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Flawless Make-up starts here!

Welcome back for the 2nd instalment of my favourite new releases from Benefit Cosmetics! I know, I know, you’re now over half way through the loveliness, but don’t fret – pick yourself up a few of these little treasures and at least you can look amazing while you sulk! ♥

Next up on the exciting list of Limited Edition’s, is ‘Let there be Bright’ which is from the new Benefit Cosmetics Skin care range! I am so relieved they have released this set! I am big into my skin-care and since I am away for some winter sun, I was wondering how I would fit all my new Benefit Skincare products into my case for my time away! Benefit really answered my prayers with this one! You get miniatures of their best selling skincare range in one cute little suitcase!

‘Let there be Bright’
Limited-Edition Gift Set from Benefit Cosmetics

This Limited-Edition set includes:

Full size it’s potent! eye cream

Full size triple performing facial emulsion

Deluxe total moisture facial cream mini

Deluxe the POREfessional mini

This set retails at £39.00 ($45.00 / €55.00) and would make a fantastic gift for any of your favourite girls!

The next few sets which I am going to show you are amazing! Not only are the product selections in these kits perfection, but they are also super cute!! I would be sold on the packaging of these sets alone!

This next kit is all about a flawless complexion. You get everything you need for a perfect foundation in one kit! It’s called ‘how to look the best at everything’ and they aren’t lying! There is everything you need in it! This kit comes in 3 shades; Light, Medium and Deep.

Benefit have got the product selection in this kit great. If I was asked to pick Benefit Products to create the perfect base, these are all the products I would choose. So again you are getting a great bargain. It is a great idea if you are wanting to try out some Benefit Cosmetics products and can’t  afford them all at once, this is a great way to get them all at a fraction of the price.

This kit comprises of:

Deluxe POREfessional Mini

Deluxe Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! Foundation mini

  • Light Kit includes “cheers to me” champagne brightening makeup
  • Medium Kit includes “I’m so money” honey brightening makeup
  • Deep Kit includes “I’m so glamber” amber brightening makeup

Two Boi-ing Concealers

  • Light Kit includes boi-ing 01 & 02 industrial-strength concealer
  • Medium Kit includes boi-ing 02 & 03 industrial-strength concealer
  • Deep Kit includes boi-ing 04 & 05 industrial-strength concealer

“Hello Flawless” Powder

  • Light Kit includes “me vain?” champagne custom powder cover-up
  • Medium Kit includes “I’m cute as a bunny” honey custom powder cover-up
  • Deep Kit includes “I’m haute for sure” amber custom powder cover-up

‘How to Look the Best at Everything’
Benefit Cosmetics

All of these kits also include a little brush for applying your Hello Flawless Powder and a complete ‘Tips and Tricks’ manual on how best to apply all the products included in your kit….. AND (come on did you really think that was all?) It also has a great sized mirror in the set so you can set what you are doing when you are out and about.

These little kits of heaven are priced at only £24.50 and they really are worth the investment – I predict these are another kit which will sell out in record time!

The above products are available at your local Benefit Cosmetics stores or online at www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk or www.benefitcosmetics.com – Remember these products are LIMITED EDITION, so when they are gone, they are gone for good! Boo Hoo! So dont delay, get online or down to your Benefit Store soon.

So that is all for my 2nd instalment of my favourite’s from Benefit Cosmetics new releases! Monday’s 3rd and final post will blow your mind! I have two more amazing kits to bring you! I am so excited about these next choices and they will definitely brighten up your Monday morning blues.

♥ Keep Smiling! ♥

Concealing just got even easier…..

Now you all know how much I LOVE Benefit Cosmetic’s Boi-ing Concealer (if you didn’t see my first post, you can check it out at http://wp.me/p27fvX-1a ).

Today I found out that Benefit are now extending their Boi-ing range from three shades to FIVE! I know this doesnt sound too exciting if you have already found your perfect Boi-ing shade but this is big news for those of you with darker skin tone. The new additions with be for the client with a darker more swarthy skin tone!

Can I just say to those of you who will be colour matched with the new shades 04 and 05 of Boi-ing…..WELCOME TO HEAVEN!

All shades are priced at £16.50.

Boi-ing is available to purchase online at http://www.benefitcosmetics.com, Alternatively, you can find Benefit Counters at many department stores including Debenhams, Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser and Boots.

Beauty on the go…..

If you are anything like me, packing to go on holidays is a nightmare, not just trying to limit the clothes I bring, but trying to limit the makeup I bring. I constantly feel like I am forgetting something… and usually do! Also packing all the makeup I want to bring can be quite space consuming. Today I am going to show you some of Benefit’s top Makeup Kits which I love and think are great if you are travelling anywhere or simply if you like to carry some makeup with you day to day, these little kits have everything you would need.

The first one I think every girl should have is ‘CONFESSIONS OF A CONCEALAHOLIC’. This is Benefit’s Secret concealing and brightening kit.

This kit is packed full of everything you need to camouflage, conceal and brighten your face. It comprises of:

  • ‘THAT GAL’ Brightening Face Primer
  • ‘BOI-ING’ Industrial Strength Concealer in 2 shades (01, 02)
  • ‘ERASE PASTE’ Brightening Camouflage for eyes and face (02 Medium)
  • ‘LEMON AID’ Colour correcting eyelid primer
  • ‘EYE BRIGHT’ for instant bright eyes
  • Conealers brushes
  • Step-by-Step lesson on how to use all of the above products.

This kit really does have everything you need in a concealer kit. I couldn’t have asked for anything more in this kit. Due to the shade of the concealers, it is perfect light to medium skin, however I wouldn’t recommend it for darker swarthy skin as much.

This very inclusive and handy kit is priced at £28.50.

The next kit I want to talk about is a Limited Edition set called ‘I’M GLAM – THEREFORE I AM’

I haven’t found this kit available in the UK stores or even on Benefit Cosmetics UK website….. I have found it hiding in the US website though and its great! You do have to pay a high postage when ordering from the US website, but usually these items are stocked on other websites too where you may get the postage a bit cheaper.

This is such a great party kit. It consist of:

  • ‘GIRL MEETS PEARL’ deluxe mini liquid pearl for face
  • ‘GLAMMING FACE POWDER’  with powder brush
  • ‘ULTRA SHINE’  lip shine in life on the A list (bubble gum pink)

I love GIRL MEETS PEARL it really adds a beautiful glow to your face, when used on its own or with makeup. I would apply this under or over makeup.

The Glamming face powder give such a beautiful bronzed look to your cheeks perfect for day or night wear.

I love this kit, it really is complete with everything you would need for a night out or if you are feeling glamourous during the day.

SMOKIN’EYE’S kit is definitely one of my favourite kits by Benefit. This is Benefit’s sexy eye and brow makeover kit. I use it all the time. I love the colours and textures of the eyeshadows. It also comes with the much-loved BROW-ZINGS and EYE BRIGHT which I used every day.

The full kit contains:

  • EYE BRIGHT – Eye brightener
  • 3 SMOKIN’ EYESHADOWS – Pink Highlight Shadow, Pewter Base Shadow and Deep Charcoal Shadow.
  • BROW-ZINGS – Brow Shaping Wax
  • Fluff Shadow / Hard Angle Brush
  • Tweezers for discreet touch-ups
  • Step-by-Step Lesson to help you achieve Smokin’ Eyes

SMOKIN’ EYES is priced at £28.50

The next Kit I want to show you is perfect for every-day use. Great for work or play and will suit every skin tone. It’s quite a simple kit, therefore this kit is a little more affordable than the first two. The kit is called BIG BEAUTIFUL EYES.

This little kit is all you need to line, define and contour your eyes like a pro.

This kit contains:

  • BOI-ING Medium, industrial-strength concealer
  • Alabaster pink base shadow, cocoa shimmer contour shadow
  • Rich chocolate brown liner shadow
  • Two brushes for easy application
  • Step-by-step professional makeup lesson.

The BIG BEAUTIFUL EYES kit is priced at £24.50

I quickly want to mention a kit I found online on the US website as well. However, it is due to be released in the UK in March 2012.  It is called CABANA GLAMA.

This vacation-ready makeup kit has everything you need for a gorgeous glow all year long. It’s the ultimate brightening & bronzing collection!
Kit includes:

  • HOOLA bronzing powder
  • SOME KIND-A GORGEOUS medium the foundation faker for medium complexions
  • POSIETINE poppy-pink tinted lip & cheek stain
  • EYESHADOW PALETTE: peach fuzz, bronze buzz and cocoa pizzazz
  • double-ended sponge applicator
  • mini cheek brush
  • step-by-step lesson with tips & tricks

Most of these products are available to purchase online at http://www.benefitcosmetics.com. Alternatively, you can find Benefit Counters at many department stores including Debenhams, Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser and Boots.

Blemishes? …. What blemishes?!

Concealers…. there are thousands to choose from! Literally!  Every brand even usually has about 2 or 3 different types. I have tried and tested so many of them. Very rarely do I come across one where the consistency and coverage are perfect.

‘Boi-ing’ is Benefit Cosmetic’s ‘industrial-strength’ concealer. It does not disappoint.  I dont go anywhere without this product.

It comes in 3 shades so you are sure to find one to suit your skin tone.

The texture of the concealer itself is very smooth, soft, creamy and extremely easy to apply and blend. It gives fantastic coverage for dark under-eye circles, acne or dark spots. Not only that but it does it with a light-weight formula. This product won’t pull or weigh your skin down. With some high coverage concealer’s, they are thick in density therefore accentuate wrinkles, so although you cover one problem, you are creating another. That doesn’t happen with this product, it is surprisingly light for its level of coverage.

Benefit recommends applying this product with your finger tips, which works quite well, however, I prefer to pat this product on with a natural hair concealer brush. It doesn’t sit or blend well when applied with a synthetic brush.  This product is at its best consistency when it is at room temperature, so if you have it out and about in your handbag and it is cold, warm it up a little by holding it in your hands for a few minutes.

I find this product is suitable for all skin types.

Be careful not to apply too much of it. You only need a thin layer for it to be effective. When you start to put too much on and set it with powder you will get the caked effect, which you will get if you put too much of any concealer on.  Since you only need a thin layer of this product you will find that you get great use out of it.

If you have any questions about this product, feel free to ask.

Boi-ing comes in a 3g pot and is priced very reasonably at £16.50.

Boi-ing is available to purchase online at http://www.benefitcosmetics.com, Alternatively, you can find Benefit Counters at many department stores including Debenhams, Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser and Boots.