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Make-up and Cosmetics are ever evolving and False Lashes should be no different

Make-up and cosmetics are ever evolving and false lashes should be no different. Gone are the days of heavy clumpy eyelashes.

Introducing the new KISS Looks So Natural Lashes. I was sent a range of these new eyelashes to try out and I don’t mean it lightly when I say that these lashes are amazing! I went straight for the more dramatic of the new collection first – I chose the ‘Iconic’.

Kiss Lashes, looks so natural, launch, new, fake, falsies, false, lashes, eyelashes

The effect was both dramatic and subtle at the same time, is that even possible? It is now! The lashes so were light making them very easy to apply. I had both lashes glued and applied in under a minute. They are super easy to manipulate meaning they fit every eye-shape. So if you have had trouble with eye-lashes coming loose at the corners in the past, worry no more, these will mould effortlessly to your eyelids.

One of the things that make these lashes so natural is the very latest and innovative tapered end technology. Where most other lashes have abrupt squared ends, these new lashes by kiss are tapered to look more like our own lashes, meaning the blend easily.

Kiss Lashes, looks so natural, launch, new, fake, falsies, false, lashes, eyelashes

Within seconds of applying these lashes, I honestly wouldn’t have known they were there. In fact, I had to keep checking in the mirror that they were still on as I just couldn’t feel them.

I have been sent 4 out of the 6 different styles in the lashes including ‘Shy’, ‘Vamp’, ‘Iconic’ and ‘Pretty’. They range from Natural to Dramatic, meaning they are perfect for every occasion.

Kiss Lashes, looks so natural, launch, new, fake, falsies, false, lashes, eyelashes

Me wearing the ‘Iconic’ Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes

These lashes launch today and are exclusive to Boots in the UK. For such a high quality product, you will be very pleased to hear that these lashes are priced at only £4.49 each.

I can’t recommend these lashes enough. If you have struggled to apply or get used to wearing lashes in the past, these are definitely the way to go!

Let me know when you give these a try and what you think of them, leave me a comment below.


For a Daytime Make-up Look which is ‘Barely There’….

I am always asked of good ways to apply a natural daytime make-up look, so today I am sharing with you one of my top finds for this look and it is totally affordable!

The secret to Natural Make-up, is not to wear very little, but to use colours which are natural and will enhance you r facial features.

My prize find for this look is a little hidden gem by cosmetics brand ’17’. It is a trio of eye-shadow’s and the name is ‘Barely There’. In this trio you get a nude eye-shadow, a pink eye-shadow and a light brown eye-shadow.

Using this trio properly you can shape and enhance your eyes very easily. It will look like you have hardly any make-up on yet with amazing shape and definition to your eyes. You can always add a little more of the brown if you need to up your game a little if you are heading out.

I love the nude colour shadow in this trio. It gives off such a subtle sheen, which means that it is great for use to highlight under your brow too.

Recommended use for this product is as follows:

Step 1: Apply the nude colour eye-shadow all over your eyelid, a little under your brow bone to enhance your brows and finally apply some under your eye from corner to corner.

Step 2: Using the Pink coloured eye-shadow apply this liberally above the crease of your eye, from the outer corner and about 3/4 the way across your eyes socket.

Step 3: Using the Brown eye-shadow, apply this deep in the crease of your eye, from the outer corner inward to the middle of your eye. Also using this shadow, apply under the eye – again from the outer corner to the middle of your eye and blend in with the shadow from step one.

That’s it! It is so simple and easy to use. The trio set is a great size for carrying round in your handbag (Although try not to be too rough with it as I find they smash easily) and a bargain at only £5.49 in Boots. These trios come in 12 different colour sets. If you have more of an almond undertone to your skin, try out the ‘In the Nude’ instead of ‘Barely There’ for a great natural look.

All 3 steps can be completed using one eye-shadow brush. Make sure to use a fluffy eye-shadow brush as this will help to blend the eye-shadow’s together when you are applying them, leaving you with a beautifully natural look. Using a smooth brush or a sponge will give you more of an uneven, unblended and unnatural look.

For an added extra and to make your eyes really shine, try applying a White Eye-liner pencil to your bottom waterline.

Try it out and make sure to let me know how you get on….