natural, olive finish. So if you are a first time tanner, this product would be ideal for you, as well as all you pro’s out there.

 When applying a fake tan to your face (which is going to remain near your nose throughout your night’s sleep)…it is extremely important that the smell is non offensive! So thankfully, this product really does have it all. The smell is faint and anything you do pick up is pleasant and similar to that of a night time moisturizer.


It goes on smoothly and will not leave your face feeling sticky or oily. If you stick to the 10p sized amount rule, it absorbs quickly and you do not feel like 10eyou’re wearing a face mask while you sleep! I have very oily skin and have struggled with facial fake tans in the past, but this product has been fantastic for me. I have never had a break out after using it, and it does not make my skin any oiler.

 Considering that this is such a life changing and impressive product, I feel the price is extremely generous. Usually around £18 per 125 ml’s, and taking into account that you only need a small amount each time, the tan will last much longer than you think!

Get your bottle here!