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Friday Tanning Review: St Moriz – Instant Self Tanning Mousse

If like me, you like a bargain…you’re going to love this week’s false tan product! 


Since it hit the shops, St Moriz has been extremely popular with fake tanners all over – not just for the ridiculously low price, but also the quality of the product and value for money!

When I was a student, there seemed to be some sort of epidemic for this tan amongst all of my university friends. I think the instant attraction is the price – at under £3 a bottle in most stores, this fake tan is unbelievable cheap. But once applied, it becomes instantly apparent that this tan is actually worth a lot more than the low price tag it comes with.

St Moriz False Tan review

This tan is an instant tanning product, which means once applied; it develops straight away. However, most instant tans wash off. But, not this one! This tan is not only immediately noticeable; it also lasts around 3 – 4 days before it needs scrubbing off. This is a bit of a phenomenon amongst the fake tan world. The best of both worlds – instantly bronzed and beautiful, but with lasting affect! The majority of fake tans that last days to weeks will need at least 8 hours to develop, but not this little gem! And as a bonus, it will get even darker and reach its full potential after around 2 -3 hours.

This product is a mousse, which in my opinion, is the easiest type to apply. Follow the prep rules at the bottom of this review, and then simply apply with a fake tanning mitt for best results. A mousse is easier to control as it does not run away like a lotion.  It also dries within about a minute, so not need to stand around flapping your arms about, waiting to get dressed! I would recommend moisturising any dry patches before applying, as this tan will cling to any dry areas. (It is also available in a lotion, if that’s what you prefer!)

 St Moriz False Tanning mittt

There are two choices of shade – Medium and Dark. Medium gives an all over bronzed glow, but is not too intense. If you choose dark, you’re going to get a more noticeable tan, but a very natural one, that will look as though you’ve just landed from a week in Spain. Both shades are natural looking – without the dreaded orange glow! Be careful on your hands and feet – as it’s a mousse, you won’t need another skirt of the pump for these areas, instead use what’s left over from application elsewhere. This will all contribute to the ‘fresh off the plane’ illusion!

St Moriz False Tan review

St Moriz does have a scent, but it is not offensive and I actually prefer it to other smells associated with many fake tans. And with such a fantastic product, for such an incredible price, something has to give. Once you’ve had a squirt of your perfume and a blast of the hairspray, the scent is completely masked anyway!

St Moriz False Tan review

This fake tan has been an overnight success and it is no surprise! If you are new to the sun kissed world of fake tan, and want to try it out, I recommend this product. It won’t break the bank, and is easy to apply, with great results!

You can search all of their impressive, award winning products on their website –

St Moriz False Tan review

Application Tips – As always, your basic skin prep is essential – no matter what fake tan you use, it is important to have the best canvas possible. This means, hit the shower and have a good thorough scrub with an exfoliant all over the areas you intend to fake tan. This removes all of the dead skin cells that would get in the way of an even application. Once dry make sure you moisturise the ankles, feet, knees, elbows, hands and wrists. And if you’re going to be shaving, always do so around 24 hours before tan application. Always apply with a tanning mitt if possible, this creates a smoother application and makes it easier to cover all areas. If you have to use your hand, ensure all areas are covered, you have enough product on your hands at all times, and always wash your hands thoroughly straight after. If you have any visible streaks or patches, use a thin moisturiser to even them out.