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NY Fashion Week Catwalk Nails

We have now officially entered into autumn, my favourite season. I love the transition from summer dresses and denim shorts to snuggly knitwear and oodles and oodles of layers along with beautiful soft leather boots teamed with cosy snoods as the weather begins to get colder and colder.

As the colours of the leaves on the trees change so then must the colour of our beloved manicures.  Time to say goodbye to the pops of neon, pastel tones and my favourite white manicures – it is time to make way for some new deeper and richer shades of polish and gel.

NY Fashion Week Nail Trends: Rodarte & Helmut Lang

New York Fashion Week is a trustworthy source to look to when deciding what colours to revamp your nails with.  This year we saw an influx of barely there pinks and nudes on many runways from Oscar De La Renta and Carolina Herrera to Kate Spade – super chic.  No matter what the season I always have a few nudes in stock for my clients to choose from as they are always in demand.

NY Fashion Week Nail Trends: Zimmerman, Alexandre Herchcovitch and Kenneth Cole

As always Reds and Burgundys featured heavily on the catwalks in true autumn style.  I think the deep reds are my favourite colours for autumn especially on almond shaped nails – It is just such a classic style along with the fact it matches all skin tones, what’s not to love?!

NY Fashion Week Nail Trends: DKNY

A very welcome addition to my wardrobe of nail polishes and gels for autumn 2014 will be Grey. Obviously the designers showcasing at New York Fashion Week share my love for all things grey – every shade was seen on the runways. 

NY Fashion Week Nail Trends: Vera Wang and Badgley Mischka

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer metallic or matte shades of grey, everything goes!  Grey is a lovely alternative to summer white manicures or black winter manicures, it’s somewhere just in between.

NY Fashion Week Nail Trends: Tadashi Shoji

The final major colour scheme seen on the catwalks in New York was full throttle heavy metal – from silver tips to all out rose gold, every shade and tone was being showcased. 

For those of you who like something a little bit quirky on your nails this is the style for you. Get creative and paint a natural nude on your nail plate and finish the look off with a slick of gold along the tips – perfect for a night out with the girls. 

The best bit about this look is when the tip of your nails begin to chip you can simply patch it up with a dot of the metallic polish you used and due to the nature of the metallic shades you won’t be able to see where it has been repaired once your top coat has been applied.

NY Fashion Week Nail Trends: Mara Hoffman and Dannijo

I have currently got a Bio Sculpture gel overlay on my nails in one of their most popular colours – #74 Real Red – but now I can’t wait to get inventive and make some metallic creations! It’s all about having fun with your style, so don’t be afraid to have a play with your nail polishes to create something new.

Article by Louise Henry

Louise joined The Beauty Cloud team in May 2014 as our Nail expert.  She is a fully trained & qualified Nail Technician running her own little nail bar in Bangor, The Nail Room at Salon75. 

Any questions, email or find her on Facebook

Gloanna Yoga Run

Last month, my friend and I took part in London’s 2nd annual Gloanna Yoga Run.  With a morning promising to offer yoga, sushi and Prosecco I could never say no! Even if it did involve running…

Gloanna Yoga Run, London

The event was a 5km run with a shot of Prosecco on the start line (!), followed by a 45min yoga session and sushi and fruit lunch. Having chosen the slightly later 10am run start (the first was 9am – far too keen for a Saturday morning) I was a little bleary eyed turning up at Battersea Park after a few drinks the night before. After some crazy storms the preceding nights, I wasn’t overly convinced the event would be running but fortunately the rain held off.

Gloanna Fun Run Map, Battersea Park

It wasn’t that obvious what was going on and where we needed to be, but after generally following the large crowds and checking our bags and yoga mats in, we were poised at the start line! A cheery warm up took place, and then we were off for 2 laps around Battersea Park lake.

I’m not running regularly at the moment so plodded along at an average pace; some chose to race it and others just walked in their own time! There was no pressure to push yourself to your limit, and marshals along the way cheered you on. The run was over within half an hour, and we were provided with water, coconut water and a glass or 2 of Prosecco, depending on the entry package you had bought – much needed in the insane humidity!

Outdoor Yoga

There was then a choice of yoga classes – a more serious session, which was busier, or the smaller starter class which was more about having a stretch and a laugh. Hula hoops were available and it was lovely to chill out on the grass afterwards. We got lucky with the weather….it might even have been too hot as it was super sunny, and I’m not sure what they’d have done about the classes if it had rained?! It definitely wouldn’t have been quite as enjoyable in the wet.

The day was mainly made up of women and it was a really fun atmosphere. As an open event, partners and children were there to cheer family on, and one cute little girl was even getting involved in the yoga class! With free stands from Sushirolls, Bounce and Whey Icecream there were plenty of treats to indulge in.

Sushi Rolls

The event was sponsored by Sweaty Betty and we got a fab goodie bag at the end with a neon race vest, water bottle and pair of running socks! For a non-runner, this is a great introduction into a structured running event, particularly as it wasn’t competitive at all! I’m not sure I’ll be taking part in many longer races, but it was a really fun morning.

By Courtney Pipkin

Courtney is our Health and Fitness wirter.  She lives in London and is always trying new and different ways of getting a good workout.

You can follow Courtney on Facebook and Twitter.  If you have any questions for Courtney, email

Dress of the Month ~ July 2014

Alyssa Wedding Dress by Allure Bridals

Right now my favourite of all of our Bridal Gowns is the fabulous Alyssa by Allure Bridals (Style 8955). It really is such a fun wedding dress, with its funky frills and gorgeous embellishment it definitely stands out from the crowd!

This romantic ballgown is created from layers of soft organza. The bodice features a sweetheart neckline with lace, while the waistline has a satin band with a sparkling appliqué.

We recently showcased this beautiful gown in a fashion show and it was the dress that everyone was talking about afterwards.  This is definitely the dress for the girl who wants to make an impact on her wedding day!

Article by Catherine Massey

Catherine has been writing Bi-Weekly Article for us since the 8th May 2012 and is our very talented Bridal Specialist. Catherine is a Bridal Stylist for their family Bridal Boutique, Cathedral Gowns. Find them onlineat or on Facebook.

Any questions, email

Speedflex: A Low Impact Calorie Busting Workout

With the pressures of everyday life rarely letting up, we’re always looking for the most efficient ways to get fit, making the most of a workout. This is most prevalent when it comes to cardio!

A good cardio workout doesn’t just mean pounding the treadmill at the same steady pace, day in, day out. One popular (and very effective method) of burning fat and increasing fitness is through high intensity interval training, or HIIT, combing bursts of very high intensity training with a short recovery period to bring your heart rate back down.

Speedflex Logo

One company leading the way with this form of training is Speedflex. Originally based in Newcastle, Speedflex now have centres in London and Leeds, with a new one due to open in Edinburgh soon. Two weeks ago I attended a Speedflex induction, and have since taken a number of sessions there. These run every hour throughout the day even if there is only one person booked in, but they do say it’s more fun with a bigger group.

The principle is simple…there are 8 machines in the studio, all identical. These were originally used for rehab purposes and are run on hydraulics so the resistance is never more weight than the user can handle. The difference comes with the varying exercises that are performed – these can be high pulls, bent over rows and even a clean and press. The classes run as a circuit, taking turns on each machine with additional auxiliary exercises between each – press ups, sit ups, medicine balls, kettlebells etc.

Speedflex - Low Impact, High Calorie Burning Workout

Each session is led by a personal trainer, and the structure is different every time depending on who is running it. It could be a set time per exercise, a particular number of repetitions, or even the amount of time it takes another class member to complete a certain amount of reps on a machine. This definitely keeps the classes interesting – don’t expect any two sessions to be the same. It also creates a great team environment in there which helps the time fly by.

Throughout the class you have a heart rate monitor to wear, with video screens at each end of the room telling you the training zone you’re in – this is by percentage of maximum expected heart rate for your age. At the end of the session, they will go through each person and let you know how long you spent in each zone, and also how many calories you burnt. As a predominantly cardio exercise, you’re not going to bulk up with Speedflex, instead expect to get leaner with increased muscle definition.

Speedflex - Low Impact, High Calorie Burning Workout for All Levels of Fitness

Their big selling feature with the concept of Speedflex is that anyone can train together, be it someone just starting out with exercise, or a seasoned athlete. Expect to burn anything from 400 to 1000+ calories in a 45 minute class; it’s a great way to compete with yourself to see if you can burn more than last time! But will vary depending on your current size and fitness levels. I tend to burn over 500 each time, which is always a good feeling before breakfast!

Everything about the centre itself is clean, new and shiny, with great facilities including free towels and lovely big showers. The staff are friendly and welcoming, and it’s far more luxurious than many fitness centres I have been to! Prices start at £120pm for an annual contract paid upfront, or £150pm on a rolling contract. I would want to use this in conjunction with other strength training to get a rounded workout, so if you were to be paying for another gym as well it could get pricey. However, for a great way to get fit quickly it really works, I can’t recommend it enough.

A free induction and taster class is available to anyone, as well as a personal health assessment which will tell you all about your body composition and even cholesterol levels! Membership packages allow you to have this assessment every 3 months so you can monitor your progress. Find out more at

By Courtney Pipkin

Courtney is our Health and Fitness wirter.  She lives in London and is always trying new and different ways of getting a good workout.

You can follow Courtney on Facebook and Twitter.  If you have any questions for Courtney, email

Turn back time or embrace it?

Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you. ~Carl Sandburg

The wish of turning back the time is painted on our lips very often; we regret our mistakes or lost opportunities. But with regret and sorrow come lessons.  Do we really want to turn the time back?

Turning back time

My life has not been boring.  I have witnessed a lot.  I have made mistakes. Sometimes, late at night, when I’m analysing everything I wish I could turn back time in order to do things differently. However, when daytime comes and I look at the situation with brighter eyes I think to myself: well, I dealt with things the way I did because this is who I am. We sometimes forget that difficult or heart-breaking situations help to shape us into who we are.  There are always situations which we react to emotionally, for good or bad. If we are sensitive to pain and hurt from others we will deal with things emotionally – only those who have cold hearts fail to show any emotions and they stand still in life and don’t evolve.

Every situation and event that we are a part of changes us.  Sometimes challenging events can cause us to become upset or depressed but with time things get better.  Time is a healer, it allows us to digest the lessons we learn from our mistakes. Time is our friend not an enemy.

Tic Tock Tic Tock, can you hear that? That’s your life passing by. Grasp it now and make the most of it.  Don’t let the passing of time get you down. Time passes too quickly to give large amounts of it over to sorrow and tears. Look at time as a machine that takes you forward not back.  In your heart you know that things happen for a reason and if you turn back the time you would experience the same emotion. Memories of the past need to stay there but their impact is taken forward through our emotional evolution. We become stronger, wiser and more focused as we learn from the mistakes we make.

Life is short so live it

So let’s wipe away our tears, wash ours faces and put on a smile because time is on our side. We need to just remember that and embrace life. Our mistakes shape us into who we are, and if we learn from them we can proudly say: I survived it, I learnt from it and no one can take it away from me as it’s allowed me to become the person I am now.

Article by Paulina Wyczawska 

Paulina started writing her articles on inner beauty and well-being for The Beauty Cloud in July 2013.

Any questions, email

Every Traveler’s Summer Tan Essential


With summer on the way we know that we are a lot more likely to be spending time away from home – maybe heading off on a dream holiday, spending time with relatives, or camping over at festival! Wherever you may be spending your sunny summer months you want to make sure that you can stay on top of your tanning game, and always be prepared.

Fake Bake have not only made this possible but also easy! They have invented a perfect, handy compact travel pack with all your tanning essentials included. The Fake Bake Original Self-Tanner Travel Kit has everything you need to create the perfect self tan.

Fake Bake Original Self-Tanner Travel Kit

The pack contains…

– 60ml Passion Fruit Body Polish. This will leave your skin perfectly exfoliated, hydrated, soft and smooth – ensuring it is ready to fully absorb the fake tan!
– 60ml Original Self Tan Lotion. This is one of Fake Bake’s best selling products, and it is not hard to see why. It is a light, fast drying and non sticky self tanning lotion that gets to work right away upon contact with the skin.
– 60ml Oil Free Moisturiser. You’ll want to use this on particularly dry areas like elbows, feet and knees before and after applying the self tan to ensure smooth application and to maintain and extend the life of the tan.

Fakebake don’t stop there, oh no…to make life even easier, they have also included a pair of application gloves!

All products smells absolutely amazing and truly capture the essence of summer!

The Fake Bake Original Self-Tanner Travel Kit costs around £15, and for what is included and the peace of mind that it allows you, I think this is a total bargain! I will not be without it this summer!

Written by Jennie Longdon, our tanning enthusiast. You can follow Jennie on Twitter.  Any questions, email

Are You Our Next Fashion and Style Writer?

Do you know the difference between fashion and style?
Are you a dedicated and discerning follower of fashion?
Do you like to give out your style stamp of approval?
Are you able to dissect and predict the latest fashion trends?

If ‘yes’ we want to hear from you!


We are currently looking for a talented opinionated writer to join the Beauty Cloud team and write two articles each month about Fashion and Style – from the latest catwalk trends to tips for buying vintage clothing!

This is a fantastic opportunity for individuals to increase traffic to their business websites and social media accounts as well as a way to try out some of the latest nail products.

If you are interested in writing for us please contact to find out more.