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Tanning Friday! Fake Tanning Tip – Problems ‘at hand’

I always recommend using a tanning mitt to apply fake tan, but we don’t always have one to hand! Therefore, if you must use your own mitts, then always wash your hands very well, immediately after application. Sometimes though, maybe we didn’t scrub hard enough, maybe the product was just too strong, for whatever reason,sometimes we get orange palms.

St Tropez Self Tan RemoverEven the most experienced tanners have this problem from time to time.

St Tropez, experts in everything tanning, have come up with a solution! As great as they are at making us sun kissed gods and goddesses, it would now seem that they are just as good at reversing the effects!

St Tropez Self Tan remover

Simply rub this product into your hands like a hand wash and as if by magic, 

Thank you St Tropez!those embarrassing stains are removed!

You can pick up this little emergency helper from BeautyBay.com for only £9.45 with Free Delivery!

Tanning Friday! Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Gradual Tanning Moisturiser

False Tan, Fake Tan, Palmers Cocoa Butter, Golden Bronze, moisturiser

Just because it’s getting colder and darker, doesn’t mean we have to give up the on the dream of a suntan! As our skin has a pretty hard time facing the cold elements of winter, why not rid both pasty skin and dry, chapped skin all in one go!?

This week’s fake tan is by Palmers and uses their incredible cocoa butter formula. This truly is one of the most delicious smelling products out there. If like me, your partner despises the infamous smell of most fake tans…I very much doubt they dislike the smell of chocolate? Therefore, they will love this one.

False Tan, Fake Tan, Palmers Cocoa Butter, Golden Bronze, moisturiser

This tan formula is a gradual tan which I would recommend applying about 2 – 3 times a week to maintain a deep, luxurious tan. The colour is very natural and noticeable, and as it is essentially cocoa butter, it is extremely moisturising for your weather beaten skin, and a dream to apply! The only place I would not recommend applying this product is your face as it is fairly oily. This is fantastic for all of your body, but not for your face if you have oily or combination skin.

False Tan, Fake Tan, Palmers Cocoa Butter, Golden Bronze, moisturiser


The bottle has a handy pump to ensure a no mess application, and you can also apply with your hands if you do not have a tanning mitt as it goes on so smoothly! Just always wash your hands straight away once the tan is applied! You don’t want orange peel hands.

If you exfoliate your whole body once a week, and apply a few times during the days in between, you are guaranteed to have a beautiful natural looking tan throughout the winter months, as well as perfectly soft skin. As always, I recommended applying before bed, therefore allowing the tan to develop for around 8 hours while you sleep. Make sure you sleep in loose fitting, dark clothing.

As this amazing formula is only available at Boots, Superdrug and many other online and high street retailers for a generous price of just £5.35 – you have no excuse not to give it a try! Your skin deserves it!

GRAB YOURSELF A BARGAIN – Superdrug now have an offer on this great product meaning you will pick it up at a reduced price of  £3.56!! Click on the link below to get yours!


Fake Tanning Tip – Secret Ingredient

false tan, preparation, perfect, blotch freeAs I always say, fake tan preparation is essential! Your tan is only as perfect as the skin it’s applied to. I regularly remind readers of the perfect skin prep routine; however, there is one secret ingredient that many tanners find extremely useful.

There are areas of the body that fake tan clings to more and can make very orange. To avoid this happening, you can apply moisturiser to dryer areas of your body such as elbows, hands, feet, knees etc to stop the tan grabbing. However, sometimes if these areas are very dry, this is still not quite effective enough. For other areas such as the hair line and eyebrows, moisturisers are just never enough.

false tan, preparation, perfect, blotch free, vaselineSo say hello to your new best friend, Vaseline. Simply dot a small amount along your eye brows and next to your hair line. Dotting the Vaseline means that it will only stick to the hair and not the skin around it, therefore avoiding large, pale tide marks on the skin where there should be tan, but isn’t.

You can rub in as much Vaseline as you want to any of the dry areas of your body, this will ensure you do not get dark or cracked orange looking patches! 

Tanning Friday ~ Dove Summer Glow

Dove Summer Glow, Product Review, Fake Tan, False TanThis week I have chosen to review Dove Summer Glow as the weather is getting considerably colder and to the quote Game of Thrones, “winter is coming”. So we could all do with a bit of a ‘summer glow’. If we are going to fake it, let’s fake it right eh!?

This is the first fake tan I ever used and it must be good because I’ve been hooked on the stuff ever since. If you have ever used Dove products before, you will know how kind the are to your skin. Therefore, not only is this a brilliant fake tan, but also a treat for your poor skin that will be battling the elements this winter.

This is a gradual tan which means, once applied it develops over a few hours. As always your basic skin prep is essential (see bottom of this review) and it is always a good idea to apply before you go to bed, and sleep in dark, baggy clothes.

Dove Summer Glow, Product Review, Skincare, Fake Tan, False TanThe tan is a very natural subtle colour, making it perfect for this time of year. I would advise applying once every few days to maintain the beautiful, sun kissed glow. The regular application is not a problem as this product is very easy to apply. It is the same as rubbing in a very good moisturiser (not surprising as it is made by the pro’s of the moisture world). The results are the same, apart from the added bonus of a gorgeous, natural tan.

Dove Summer Glow, Product Review, Skincare, Fake Tan, False TanThe smell is very faint, any smell which is apparent is fruity and refreshing, bringing back the sweet, warm memories of summer (which we all need during the colder months). Another bonus is that I have never had a problem with this product streaking or going patchy. Plus, it scrubs off easily with a fake tanning mitt.

So, for perfectly moisturised and protected skin this winter, as well as an easy to maintain, healthy glow, use this product!

The best point of all is that it is only £4.99 and is available at most Boots stores. Alternatively, buy online here.

Tanning Friday’s Product Review: Clinique Self Sun Body Tinted Lotion – Light to Medium

I am a huge fan of Clinique products!

As one of many, who unfortunately am not blessed with the best skin, Clinque has been my knight in shining armour over the last decade. As a sufferer of oily 11askin, prone to break outs, their 3 step skin care system is quite simply, magnificent and I don’t know what I would do without it. So when I realised they also do fake tan, I could not have been more excited to try it out.

Much like the rest of their range, this tinted lotion is a must have product as it is extremely kind to your skin. It is non-acnegenic and dermatologically tested. With an oil free gel formula, the lotion goes on smoothly but with no sticky residue. It is instantly absorbed, so all that remains is an instant bronzed appearance.

11bHowever, this is not an instant tan, it develops into an even darker, rich, natural looking tan which lasts several days. As it is ‘light – medium’, the colour is very subtle and therefore is perfect for the winter months that are drawing in. If you prefer a darker colour then simply apply 2 – 3 times a week, rather than just the once.

Like all Clinique products, nothing has been over-looked! Which means the smell is very faint and is  nothing like what you would normally associate with a fake tan product. In fact, my partner actually LIKED the faint aroma this tan contains.


I would allow this tan to develop for 5 – 6 hours before showering, so the best time to apply is before you go to bed, and remember…sleep in dark loose fitting clothing (despite what this may do to the romantic element of your relationship…your partner will thank you in the morning when you wake up as a bronzed, sun-kissed goddess) and always follow the basic skin prep rules (as below).

This product is fakery at it’s very best! If like me and many others, you struggle with your skin but want to trick the world into thinking you have effortlessly 11cperfect skin, with a natural olive tone all year round, you need Clinque!

I strongly recommend this product, especially for the next few months. As the weather turns, it is important to look after your skin and help it against those harsh winter elements. This lotion also has the perfect colour and tone for this time of year and it’s easy application is just another bonus.

11eDon’t you deserve the best!? I think you do! So at just £18 per 125ml this product is excellent value for money.

Buy it here!

Try now, and thank me later!

Tanning your face need not be terrifying with Clarins Liquid Bronze.

Now we all know that lovely post holiday feeling, when our faces have a gorgeous golden glow! When the need for makeup is minimal and even leaving the house ‘au natural’ isn’t so terrifying!

Sadly, these tans fade, and as we all know, it is not wise to cling onto it by constant visits to the sun bed shop! So, this is when a good facial fake tan becomes your best friend.

10aA lot of people worry about applying tan to their faces at the risk of clogging pores, breaking out in spots, the product clinging to any facial hair and generally making the skin oilier.

 Now, let’s be honest…there is a risk of all of the above happening. But there are tricks and tips to avoid as much as possible. You do not need to moisturise the entire face before applying fake tan. The tan will act as a moisturiser,  this will lessen the risk of an oily complexion and blocked pores.  However, you will want to put a small bit of thin moisturizer on your eyebrows to avoid the tan clinging to them and making them orange (same goes for beards, moustaches, side burns…etc). The best idea is to avoid any hair on your face and your hair line altogether.

10bNext, only use a 10p size amount, you do not need much, and any excess will begin to clog your pores. Use a tanning mitt or cotton pad, blend evenly across your face. This is the same concept as using a foundation brush or pad to apply your foundation, and use the same method to blend the product in.

So, you’re ready to go. Now you just need a helpful suggestion of which product to go for.

Might I suggest Clarins Liquid Bronze Tanning – For Face.  

10cThis is a fantastic product which will even out your skin tone and create a gorgeous, natural looking glow. If you apply as directed above each night before bed, to let develop over night, you can have the enviable post holiday hue all year round. In fact, although I am a religious fake tanner and will always follow the ‘rules of fakery’ – with this product, you do not need to worry too much about avoiding your hairline or facial hair as the product develops so beautifully, with such a natural, olive finish. So if you are a first time tanner, this product would be ideal for you, as well as all you pro’s out there.

 When applying a fake tan to your face (which is going to remain near your nose throughout your night’s sleep)…it is extremely important that the smell is non offensive! So thankfully, this product really does have it all. The smell is faint and anything you do pick up is pleasant and similar to that of a night time moisturizer.


It goes on smoothly and will not leave your face feeling sticky or oily. If you stick to the 10p sized amount rule, it absorbs quickly and you do not feel like 10eyou’re wearing a face mask while you sleep! I have very oily skin and have struggled with facial fake tans in the past, but this product has been fantastic for me. I have never had a break out after using it, and it does not make my skin any oiler.

 Considering that this is such a life changing and impressive product, I feel the price is extremely generous. Usually around £18 per 125 ml’s, and taking into account that you only need a small amount each time, the tan will last much longer than you think!

Get your bottle here!

Tanning Friday Tip: – Righting your Wrongs!

9aWe’ve all been there…if you’re in a rush, in a dimly lit room, feeling tired or get interrupted during tan application, you can make a fatal tanning mistake which leaves you with streaks and/or patches.

As I always say, no need to worry! A lot of non fake tanners avoid moving over to the bronzed side because of horror stories like these, when in actual fact, it is very easy to right any wrongs!

7eIf you are applying instant tan (that develops straight away and can be washed off immediately) and notice streaks, simply get a pea sized amount of a thin moisturiser (I use E45) and rub into the tan with your finger tips to even out any problems.

The more difficult mistakes to correct are ones from gradual tans, as once you notice the streaks the tan will have already developed and is there to stay for a few days. In these situations you can have a go at adding more tan to the disaster areas to even it out, but then you will have to wait another 4 – 8 hours to see the result. You can also try to use a foundation or bronzer to cover the patchy areas, but you will need to be careful to match the colour of the tan to the colour of the makeup.


The best solution is to remove the tan completely. Removing a fully developed tan is not as tricky as some people will have you believe. Relax in the bath for 20 minutes, and steadily exfoliate with an exfoliating mitt and soap whilst also soaking off the tan. Better still, chlorine. Chlorine will take that tan straight off (also useful to know if you have just had a fabulous fake tan and want to maintain it – do not go swimming)! So if you pop to your local pool, the chlorine will completely strip the tan.

The main thing to remember is – with all the great tanning and application products available now, streaks are not a common problem. But if like everyone, you are occasionally faced with the dreaded orange lines, it isn’t something that cannot be corrected; and it certainly is not a reason to avoid trying fake tan altogether.