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The ‘7 Day Juice Diet’…. Does it really work?

I hate hate hate fad diets. They went out of the window at university, however I am always very conscious of eating well and have to if I want to fit into my jeans. I haven’t ‘dieted’ per-se in years, but since coming back from holiday I have suffered with severe abdominal cramps when eating solid meals. Most of last week was spent eating yoghurts from breakfast and lunch, and forcing down a meal in the evening – only to suffer in bed afterwards.

I was starting to lose my mind over it, when I came across the ‘7lb in 7 days juice diet’. Aside from the obvious weight loss side of it, there are great testimonials for the health benefits. I’m based at home at the minute finishing off my thesis so it’s perfect timing, and in fear of living on yoghurt for the rest of the summer I thought I’d give it a go….

7 Day juice diet

The juices are bit faffy to make, but less hassle than putting together a meal! They even taste pretty good (some better than others!). I also found it wasn’t too expensive compared to what I normally spend daily on food.

The weather was pretty miserable on Day 1, which didn’t help, as I just wanted warm comfort food.  I only found myself hungry around 4pm but I stuck too it, and LOVED the night time ‘Hot ‘n’ Spicy’ recipe, made up of hot juiced apples and cinnamon.

Each day starts with ‘Hot Water With a Kick’. This is hot –but not boiling – water, infused with mint, lemon or fennel. I decided to go with fresh mint from the garden and a squeeze of lemon, and actually found myself waking up looking forward to starting my day with this, rather than my usual breakfast brew.

The juices actually seem to taste nicer as the days went on…or perhaps I was just adjusting to them! On day 2 I woke up with plenty of energy but crashed mid afternoon and needed a nap. I’ve heard caffeine and sugar cravings hit people hard on the second day with headaches but I got off lightly.

By Day 3 they say you should have this great surge of energy and be feeling great. Well…they lied. I played tennis in morning but felt like I was dragging

myself around the court the whole time and only lasted half an hour.

You’re meant to include plenty of exercise…most of mine involved trekking backwards and forwards to the shops to buy another 50 bags of apples. I’d

My Juicing Trolley

My Juicing Trolley

seriously recommend doing this juice plan at a time when bags of apples are buy one get one free! By the afternoon of Day 3 I really wanted to nap but resisted. I was a bit more spurred on by the fact we had a new juice to try which involved banana and a lot of yoghurt….it’s sad the things you’ll get excited for after a few days without food!

By the evening I was noticing food EVERYWHERE….is that all they advertise on TV?!

On Day 4 I had no hunger at all….I actually only had 2 juices (they recommend 6 a day) but by the evening, after a stressful day of working I finally cracked. I needed a solid meal. I want to emphasise that at no point did I feel like it was because my body NEEDED the food, I’m just have very little will power; tell me I can’t eat solid food and that is all I’ll want to do! I had a small piece of fresh fish and a plate full of veggies and loved it! Still managed to keep healthy.

I’m not sure if it was the fact I had very little sustenance the day before, but I woke up on Day 5 feeling very dizzy and sick – I can only assume it was low blood sugar. With so much I needed to get done, we decided it was time to go part-time on juice week. For the remaining days, I had at least 2 or 3 juices a day, but dispersed it with super healthy meals, where I did my best to make sure that the plate was filled with fresh fruit and veg, lean meat or fish and a small portion of wholegrain carbs such as brown rice or pasta.

So did it work?

I wasn’t too bothered about the weight side, but at the end of the week weighed in with a 4lb loss. On the health side, I  feel 100 times better. My skin is glowing, my hair is shinier, my tummy is flatter, I don’t have any bloating and my whole body feels tighter. Getting up in the morning is still hard (I think it always will be!) but I felt awake and energetic much quicker.

But best of all, the main aim was to stop my stomach cramps and this definitely worked! I’m definitely excited to integrate juicing into my normal life…it’s the easiest way to up my veg nutrient count and when they’re so yummy, why wouldn’t I!