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Summer Hair to Dye For

The weather seems to be picking up and the sun is out.  Woohoo! It’s time for some summer fun so why not start with your hair colour?  A few celeb’s are already leading the way with their stunning new summer hairdos.

Katy Perry Green Hair DyeKaty Perry has decided to go for a fresh spring colour and there’s nothing that says more spring than green! Katy calls her green tresses ‘slime colour’.  Well, I’ve never seen slime looking so good.

Kelly OsbourneKelly Osborne, never to be out done, has gone for a more subtle lilac colour with beautiful soft tones.  I have fallen in love with this looks soft feminine feel that still manages to retain an edge.

Keeping with the soft subtle theme, Julianne Hough is our inspiration.  Here, she’s sporting silvery grey tones icing up her blonde maine with clever suggestive colouring.

Julianne Hough

Fancy some spring time tones and colour?  Well, here’s a fantastic way of injecting them in into your current hairstyle.  Those of you who follow my blog you will know what a huge fan I am of these little gems…  You will never find me without them in my session bag… Yes, that’s right! It’s Kevin Murphy’s Color Bug.  These little bugs can give colour ranging from subtle tones to vivid streaks and last until your next shampoo.  For subtle tones apply to dry hair.  For more striking colour add to damp hair.

There are a range of fun colours to choose from.  There are pink, purple and orange dyes – perfect for achieving an eye-popping look.  For more subtle colouring use the white bug to ice out blondes and glimmer bug to give glamorous golden tones to blondes and brunettes.

Let’s all have some fun in the sun with our hair colour – even if it’s just for a day!!!

Bangs: Don’t Stand on the Fringe.

The sun is out and spirits are high.  Many of us are spring cleaning our houses and wardrobes in some cases. With all this change we sometimes feel our image could do with a spruce up too.  Well, I have a suggestion which doesn’t require anything too drastic – in one word it’s ‘fringe’!

Holly Willoughby
The first fringe in my spotlight is the long fringe.  This is great for mid length and longer hair styles and those with heart shaped faces. Its an easy casual fringe to wear either pushed to the side or worn in a centre parting, pushed back and then allowed to fall naturally and secured in place with a light spritz of hairspray. This is a low commitment, low maintenance fringe – perfect for hair dresser shy people!

Celebrity Soft Full FringeNext up – the soft full fringe.  This fringe is ideal for long, medium length hair and select shorter length styles. This fringe is perfect for oval, heart and square shaped faces.  Top tip for this fringe is to use a large round brush when blow drying it to give it fullness. When dry, give it a light shake to tousle it and make it ‘bitty’ looking – softening the look.  This is a medium commitment fringe needing maintenance every 8-10 weeks.

56TH Grammy Awards

If you are looking to make a strong statement then the blunt fringe is for you. When done well this fringe is nothing short of stunning.  It can frame any oval face but some round faces can carry it effortlessly too! It is the focal point of a haircut and can vary widely in length depending on how brave you are.  Blunt fringes are, however, high maintenance and need cutting every 4-6 weeks to retain its bluntness.


Cameron Diaz

To add definition to your face shape & cheek bones try the side fringe.  It gives the impression of a longer face, making it most compatible with a round face type. This is a great way to soften long and medium length hairstyles but works effectively with short styles too.  This fringe requires a medium commitment and is an easy going little twist to a hair cut.

Don’t stand on the fringe, jump in and give it a go!!