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Gloanna Yoga Run

Last month, my friend and I took part in London’s 2nd annual Gloanna Yoga Run.  With a morning promising to offer yoga, sushi and Prosecco I could never say no! Even if it did involve running…

Gloanna Yoga Run, London

The event was a 5km run with a shot of Prosecco on the start line (!), followed by a 45min yoga session and sushi and fruit lunch. Having chosen the slightly later 10am run start (the first was 9am – far too keen for a Saturday morning) I was a little bleary eyed turning up at Battersea Park after a few drinks the night before. After some crazy storms the preceding nights, I wasn’t overly convinced the event would be running but fortunately the rain held off.

Gloanna Fun Run Map, Battersea Park

It wasn’t that obvious what was going on and where we needed to be, but after generally following the large crowds and checking our bags and yoga mats in, we were poised at the start line! A cheery warm up took place, and then we were off for 2 laps around Battersea Park lake.

I’m not running regularly at the moment so plodded along at an average pace; some chose to race it and others just walked in their own time! There was no pressure to push yourself to your limit, and marshals along the way cheered you on. The run was over within half an hour, and we were provided with water, coconut water and a glass or 2 of Prosecco, depending on the entry package you had bought – much needed in the insane humidity!

Outdoor Yoga

There was then a choice of yoga classes – a more serious session, which was busier, or the smaller starter class which was more about having a stretch and a laugh. Hula hoops were available and it was lovely to chill out on the grass afterwards. We got lucky with the weather….it might even have been too hot as it was super sunny, and I’m not sure what they’d have done about the classes if it had rained?! It definitely wouldn’t have been quite as enjoyable in the wet.

The day was mainly made up of women and it was a really fun atmosphere. As an open event, partners and children were there to cheer family on, and one cute little girl was even getting involved in the yoga class! With free stands from Sushirolls, Bounce and Whey Icecream there were plenty of treats to indulge in.

Sushi Rolls

The event was sponsored by Sweaty Betty and we got a fab goodie bag at the end with a neon race vest, water bottle and pair of running socks! For a non-runner, this is a great introduction into a structured running event, particularly as it wasn’t competitive at all! I’m not sure I’ll be taking part in many longer races, but it was a really fun morning.

By Courtney Pipkin

Courtney is our Health and Fitness wirter.  She lives in London and is always trying new and different ways of getting a good workout.

You can follow Courtney on Facebook and Twitter.  If you have any questions for Courtney, email courtenay@thebeautycloud.co.uk.