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Create beautiful Waves with the Kevin Murphy Wave Clip!


The Team at Kevin Murphy have excelled once again. The wave.clip is a revolutionary hair tool for the 21st century!
This quick easy to use tool will have you achieving soft sexy waves in no time at all.
The wave.clip can be used on all hair types:
On straight hair – It will give you that beach wave
On wavy hair – It will enhance and control your wave
On curly hair – It will smooth and de-frizz into Marcel wave.

This will make your straighteners, tongs and wands redundant for achieving waves!

Step by step to luscious waves:

1. Split clean dry hair in to four or five large sections, leaving out any fringe.

2. Open the first wave.clip and place it approximately half way down the hair so to achieve a natural wavy effect.
Click closed ensuring no hair is trapped at sides.

3. Apply the next clip directly below, so they are edge to edge touching. close as before. If any ends are popping out secure them to the wave.clip with a pin.

4. Work around the head doing the same section by section.

5. Once you have placed all your hair in all clips, wrap in hairnets to stop getting flyaway hairs.

20120825-215822.jpg6. Spray with a heat protection spray to lightly dampen hair.

7. Place dryer on high heat and low speed and dry each clip on top and underneath making sure hair is completely dry, then blast with cold hair to fix in the waves.

8. After the cold blast remove the nets and clips. Run fingers through the hair to break up sections an waves giving a modern beach babe look.

Now you’ve found my new gadget, go create some waves in more ways than one!

Click here to watch Celebrity Stylist Kevin Murphy demonstrate how to use his new Wave Clips!