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20% off Discount Code for Crown Brush

Hello Beautiful Friends,

Anyone who has worked with me will know how much I love Crown’s little Duo Fibre Brushes when it comes to painting my prosthetics and for various SFX uses.


I am always asked which brushes I use and my response is always the same, I will use whatever brush is best for the task at hand. I find Crowns Duo Fibres are great for SFX and they are affordable enough that you don’t have to feel too precious about them.


So the lovely folk over at Crown Brush have kindly given my followers a whopping 20% off discount code to use for the month of August. To be able to use the discount, you MUST click into their site via the link below.


When you are there, fill up your basket with lots of goodies and then use the code ‘CrownAug15’ at the checkout for receive your 20% off everything on their site. The code is valid for the month of August 2015.

Happy shopping y’all! Make sure to share a comment below and let me know what you treated yourself to.

Peace & Love

Nuala x

Perfect Foundation Every-time!

I was recently sent a collection of brushes by www.beauty-boxes.com – They sent me their full collection of brushes to try out. I must tell you I am in LOVE with them! Although have patience! I’m only talking about one in particular today. I will get around to the others in due time.

Today I want to talk about their Flat Topped Powder / Buffer Brush.

flat top brush beauty boxes goats hair

I didn’t think this day would ever come and I suggest you brace yourself…. Never did I think that any brush would be better for applying foundation than the duo fibre brushes like MAC 187, but I have to admit it, I can’t hold it in any longer….. I have found my new favourite brush for applying foundation!

This brush applies and blends foundation with ease. I’m not exaggerating when I say your foundation will be FLAWLESS!

The Brush itself is made from the softest Goat’s Hair I have come across and has a sturdy aluminium ferrule. With thick wooden handles, this brush feels like any premium brand brush should.

flat top brush beauty boxes goats hair

For best results, I suggest placing your foundation onto your face with with your fingers or another brush then using light circular motions to blend your foundation into your face effortlessly.  The bristles of the brush should ‘just’ be touching your skin, you should not be applying pressure onto the brush. You can of course use the brush to lift and apply the foundation, however, I think this brush performs at its best they drier the bristles.

This brush is not only for use with Liquid foundations though, it is fabulous at blending creams and powders too. In fact, it excels when applying powder. Your makeup will look completely flawless. I am still in shock at the results I get when using this brush.

flat top brush beauty boxes goats hair

The brush is priced at £25.45 and is available from www.beauty-boxes.com. I highly recommend you get yourself one of these, you’ll never look back.

If you do buy one (WHICH YOU SHOULD!),  I suggest giving it a light shampoo as it tends to shed some bristles the first couple of times you use it. Also if you are a Makeup Artist, I have trouble with fitting the handle into some of the slots on my Brush Belt, but saying that, I still don’t think you should be without one of these, I just like to give my full and honest opinion.

Let me know how you get on with yours.