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Reflections of the Night

PoetryToday my dear friends, I have decided not write long story or get philosophical but to write a poem for you on insomnia.

I hope you will all enjoy it.

 © “Reflection of the night”
By Paulina Wyczawska

“The glaze of the lantern shines through the deep white snow
Reflection of night you can see in the mirror of fluff
Stars sending down its light and glow
And me sitting at the window admiring, not having enough.

 With a shaky tired hand I’m lifting the glass of hot milk
Trying to drink it now so I can go to sleep.
Unfortunately the thoughts, so fast and deep in my head
Are keeping me up no matter if I try and count some sheep.

 Soft blues on the radio makes my soul calm
But no more than this, it works like a balm.
My friends always told you do think too much
But how can I sleep without a warm touch.

 My life so complicated flies in front of my eyes
Some of my thoughts so dated, still make me cry.
With passion and sorrow I try and keep my face
But more than I think about it, it puts me in the bad place.

 I’m hoping that one day I wake up with smile
That jam and few pancakes will bring me back to life.
That warm soft white pillow will feel like a cloud
At which I feel like in heaven and I don’t want to come down.

 When flowers and nature scents are tingling my nose
When moon during night time feels huge and so close.
When dog barking sounds like a song of a day
When day feels like adventure on which I want to stay”.


Why Alterations to your Wedding Dress are so Important …

Since I described in my last blog how wedding dresses are sized, I thought you might like to know more about how your wedding dress will be made to fit you perfectly. Almost every single bride I meet needs at least a minor tweak on a standard fit to make it fit close to her body and flatter her to the max. It’s very rare that a wedding dress won’t need to be altered, at the very least on the hem length. The vast majority of girls only need a little tweak to the bust-line to make it sit completely flush against her skin and to not gape or pinch, and lots of girls benefit from a little extra cinching at the waist to really showcase her curves. For the vast majority of brides and bridal boutiques the most effective way to carry out these amendments to fit are through a process called ‘Alterations’, carried out by an experienced bridal seamstress.

The reason most dresses will need these minor alterations is because they are made to standard size charts and by someone who has never seen your figure, and the handmade nature of the garment means that there will always be variations in the fit and finish as its nearly impossible to cut and sew two dresses in exactly the same way. It isn’t practical or economical to send it back and forth to the designer to make these tweaks, therefore most bridal shops will have an experiences bridal alterations specialist on hand to carry out the work in a much more efficient and effective way. It’s obviously much better for the person making the alterations to be the same person who sees you in the dress.

Some of our designers offer a made to measure couture service but as the dress will be handmade by someone who has never seen you or your figure the fit will not be exact without a calico – but this is a much more arduous and time consuming process and adds a considerable amount to the price of a gown. But even with a made-to-measure gown there is a possibility that alterations might still be required, as even an eighth of an inch difference on a seam might mean that the gown pinches or gapes. In many cases it is much more practical and less time consuming to simply order your gown in a stand size and have the fit tailored by a seamstress, only if you are a non standard fit (eg. very pear shaped) will it be worthwhile to go down the made to measure route.

Alterations are carried out quite close to your wedding day to make sure that the fit is as perfect as possible. If you are planning on losing weight for your wedding it is even more important that your alterations be carried out really close to your wedding day, as there is no point having to have your dress taken in multiple times as your figure shrinks – and your seamstress won’t be impressed at having to redo the work.

The price of alterations can vary significantly depending on who carries them out and when they are done. I’ve heard of some seamstresses charging a rush fee for last minute work. But expect to pay anywhere from £30 to £100 for a hem to be shortened – multiple layers, chiffon and lace hems are much more difficult to work with and are obviously more expensive than a straightforward single layer satin gown. Bodice work will start at around £20 and the price will depend on boning, fabric and bead-work. On average most brides pay around £70 to have their gown tailored to fit them. However, every person needs different amounts of alterations, therefore it’s not fair for a shop to set a standard price for alterations or to include them in the price of the gown – what if the bodice fits perfectly and you only need a hem – you wouldn’t be happy to pay for a job that wasn’t required.

It is really important that you take that final step and opt to have your gown tailored exactly to your body – no matter how expensive your dress, it’ll look terrible and possibly even cheap if it digs in or gapes and exposes too much of your cleavage. No bride wants her guests commenting that she should have had the dress fitted to her.  Investing in the final fit of your dress is vital and I promise you won’t regret it!


Enter the new Generation of Make-up with Illamasqua’s latest Autumn / Winter 2012 Collection!

Illamasqua Counter in Debenhams, Belfast

Try not to be too jealous, but I just spent the morning in Make-up heaven with Illamasqua in Belfast following the recent release of their newest Autumn / Winter 2012 Collection, ‘Generation Q’.

I love so many of the new products in this collection. The pigment in all of the products, including their Lipstick, Gloss, Eye-Shadow Palette, Liquid Liner and Blusher is perfection! There is no need to have to layer up on products to get a noticeable colour, with these products you get it first time. The new Generation Q productsare well worth a try

A collection of Pencils and Liners available from Illamasqua in Debenhams, Belfast

and shall not disappoint. Why not pop into your local Illamasqua store to try them for yourself.

Check out my video below to see what fun we got up to!

For more information on Illamasqua and their products or to find your nearest Illamasqua counter, visit them online at www.illamasqua.com