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False Tanning Tip’s – Exfoliation

5aThe first rule of Fake tanning is skin prep! Your tan will only be as smooth and as even as the skin it’s being applied to.

Before tanning, you must always gently scrub your skin to remove all of the dead skin cells that will get in the way of an even tan.

Your skin will then be revitalised and ready for the lotion!

5bDry and uneven skin will leave you streaky and patchy – the most feared words in a fake tanner’s dictionary!

I have sensitive skin myself, therefore extreme exfoliation can lead to a reaction. So it’s important to get the balance right. The best thing for this is an exfoliating glove. Simply add water and a moisturising shower cream (I recommend Aqueous Cream – Available in Boots) and rub gently all over your body in the shower.


5dWhen it comes to your face, use an exfoliating scrub – I recommend using one with natural ingredients such as Tea Tree, Witch Hazel or Aloe Vera. My personal favourite is Boots own brand, Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Exfoliating Face Scrub.

Once you get the pallet right – it’s ready for painting 😉 Happy Faking!




What Beauty has in common with Science – Part 2

4a“Nature didn’t need an operation to be beautiful. It just was.” 
Scott Westerfeld, The Uglies Trilogy

In 1st part of this blog, we have looked in general that science is strongly connected with beauty. Researchers, surgeons and beauty professionals, work extremely hard on finding the solution for aging, hair loss, wrinkles.  Millions of pounds are being spent every year by cosmetic concerns to find innovative products that will make us young, toned and fresh looking.

4bAnd here we are coming to the cross roads, where we all need to ask ourselves one important question: How far away we can go to look gorgeous?

First of all, we need to define what beauty really is… In my previous post I have explained that it doesn’t matter what you offer outside, what matters is the full package. The study of the Elite magazine has shown that beautiful people are boring, as they are focused only on the outer layer. It was also determined, that men are more attracted to women who are not paying so much attention to the outer look, as it is those women who can keep a conversation going. And here we are back on the crossroads? Is that beautiful? 4cWell, definitely attractive. There is nothing worse, than ending up in a party full of beautiful snobs that have nothing really interesting to say. I myself, have been accused of not being one of those ‘girls’ when growing up, as I had better things to do than my nails, hair and talk about boys, my looks and what clothes to wear. When networking, I tend to slide towards the interesting crowd, I look for the geeky looking people as I know I will at least have something to share with during the conversation, not only stare at the “thin candy paper”.

Let’s then go back to our crossroads, and ask again: What beauty really is? Well, I personally think that despite the products that help us to improve our looks, knives that create our faces like after being shot out of the cannon, or lipo that causes only scars, cause with no exercise your skin will hang like wet clothes on the shack, we are all beautiful, we just need to accept ourselves.

4dI’m sure you all know the expression of putting masks on when necessary. I agree, we need to have masks for various situations but the mask is a metaphor, and unfortunately a lot of people nowadays take it literally and start changing themselves into something they are simply not. But I will talk about that in my next post.

So, is science our friend or our enemy? For sure it allows us to do incredible things with our bodies depending on how much money and imagination we have. Is it worth it then? Do we feel good after we play God?

4eThe idea of science in early days was to improve our way of life (inventions of phone, electricity, trains, medicine, etc.) Then why we are abusing it to the extent that some of us just look ridiculous!

Why don’t we all accept the rules of nature: everything passes; flowers grow, bloom and die; butterflies live only few days and die; sun rises and sets; climate changes; etc. When we play too much with nature, it will eventually come and bite us in the backside.

Let’s then start accepting the way nature made us and stick with creams, lotions, and natural ways of making ourselves beautiful.

In part 3 of on this topic, I will tell you how in a simple and natural way you can finally start feeling good in your own skin and have a good relationship with science, not being a subject to its unfortunate side effects.

What Beauty has in common with Science – Part 1

Beauty and Science

Various blogs, articles and seminars focusing around beauty never leave aside the subject of science. Many writers like Francis Bacon, Richard Feynman or Denman Waldo Ross have been intrigued by the connection of beauty and science. The complexity of this connection brings year on year top scientists and surgeons in order to understand in depth this phenomenon.

Beauty and ScienceThe author, Nancy Etcoff, with a curious and analytical eye explains in her book Survival of the Prettiest: The Science of Beauty what are the roots of beauty.  In one of her paragraphs Etcoff says:

 Many intellectuals would have us believe that beauty is inconsequential. Since it explains nothing, solves nothing, and teaches us nothing, it should not have a place in intellectual discourse. And we are supposed to breathe a collective sigh of relief. After all, the concept of beauty has become an embarrassment.

But there is something wrong with this picture. Outside the realm of ideas, beauty rules. Nobody has stopped looking at it, and no one has stopped enjoying the sight. Turning a cold eye to beauty is as easy as quelling physical desire or responding with indifference to a baby’s cry. We can say that beauty is dead, but all that does is widen the chasm between the real world and our understanding of it”.

 Etcoff is right and as many other authors of various papers on beauty, the final thought is an understanding of what true beauty really is, and how we can enhance what is hidden inside us.

facial symmetryThrough the various ways of analysis of facial symmetry  hair structure, body shape, etc. scientist are with excitement arguing about how to improve our looks, decrease the aging process and stop us from losing hair. The most common subjects on various pages are obesity, wrinkles, plastic surgeries. And they all have one theme in common: science. Without science we would not know what really causes the states we are in, and without it we would not know if and how we can fight it and prevent from it.

Tune in on Friday for part 2 or 3 on this topic.

Friday Tanning Review: St Moriz – Instant Self Tanning Mousse

If like me, you like a bargain…you’re going to love this week’s false tan product! 


Since it hit the shops, St Moriz has been extremely popular with fake tanners all over – not just for the ridiculously low price, but also the quality of the product and value for money!

When I was a student, there seemed to be some sort of epidemic for this tan amongst all of my university friends. I think the instant attraction is the price – at under £3 a bottle in most stores, this fake tan is unbelievable cheap. But once applied, it becomes instantly apparent that this tan is actually worth a lot more than the low price tag it comes with.

St Moriz False Tan review

This tan is an instant tanning product, which means once applied; it develops straight away. However, most instant tans wash off. But, not this one! This tan is not only immediately noticeable; it also lasts around 3 – 4 days before it needs scrubbing off. This is a bit of a phenomenon amongst the fake tan world. The best of both worlds – instantly bronzed and beautiful, but with lasting affect! The majority of fake tans that last days to weeks will need at least 8 hours to develop, but not this little gem! And as a bonus, it will get even darker and reach its full potential after around 2 -3 hours.

This product is a mousse, which in my opinion, is the easiest type to apply. Follow the prep rules at the bottom of this review, and then simply apply with a fake tanning mitt for best results. A mousse is easier to control as it does not run away like a lotion.  It also dries within about a minute, so not need to stand around flapping your arms about, waiting to get dressed! I would recommend moisturising any dry patches before applying, as this tan will cling to any dry areas. (It is also available in a lotion, if that’s what you prefer!)

 St Moriz False Tanning mittt

There are two choices of shade – Medium and Dark. Medium gives an all over bronzed glow, but is not too intense. If you choose dark, you’re going to get a more noticeable tan, but a very natural one, that will look as though you’ve just landed from a week in Spain. Both shades are natural looking – without the dreaded orange glow! Be careful on your hands and feet – as it’s a mousse, you won’t need another skirt of the pump for these areas, instead use what’s left over from application elsewhere. This will all contribute to the ‘fresh off the plane’ illusion!

St Moriz False Tan review

St Moriz does have a scent, but it is not offensive and I actually prefer it to other smells associated with many fake tans. And with such a fantastic product, for such an incredible price, something has to give. Once you’ve had a squirt of your perfume and a blast of the hairspray, the scent is completely masked anyway!

St Moriz False Tan review

This fake tan has been an overnight success and it is no surprise! If you are new to the sun kissed world of fake tan, and want to try it out, I recommend this product. It won’t break the bank, and is easy to apply, with great results!

You can search all of their impressive, award winning products on their website – www.stmoriz.co.uk

St Moriz False Tan review

Application Tips – As always, your basic skin prep is essential – no matter what fake tan you use, it is important to have the best canvas possible. This means, hit the shower and have a good thorough scrub with an exfoliant all over the areas you intend to fake tan. This removes all of the dead skin cells that would get in the way of an even application. Once dry make sure you moisturise the ankles, feet, knees, elbows, hands and wrists. And if you’re going to be shaving, always do so around 24 hours before tan application. Always apply with a tanning mitt if possible, this creates a smoother application and makes it easier to cover all areas. If you have to use your hand, ensure all areas are covered, you have enough product on your hands at all times, and always wash your hands thoroughly straight after. If you have any visible streaks or patches, use a thin moisturiser to even them out.


Finally a Professional Brush Set to meet all your needs!

I see so many makeup brush sets which sound great in theory. 30 Quality Makeup Brush Sets…. you would imagine with 30 brushes that you have everything you need to create effective makeup looks, but yet you find yourself with about 20 of those which are completely useless to you. So I have been waiting and waiting for a company to actually use a bit of common sense and create a set of brushes which are well thought out and finally I have found them! Beauty-Boxes.com have created their 10 piece Brush Set and I honest feel that I could create 99% of everyday looks with the brushes in this set.

10 piece makeup brush set by beauty-boxes.com


Let’s take a look through the brushes you get in this set:

1. The first brush you get is this great, circular duo-fibre brush, very similar to the MAC 187 brush I am always raving about. The length and match of the fibre’s are perfect. It is a well constructed and very usable brush.

2. You get a very specific powder brush. I love the size and shape of this brush as it lets you use it for a multitude of purposes, it is big enough to use as an all over powder brush. It is shaped well enough to use as a contour brush and it is small enough to use as a blusher/bronzer brush. So basically you can use this as a 3 -in-1 Powder Brush.

3. Thirdly, you get what is conventionally known as a ‘foundation brush’ however, most makeup artists will tell you these aren’t used for foundation. They are however perfect for concealer! The fibres in this brush and smooth enough to create a flawless concealer application. A very good quality brush.

10 piece  professional makeup brush set by beauty boxes

4. Next you have a natural fibre large eye-shadow brush. This also is nice to apply concealer. The length, rigidity and texture to the bristles make it very easy to hold eyeshadow product in the fibres. I have used this brush with a range of different types of eyeshadow’s, from pressed, cream and loose pigment and it works perfectly every time.

5. Another very relevant eyeshadow brush made from synthetic fibres. This brush is a bit smaller and thicker than the first eyeshadow brush and is very much needed when creating makeup looks.

6. I was so happy to see this brush in the set. It is similar to the MAC 224 brush. However it is a little smaller. It is made from synthetic fibres. I can’t explain how necessary this style of brush is when creating makeup looks, especially the smokey eye. This brush blends eyeshadow’s in and around the crease line of the eye beautifully. This is the first brush set I have seen to include this type of brush.

7. Another great eyeshadow brush when creating beautiful eye looks. The small thick bristles are perfect for applying eyeshadow under the eyes. The tension in the bristles are great for pressing your eyeshadow to set your eyeliner both above and below your eye. I love this brush. It is fast becoming one of my ‘go-to’ brushes.

10 piece professional makeup brush set by beauty-boxes.com

8. Another brush that is so relevant, is this synthetic angle brush. It is well crafted to ensure you can use it for a variety of purposes. It can be used with eyeshadow or eyeliner. The tip of the brush is pointed enough to ensure you can create any thickness of line you need to.

9. The last brush in the set is a synthetic lipstick brush. I don’t really need to say much about this. You know how much it is needed. It is a well made brush with no straying bristles, meaning you get an accurate application every time.

10. The last tool in the brush set is a powder puff. This is a great tool to have in your belt. Everyone should have one. They are great for when you have an oily patch to your skin. Use this with powder to set your foundation and you will get a lovely matte effect.  Using a powder puff also ensures accuracy when applying powder as you are pressing the powder onto the face rather than swiping it with a brush. They are great around the crease of the nose to really help set your foundation or concealer.


And there you have it. I haven’t came across a brush set to date where I can tell you how relevant each and every tool is. So if you are a makeup artist looking to invest in some new tools, or maybe even just starting out and looking for a great starter brush set you should definitely invest in this set.

That’s not to say that this set is only for makeup artist. I always encourage my clients to invest in some great brushes, without them you will find it almost impossible to achieve beautiful flawless makeup.

This brushes come in a faux-leather brush roll, reaching out to 35cm long x 22.5cm wide when unrolled and 22.5cm x 11cm when rolled.

This set is prices at £71.45 from www.Beauty-Boxes.com . For a set of such great quality and useful brushes, it is well worth the spend.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…



“When you are balanced and when you listen and attend to the needs of your body, mind, and spirit, your natural beauty comes out”

 Christy Turlington

 Throughout the dynamically changing times, human nature has been evolving towards perfection. The desire and lust for beauty has grown in its powers creating at the same time the biggest industry on earth. Advertising, marketing, show business have all been bedazzled by the new “oracle” that human eye is. Like a swarm we are all designed to explore, admire, follow the majority and behave the way nature shaped us.

1bDue to the fact that we are living in a rich in resources world, we all have access to tones of information on how to be naturally beautiful. Authors of various articles, blogs or advertising for years have been dictating us, readers on what true beauty really is.  The multibillion £ worth industry is like a hungry beast that never sleeps when it comes to wrinkles, cellulite, hair loss, radiant skin, and much more… With the vast amount of information pumped into our heads, we might feel lost and sub-consciously follow what fashion and trends industry expect us to do, buy their products. But the true beauty is not coming from what we wear, but who we are within; it is the full package. It does not matter if we purchase the last release of Prada shoes and Hugo Boss suit if our feet look like the hedgehog dragged through the bushes and our body is deflated by life. We all need to take a step back and get to know ourselves a bit better.

1dResearch shows that attractive people have more occupational success and more dating experience than their unattractive counterparts. For better or worse, the bottom line is that beauty matters; it pervades society and affects how we choose loved ones. This isn’t to say plastic surgery is necessarily the answer. Instead, leading a healthy lifestyle that will in turn make us a happier person. Telling the truth about our beauty; feeling positive when looking in the mirror; taking care of ourselves, and wearing clothes we love are the main tips to being beautiful.

Attractiveness towards perfection is hidden deep inside our sub-conscious. We are hypnotised by the dream of what “natural beauty” really is, and we slowly 1cpursue our road to perfection. Enslaved by our own minds we are urging to unravel the secrets of an eternal youth and well being.

Let’s then together start this journey during which we will get to know ourselves better, and learn how to bring out that “sleeping beauty” hidden inside us.


Product Review and GIVEAWAY! – Benefit Cosmetic’s Triple Performing Facial Emulsion.

One thing I am always looking for is an effective light-weight moisturiser which can be applied right before makeup application. It doesn’t sound like too much to ask for right? Well you’re wrong! So many moisturisers require a waiting time before applying makeup, some even up to 20 minutes! But let’s face it, who wants to get up for work in the morning, wash their face, moisturise and then have to wait 20 minutes before they can finish off getting ready and putting their makeup on.  Then if you don’t wait that 20 minutes, your makeup is ruined!

Benefit Cosmetics Triple Performing Facial Emulsion Product Review www.TheBeautyCloud.co.uk

Therefore, when I got to try the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion by Benefit Cosmetics, I was over the moon. I love this product. It absorbs well into the skin and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. It is oil-free and has Broad Spectrum UVA and UBA SPF 15 protection in it, so it helps prevent premature aging.

It isn’t called Triple Performing for no reason. It’s because it unleashes a trio of superpowers every time you apply it on your skin; Hydration, Protection, and Soothing Loveliness! (I’m pretty sure that isn’t an official way of describing it!). Every time I apply this lotion to my skin I feel so refreshed. It leaves your skin feeling wonderful and the smell is so invigorating. Saying that, because it smells so beautifully, I would avoid applying over your lips ( just trust me on this one).

Benefit Cosmetics Triple Performing Facial Emulsion Product Review www.TheBeautyCloud.co.uk

Although I am not proned to spots or break-outs, I do get little whitehead blemishes very easily, and it’s usually caused by the moisturiser I am using. I can tell within a few days of using a product if it is being absorbed efficiently into the skin as I will get a build up of these pesky blemishes.

However, I have been using this moisturiser for over a year now and I can honestly say that there is no residue left behind on my skin to cause blemishes or breakouts. I find that this product works well on all skin-types.

If you suffer from sensitive skin, I would call in and ask for a sample of the product before buying as it does smell REALLY nice. So if you skin is sensitive to perfumes this may not be the product for you. I haven’t actually had this problem with any of my clients, but you are better safe than sorry and the girls at the Benefit Counters are more than happy to give you a sample of this product to try before you buy.

Benefit Cosmetics Triple Performing Facial Emulsion Product Review www.TheBeautyCloud.co.ukThis moisturiser comes in a lovely glass bottle with a cork effect lid. The lid pulls off to reveal a pump dispenser. I love the dispenser as it helps to limit your product usage, preventing wastage. You need very little of the product to do the job. I think a bottle of this will last anyone around 8-9 months.

Triple Performing Facial Emulsion is priced at £20.50 for a 50ml bottle. Personally I think it is quite reasonably priced in comparison to other major cosmetic brand skincare products. I would expect to pay around £45 for a great complete moisturiser; and by complete I mean anti-aging! This moisturiser does help prevent aging via its Broad Spectrum SPF, however, it doesn’t claim to be Anti-Aging.  Therefore, I find Benefit Cosmetics price of £20.50 well thought out and reasonable for this product.

You can buy this moisturiser at any Benefit Cosmetics Counter or online at www.BenefitCosmetics.co.uk or www.BenefitCosmetics.com if you are outside the UK.

Now for some even better news…. I am having a GIVEAWAY of Benefit’s Triple Performing Facial Emulsion on my Facebook Page at the moment. Click here to see how you can WIN a bottle – I have 3 to giveaway!!

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts?