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Tanning Friday ~ Dove Summer Glow

Dove Summer Glow, Product Review, Fake Tan, False TanThis week I have chosen to review Dove Summer Glow as the weather is getting considerably colder and to the quote Game of Thrones, “winter is coming”. So we could all do with a bit of a ‘summer glow’. If we are going to fake it, let’s fake it right eh!?

This is the first fake tan I ever used and it must be good because I’ve been hooked on the stuff ever since. If you have ever used Dove products before, you will know how kind the are to your skin. Therefore, not only is this a brilliant fake tan, but also a treat for your poor skin that will be battling the elements this winter.

This is a gradual tan which means, once applied it develops over a few hours. As always your basic skin prep is essential (see bottom of this review) and it is always a good idea to apply before you go to bed, and sleep in dark, baggy clothes.

Dove Summer Glow, Product Review, Skincare, Fake Tan, False TanThe tan is a very natural subtle colour, making it perfect for this time of year. I would advise applying once every few days to maintain the beautiful, sun kissed glow. The regular application is not a problem as this product is very easy to apply. It is the same as rubbing in a very good moisturiser (not surprising as it is made by the pro’s of the moisture world). The results are the same, apart from the added bonus of a gorgeous, natural tan.

Dove Summer Glow, Product Review, Skincare, Fake Tan, False TanThe smell is very faint, any smell which is apparent is fruity and refreshing, bringing back the sweet, warm memories of summer (which we all need during the colder months). Another bonus is that I have never had a problem with this product streaking or going patchy. Plus, it scrubs off easily with a fake tanning mitt.

So, for perfectly moisturised and protected skin this winter, as well as an easy to maintain, healthy glow, use this product!

The best point of all is that it is only £4.99 and is available at most Boots stores. Alternatively, buy online here.