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Tutorial: How-to Create a Natural Day-time Eye Make-up Look

in-the-nude-2If you read my earlier article on ‘Creating a daytime look which is Barely There’, a few of you asked for this in a video tutorial format, so I have answered your requests. Here is my video tutorial to create a lovely subtle day-time eye look at a minimal cost.

I have listed all the products and brushes below which I used. The brushes are quite expensive, but there is no need to use these specific brushes, you can create this with even one basic eyeshadow brush.

The Boots SEVENTEEN Eye-Shadow trio is priced at only £5.49 so you can create this look at a minimal cost.

As per usual, I love your feedback so try it out for yourself and let me know how you get on.

Keep the requests coming!

Click on the links to go straight to the products:

Boots SEVENTEEN  Trio Eye-Shadow ‘Barely There’ – £5.49

M.A.C – 227 Large Fluff Brush – £22.00

M.A.C 217 Blending Brush – £17.00

M.A.C 239 Eye Shader Brush – £19.00

MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner Pencil – White – £1.00

She’s the Queen Bee of Fashion!

It’s no secret that the Queen Bee of pop music Beyoncé Knowles is back with a bang!  Between her new world Tour and her new collaboration with high street mega store H and M I can’t go on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram without seeing her all over the place.  On top of that she is also the new and current face of Pepsi so she is spread all over our TVs also (not that I’m complaining).  She has a banging bod and attitude to die for but we aren’t here to talk about that, it’s all about the fashion for us!

Beyoncé For H and M

Beyoncé For H and M

 Whenever I first seen the new Pepsi advertisement on TV I hadn’t been so happy in a long time!  For anyone who hasn’t seen it, its basically where Beyoncé is working on her dance moves in a studio (as only she can) which is filled with mirrors.  She takes a sip of Pepsi and up pops a dozen or so Beyoncé’s all each dressed in one of her very iconic outfits from her past dancing in the same concept as they would have been in the past video matching the outfit.  With that many Beyoncé’s I thought I had died and went to Beyoncé heaven!

Beyoncé For Pepsi

Beyoncé For Pepsi

If I was to review all the outfits I would be here all day so instead I will talk about my own personal favourite which I feel sum up Beyoncé’s career.  The first one of course has to be this bright pink number from Destiny’s Child single bootylicious.  This outfit is very out there and slightly tacky but it’s so bold and bright it was remembered from all that time ago!  So I guess it did its job and no one can say that Beyoncé doesn’t look smoking hot in it either!  I wouldn’t quite pull it out for red carpet just yet though Beyoncé!

Beyoncé looking Bootylicious

Beyoncé looking Bootylicious

The next outfit was the one that I personally first remember seeing Beyoncé in.  I remember all those years ago she definitely made the tiny shorts with bright red heels and white top an iconic look.  Everyone I knew was copying it and that’s what trendsetting is all about.   Beyoncé couldn’t look bad if she tried but this little outfit really does emphasise her money making curves.

Lastly this outfit is very different from the other two as its very classy and modern which is of course the outfit from very popular and catching song “all the single ladies”.  I just love this look myself its edgy, it’s futuristic and it’s very unique.  I would love to see Beyoncé do more of this kind of style in future.   b5

As dramatic as always at the end of the video Beyoncé shatters the glass mirror’s which a symbol that represents the quote that she states at the end ……

“Embrace Your Past But Live For Now”

To watch the whole video please follow the link!