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Precious Metals: A Hair Hit

Precious metal hair is very on trend  and it doesn’t look set to be disappearing anytime soon.  So here’s my heads up on Gold!
Sienna Miller Rose Gold Hair
Rose gold has been a rising look since Sienna Miller hit the red carpet with her stunning pinkish blonde tresses in December 2013.
Molly Sims Rose Gold Hair
The likes of Victoria Secret’s model Molly Sims and actress Rachel McAdams were hot on her heels and it looks like this stunning tone is quickly becoming a firm favourite in celeb world and has taken a firm place on the runways too, with models flaunting this fabulous look whilst wearing the latest collections for A/W 14.
Rachel McAdams Rose Gold Hair
Pinky Bronze tones are also destined to be hot for this coming season.  This look can be achieved by fusing together some rich butterscotch tones with glowing honey tints and hues of soft baby pink to give a softer but trend setting edge to this look.  What a perfect way to add warm tones to your hair and warm up your skin for the long cold nights ahead!
Article by Gillian Douglas-Rea
Gillian has been writing for The Beauty Cloud since way back at 25th April 2012! You can follow more of Gillian’s work on Facebook. Any questions, email gillian@thebeautycloud.co.uk

Bronze Leaf Spray Tan? Yes Please!

I’ve learnt to embrace my porcelain skin.  However, as we move from spring towards summer more and more flesh is slowly being uncovered and this year I have decided to join the ranks of the bronzed brigade. Why?  Well, in May, whether rain or shine, I’m dancing down an aisle in a white dress with my pins out – and my current white cloth on white skin look has me worried our guests will mistake me for a zombie bride.

I’m not a fake tan virgin but I’ve never had a spray tan.  It’s not because of being prudish or lacking in body confidence… it’s because of Friends – the one where Ross get a tan.  Putting the Friends episode to the back on my mind, I decided to jump at the chance to try out the acclaimed Bronze Leaf spray tan courtesy of Beauty Cloud’s friends at Vamp Beauty Salon on the Lisburn Road in Belfast.  I had heard so many good things about this product that I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself.

Vamp Beauty Salon

I was greeted by the fantastic Vamp staff and instantly put at ease with a cup of tea then shown up to a private room, told where to store my clothes and handed sticky paper pads to pop on my bare feet, a shower cap to protect my hair and a paper thong for a little bit of modesty.  I was left to get undressed and got ready for crunch time as I entered the spray tent.

My Vamp spray tan specialist was professional, friendly and fun which made all the difference as it doesn’t matter how confident you are, it’s never easy getting your boobs and body out in front of a stranger – especially when you’re asked to do ‘tanning tai chi’ by placing your legs and arms in lots of different positions.

The spray tan was different to what I was expecting.  I thought it might be cold and wet but instead, as it was being applied with what looked like a spray gun, it felt a little like someone using a hair drier but without the heat – just a slight tickling sensation.  Once the spraying was finished I popped on my clothes with no fear of damaging them or my new tan as Bronze leaf absorbs in a flash!

Bronze Leaf Fake Tan


The spray was used for both general coverage and to give contours – both gave incredible results.  The tan gave a subtle sun kissed glow – a perfect step up in colour for my pale skin.  The contouring had me and my other half convinced I’d lost weight as it gave the impression of a more toned body.  The results were worth a day of walking around smelling like a digestive biscuit – a small sacrifice to make.  Needless to say, I will definitely be going back for more.

One final word of advice to any other spray tan novices out there – roll down your paper thong a little or this might happen:

Spray tan accident

Product Review: Bronze Leaf Tanning Mist

Bronze Leaf Tanning Mist

Bronze Leaf Tanning Mist

This product is quite simply, brilliant. It is the best tan I have tried in a long while, and the list of reasons why is pretty much endless. 

Even before application I was already very impressed with what this tan had to offer. Firstly, this is not only a tan but a built in body treatment. It contains organic ingredients, the effects of which will make sure that it’s not just your new sun kissed glow that gets you noticed!

Tan Woman

The lemon peel extract used helps to improve the look of cellulite whilst the incorporation of hyaluronic acid and aloe vera acts to tone your skin and tighten any problem areas.  As if that’s not enough, they’ve also treated their tanners to a handful of natural moisturisers such as: macadamia nut oil to help protect the skin; bergamot essential oil to relieve dry patches; and centipeda cunninghamii to help maintain a youthful complexion.

Another fantastic ground breaking feature which I must discuss is their tanning mitts. We all know how beneficial it is to apply fake tan with a tanning mitt, but these are not your normal tanning mitts…oh no! Bronze Leaf tanning mitts are velvety to the touch but when I first examined them I was slightly concerned about whether it would ensure a streak free, smooth application. I still used the new mitt because, to be completely honest, it felt wonderful! And it turns out these velvety mitts work wonders. The application was smooth, controlled, quick and completely streak free.

I used the dark tan, but light tan and medium tan are also available. I have olive skin and love a noticeable tan all year round.  If you’re like me then definitely treat yourself to a darker shade. You have absolutely nothing to fear if you do go dark as the result is a beautiful natural look – not a hint of orange in sight. 

This tan takes about 8 – 12 hours to fully develop, so I recommend applying before bed and sleeping in loose fitting dark clothing to ensure your bed sheets are protected. Simply shower off in the morning and you will be left with a stunning result. 

Tan Shower

When applying this tan, with your amazing velvety mitt, you will notice how quickly it absorbs into the skin. Instead of being left with a sticky residue, like many fake tans, you will be left with soft smooth skin almost immediately.  In fact, the tan was so quickly absorbed into my skin that I was slightly concerned that the mitt was absorbing all of the product. However, I was proven wrong by the amazing results the following day. 

Streaks!? What streaks!? No need to worry about streaks as Bronze Leaf have it covered – quick absorption and the velvety partner lead to a perfect application partnership. The product is also free from paragons and alcohol which helps to ensure a streak free, soft finish.

I don’t know how they’ve done it, but they’ve even nailed the smell!


One of the most off putting things about fake tan is the smell. The common scent of biscuits or even burning is something that a religious tanner has to learn to live with – sometimes you have to make sacrifices for your art. However, occasionally you come across a fake tan that smells so nice it stops you in your tracks during application and this is one of those tans. Even my partner, when applying the tan to my back (bless him) commented on how nice this smelt, and compared it to the refreshing, calming smell of Chai tea!

I loved this tan so much, and because of the amazing organic ingredients included, had no problem applying it to my face either! I have very oily skin and this did not increase any oil build up as other fake tans have in the past. I recommend this fake tan to everyone. Religious tanners will have their tanning passions reawakened and non-tanners will find this product will get them hooked! 

Happy animals

All Bronze Leaf’s products can be found here – http://www.bronze-leaf.com – The prices are extremely reasonable, especially considering what an amazing product you will be getting, and you also get the added benefit of knowing that none of their products are tested on animals.

This fantastic product now has a permanent position in my fake tan favourites!

Friday Tanning Review: St Moriz – Instant Self Tanning Mousse

If like me, you like a bargain…you’re going to love this week’s false tan product! 


Since it hit the shops, St Moriz has been extremely popular with fake tanners all over – not just for the ridiculously low price, but also the quality of the product and value for money!

When I was a student, there seemed to be some sort of epidemic for this tan amongst all of my university friends. I think the instant attraction is the price – at under £3 a bottle in most stores, this fake tan is unbelievable cheap. But once applied, it becomes instantly apparent that this tan is actually worth a lot more than the low price tag it comes with.

St Moriz False Tan review

This tan is an instant tanning product, which means once applied; it develops straight away. However, most instant tans wash off. But, not this one! This tan is not only immediately noticeable; it also lasts around 3 – 4 days before it needs scrubbing off. This is a bit of a phenomenon amongst the fake tan world. The best of both worlds – instantly bronzed and beautiful, but with lasting affect! The majority of fake tans that last days to weeks will need at least 8 hours to develop, but not this little gem! And as a bonus, it will get even darker and reach its full potential after around 2 -3 hours.

This product is a mousse, which in my opinion, is the easiest type to apply. Follow the prep rules at the bottom of this review, and then simply apply with a fake tanning mitt for best results. A mousse is easier to control as it does not run away like a lotion.  It also dries within about a minute, so not need to stand around flapping your arms about, waiting to get dressed! I would recommend moisturising any dry patches before applying, as this tan will cling to any dry areas. (It is also available in a lotion, if that’s what you prefer!)

 St Moriz False Tanning mittt

There are two choices of shade – Medium and Dark. Medium gives an all over bronzed glow, but is not too intense. If you choose dark, you’re going to get a more noticeable tan, but a very natural one, that will look as though you’ve just landed from a week in Spain. Both shades are natural looking – without the dreaded orange glow! Be careful on your hands and feet – as it’s a mousse, you won’t need another skirt of the pump for these areas, instead use what’s left over from application elsewhere. This will all contribute to the ‘fresh off the plane’ illusion!

St Moriz False Tan review

St Moriz does have a scent, but it is not offensive and I actually prefer it to other smells associated with many fake tans. And with such a fantastic product, for such an incredible price, something has to give. Once you’ve had a squirt of your perfume and a blast of the hairspray, the scent is completely masked anyway!

St Moriz False Tan review

This fake tan has been an overnight success and it is no surprise! If you are new to the sun kissed world of fake tan, and want to try it out, I recommend this product. It won’t break the bank, and is easy to apply, with great results!

You can search all of their impressive, award winning products on their website – www.stmoriz.co.uk

St Moriz False Tan review

Application Tips – As always, your basic skin prep is essential – no matter what fake tan you use, it is important to have the best canvas possible. This means, hit the shower and have a good thorough scrub with an exfoliant all over the areas you intend to fake tan. This removes all of the dead skin cells that would get in the way of an even application. Once dry make sure you moisturise the ankles, feet, knees, elbows, hands and wrists. And if you’re going to be shaving, always do so around 24 hours before tan application. Always apply with a tanning mitt if possible, this creates a smoother application and makes it easier to cover all areas. If you have to use your hand, ensure all areas are covered, you have enough product on your hands at all times, and always wash your hands thoroughly straight after. If you have any visible streaks or patches, use a thin moisturiser to even them out.



With the Olympics have just finished and the Paralympics about to start, its hard not to be in a medal frenzy. Every competitor aiming to achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Gold, Silver and Bronze are not out of reach for all of us. We can have them everyday – with our Hair Colour!

Let me show you how you can achieve medal winning hair with your colour !!!


Bronze maybe the third on podium but with hair colour its one of the richest colours. It produces such a shine it can give a metallic glint on the hair.

The secret with a Bronze colour is when selecting the shade is not to go too dark or too light.

If its too Dark …….. The Bronze will get lost with the darkness loosing that metallic glow.

If the colour is too light ……… it will either glow an orangey tint or look faded and washed out.

The ideal shades for bronze is a dark to medium blonde.

Skin Tones that can carry Bronze are on the paler edge and also freckles can work with the Bronze colour giving that alternative Irish Colleen look.


Silver Definitely gives you that metallic shimmer of the hair.

It’s a very sought after colour for both male and female ……It can make any blonde look contemporary !!

Silver is one of the hardest tones to achieve …….. Fighting against not looking grey or one off the blue rinse brigade!!

Before you start even trying to add a silver tone the hair must be lighten to a very very pale blonde, if there is any trace of gold / yellow the silver will either disappear and do nothing our turn a strange hint of green.

The colour has to be exceptionally light to leave the silver nearly see through so it doesn’t become grey.

To up keep this silver tone is difficult and can fade easy but…..

HERO PRODUCT: Schwarzkopf Bonacure Color Save Silver Shampoo is excellent.

If you find your silver tone is fading leave the shampoo lathered up on 3-5 mins and it will refresh your toned!

Skin Tones that suit Silver are clear with icy blue eyes.

Giving an edge to any Nordic Blonde!!


Gold in Hair Colour is exactly as it is in it metal form ……. Luxurious and Lustrous !!

It is making a huge impact on the Blonde scene at the moment , Riching up and softening blondes making them multi-tonal.

Gold is extremely for blondes …….. Whether they be full heads or foils you can inject some gold into your life and colour !!

Going for gold in an all over blonde needs to be done subtly and gently always swaying to soft wheat tones so not to have overkill resulting in Brassy Blonde.

In foils / Lights introducing a golden blo

So now Gold, Silver and Bronze …… aren’t such hard work to achieve !!!

Blonde put through can totally change the dynamic  off the hair colour. It softens the whole look down giving that natural, effortless feel to the colour.

Any Shade of Blonde can introduce gold into their colour.

Skin tones that suit gold’s can vary from clear to tanned depending on the strength of gold.

So all blondes can radiate like they are top of the world.