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Tanning Friday’s Product Review: Clinique Self Sun Body Tinted Lotion – Light to Medium

I am a huge fan of Clinique products!

As one of many, who unfortunately am not blessed with the best skin, Clinque has been my knight in shining armour over the last decade. As a sufferer of oily 11askin, prone to break outs, their 3 step skin care system is quite simply, magnificent and I don’t know what I would do without it. So when I realised they also do fake tan, I could not have been more excited to try it out.

Much like the rest of their range, this tinted lotion is a must have product as it is extremely kind to your skin. It is non-acnegenic and dermatologically tested. With an oil free gel formula, the lotion goes on smoothly but with no sticky residue. It is instantly absorbed, so all that remains is an instant bronzed appearance.

11bHowever, this is not an instant tan, it develops into an even darker, rich, natural looking tan which lasts several days. As it is ‘light – medium’, the colour is very subtle and therefore is perfect for the winter months that are drawing in. If you prefer a darker colour then simply apply 2 – 3 times a week, rather than just the once.

Like all Clinique products, nothing has been over-looked! Which means the smell is very faint and is  nothing like what you would normally associate with a fake tan product. In fact, my partner actually LIKED the faint aroma this tan contains.


I would allow this tan to develop for 5 – 6 hours before showering, so the best time to apply is before you go to bed, and remember…sleep in dark loose fitting clothing (despite what this may do to the romantic element of your relationship…your partner will thank you in the morning when you wake up as a bronzed, sun-kissed goddess) and always follow the basic skin prep rules (as below).

This product is fakery at it’s very best! If like me and many others, you struggle with your skin but want to trick the world into thinking you have effortlessly 11cperfect skin, with a natural olive tone all year round, you need Clinque!

I strongly recommend this product, especially for the next few months. As the weather turns, it is important to look after your skin and help it against those harsh winter elements. This lotion also has the perfect colour and tone for this time of year and it’s easy application is just another bonus.

11eDon’t you deserve the best!? I think you do! So at just £18 per 125ml this product is excellent value for money.

Buy it here!

Try now, and thank me later!

Clinique Chubby Sticks Review

When I am traveling, I always love to pick up a few little bargains on my way through duty-free. So will all the hype and publicity about Clinique Chubby Sticks, I thought they were a must buy. So I picked up this trio set for £32.00. On the packaging, I was impressed with the colours included, I love each of them.

Clinique chubby sticks

Trio of Clinique Chubby Sticks

Clinique market this product as being an Intense Colour Lip Balm, so thats what I expected, intense colour. Unfortunately, thats not exactly what I got.

They are really moisturising and are handy to carry around, but the colour is, average. If you are expecting a highly pigmented colour, you wont get it with these. Clinique have just release more shades in the Chubby Stick, and if I got the colour they portray it to be, I would have every single one of them, but you dont get the colour on the packaging. They are lovely if you are looking for a moisturising lip balm with a subtle hint of colour and I will definitely be using them, but I just wanted to share my view with you. I believe the marketing of this product is misleading, which leads me to my next point.

Clinique chubby sticks review

New Shades from Clinique intheir Chubby Sticks

When you compare the price of these products to that of any other colour lip balm, they are over-priced in my opinion. For this price, you can invest in a great highly pigmented lipstick from top makeup brands. A single Chubby Stick retails at £16.

I will write again soon with some of my favourite coloured lip balms.

Keep Shining!