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Tanning Friday Review: Garnier Ambre Solaire – No Streaks Bronzer, Natural Wash Off Gel

6aThis week’s fake tan is an instant, wash-off gel by Garnier. This is a great product for anyone who has either forgotten to tan in preparation for an event or night out, or who has an event sprung on them and needs a beautiful, natural looking tan asap! Instant tan is great for these situations because as soon as you have applied the gel, you immediately have a gorgeous summer tan!

However, as you will know from my other reviews, advance skin preparation is extremely important for any kind of fake tanning. This makes it difficult when you haven’t had time to prepare, but still want that perfect bronzed look! A lot of instant tans, however quickly they develop, still only look great and streak free when the skin has been prepared in advance.

6bAll that being said, this little beauty is a bit different – it is enriched with apricot extract which helps to keep your skin hydrated for up to 24 hours. This means that if you are caught out short, and have to quickly shave and exfoliate that same day, this is one of the only tans that I have found, which still goes on smoothly with no streaks, even when the prep is done just before application! So for me, this is a true instant tan, as you really can rely on it in these last minute situations.

I love the colour of this tan! It is extremely natural. Rather than orange, or drastically dark, it develops into a lovely, warm olive colour. Which means you can confidently apply it for day events as well as evening do’s.

6cThe gel is non-greasy and non-sticky and once applied feels smooth on your skin. Then on top of that, as mentioned, it keeps your skin hydrated so there is no drying out. This also means that you don’t get any offensive dry, orange patches forming in the usual places such as elbows, hands, knees and feet. I would still recommend using a bit of moisturiser in these areas before application though; this is a rule of any fake tanner that must always be done!

6dAs this tan is a gel, it is very easy to apply. Rather than a lotion which can run away from you and become hard to absorb, this gel is very easy to manage and rubs in easily, without any streaks whatsoever! I would always recommend using a tanning mitt for any fake tan application, however – again, if you are caught short and can’t find your mitt or don’t have it at hand, then this tan can be applied with your hands (as long as you wash them 6estraight away afterwards!)

This product has next to no smell. When applying you may get a small hint of a fruity, sweet aroma (which I really like), but once applied there is no noticeable smell at all.

If you are after a stunning and natural looking tan which is very easy to apply, and really can be used at the very last minute, then I would strongly recommend this product! It is also now available in a shimmer as well, if that’s the look you prefer.


Then, once you are all partied out, and have some very gorgeous pictures that you can’t wait to upload and proudly showcase to others…simply wash off with soap and water, it is easily removed.

At around £6.99 a bottle, this really is great value for money. It is available in Boots and many other beauty stores online and on the high street. And please let me know if you would like me to review any more of their fantastic range of products, which you can explore here